New DC Anti-Hero, James Bond & more! – Top Comic Stories of the Week

There have been so many comic stories out this week and I am here to recap all of them. There are just so many news that I had to split it into 2 parts and this is the 1st. Check by tomorrow for more.

1. Vigilante: SouthlandDC Reinvents Classic Hero as Young Black Man in "Vigilante: Southland"

DC Comics will come out with a brand new 6 issue limited series this October, bringing back the hero Vigilante, but this time with a new persona. The mantle of the character has been passed down from Greg Saunders to Adrian Chase and now to Donny Fairchild. Donny will become new vigilante on the streets of L.A. after the murder of his girlfriend and his attempted murder. The series will be done by writer Gary Phillips and artist Elena Casagrande.DC Reinvents Classic Hero as Young Black Man in "Vigilante: Southland"

Dan Didio (Co-Publisher) said, “This take on Vigilante incorporates current social and political issues, making ‘The Vigilante: Southland’ both relevant and contemporary, which sounds like an incredible direction to take new stories featuring this character. Gary’s experience with crime fiction will give Vigilante an edginess and grittiness that hasn’t been seen before.”DC Reinvents Classic Hero as Young Black Man in "Vigilante: Southland"

The official descriptions says:

“The Vigilante: Southland” is the story of Donny Fairchild, a failed NBA player who’s just making ends meet as a maintenance man. When his girlfriend stumbles on a conspiracy to steal water rights through a series of shady land-development deals, she’s mysteriously murdered. Once Donny starts getting too close to the cause of her death, his house is blown up and he’s left for dead. Determined to bring the killers to justice, Donny undergoes training from an urban legend known as the Eastsider to become a masked vigilante.”


DC Reinvents Classic Hero as Young Black Man in "Vigilante: Southland"DC Reinvents Classic Hero as Young Black Man in "Vigilante: Southland"DC Reinvents Classic Hero as Young Black Man in "Vigilante: Southland"

I would say this looks like a very awesome take on a new character worth giving a try. It looks like a darker title in tone, something along the lines of the Punisher so if you love Punisher check this out! Also, new character!

2. Magnetic Press’ Fall/Winter Slate

I thought I should give this publisher a spotlight, because they are pretty new and have garnered many nominations lately. I have to say it looks really fun and there will be a link to all the series’ descriptions. Here is their slate for this year’s fall and winter.



I am most excited for Light. Look at that cute thing! It looks amazing! Getting a huge Bone vibe from the title.

Here is the full list. Looks very ambitious.

3. Big Trouble in Little China & Escape From New York

Boom! Studios will create a huge crossover with the two Kurt Russel films, writing done by Greg Pak (Totally Awesome Hulk) and drawn by by Daniel Bayliss. Jack Burton will travel to the future of 1997 where he’ll meet Snake Plissken. Basically Kurt Russel meets Kurt Russel! The series is coming out in October just like every other new series. Take a look at the kind of connecting covers below.

4. James Bond Comics

Dynamite Comics has incensed the international rights to all James Bond comic book material. The comics line will expand upon Warren Ellis’ work and add more titles, first of them being Casino Royale coming this November. Dynamite has huge plans for the franchise. The first adaptation will be held by writer Van Jensen (Flash and Green Lantern Corps) with art by Matthew Southworth.Dynamite also announced it is licensing original Bond material internationally.

It’s nice that Dynamite has announced this piece of news. Glad to see them have a strong licensed franchise like other publishers do such as, IDW, Dark Horse or even Boom! Studios.

5. Spell on Wheels

A new limited series form Dark Horse, yet another series coming out in October (19th, 2016). A new original idea by Kate Leth and Megan Levens with covers by Ming Doyle.  The story follows three witches -Andy, Claire, and Jolene – who have to embark on an adventure for their lost magical possessions. They will have to defeat the evil forces behind the theft.unnamed (50)

This story sounds a lot like the very first story arc from The Sandman by Neil Gaiman. Funny, how I covered the entire first arc on this blog. It sounds a lot like that just with 3 main characters instead of one. I’m very much interested in this because like the title suggests it will be a story where the characters are on a journey travelling across the world with a car. A very ‘road-on’ comic.

5. Cannibal

Just read this story synopsis and tell me what’s wrong with it:

In CANNIBAL #1 a small Everglades town is hit by a new virus that causes those it infects to crave human flesh. But with no cure in sight, the region has become split over what to do with the victims. For the Hansen family the answer is simple: kill them. However, all of that changes when the virus infects those the family cares about most.


It sounds like the Walking Dead. That is a huge problem especially when it’s coming from Image who should know better! What if they do? I feel like Image has just gained the trust of the audience so much that we should trust them no matter what. They know what they are doing. I should also point out that these zombies are aware of what is happening. They don’t wanna eat others, but the virus will take huge control over them that they won’t be able to stop. This adds a brand new layer and adds to the tension and drama to the entire zombie genre.

6. Hard Case Crime and Titan Comics Team-Up

Titans Comics has been known to publish many licensed comics throughout the years ranging in sci-fi, action, mystery. Well, now they can add crime/thriller to the list as they will team-up with Hard Case Crime to bring a new imprint to the medium. The imprint will begin this October 5th with a title called Triggerman written by Walter Hill and co-writer Matz, with art by Jef.The beloved modern pulp imprint will launch a comics imprint with a new project from '48 Hrs' director Walter Hill.

The second comic will come out on October 12th called Peepland which will be a punk noir that takes place in 1980s New York City. Novelists Christa Faust and Gary Phillips and artist Andrea Camerini will be working on it. Titan also let us know that in 2017 Max Allan Collins will be creating a comic book series based on his Quarry novel series. Crime was never really my shtick, but I can imagine people who are interested in the genre might be intrigued by this. Props to Titan expanding their line-up.

7. Comics Sales Pass 1 Billion in 2015

The reliable ComiChron and ICV2 estimated that comic sales surpass the billion dollar mark for last year!  The comic book industry has been a constant increasing medium. The awareness of comic books increases along with kids and women. This piece of news is the most exciting one from everything else. There was a rise from every category earning comic books, graphic novels, etc. Digital also brought in quite a penny even though it dropped by 10%, but I was very surprised by the huge figure newsstand comic sales brought in. $20 million isn’t that much when compared to the other categories, but I never thought newsstands could bring in $20 million.

I’m hoping the comic industry will increase this year and that the best is yet to come! Help out guys and try to spread the love that comics are.                                                                                                                                                                That’s it for now. My second news piece post will come out tomorrow so make sure to read that. Tomorrow’s news will also be very exciting. My Marvel NOW! Analysis will continue on Monday so don’t expect any posts of that during the weekend. I need to breathe before I talk more about Marvel NOW! Check out my Marvel vs. DC battles. Abomination vs. Solomon Grundy – Marvel vs. DC #27 came out already so don’t be shy and check it out. Make sure to follow, like and stick to ComicBooger.



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