Abomination vs. Solomon Grundy – Marvel vs. DC #27

Welcome to the brand new installment of Marvel vs. DC, the series that comes out every week. I bet you $5 dollars to guess the correct battle match. The answer is…..

Abomination vs. Solomon Grundy

You knew? Of course you knew because it’s in the title!!! You would think I would act dumb to let you win? You cheated! So you don’t get the $5. OK, this has sidetracked a lot. My point is that I should get rid of that unnecessary repetition for the next time.

Origin: Abomination

Emil Blonsky, desired the power and strength of the Hulk by inducing himself triple the amount of gamma radiation. The side effects turned him into Abomination never being able to turn back human.

  • Identity: Abomination
  • Alter Ego: Emil Blonsky
  • Occupation(s): Supervillain, former KGB agent
  • Team Affiliations: Masters of Evil









Origin: Solomon Grundy

After his father lost wealth Cyrus Gold promised he wouldn’t become his dad and gain riches on his own. One day as an adult he got mugged by a gang. On the verge of death a mysterious man walked up to him and gave him a proposition with an exchange for a second chance at life and wealth for Cyrus Gold’s severance for the rest of his life. Cyrus Gold accepted, eventually thinking he could do anything as a rich man he started to harass people who hurt him in life. Those people fought back and ran after him. He ran away to a swamp and hid. Fearing the fate of dying by the hand of the muggers he killed himself at that swamp. Gold’s promise for the mysterious man was broken so 50 years later the swamp and rot turned Cyrus Gold into a mindless monster known as Solomon Grundy. Some would argue Gold is gone and all that’s left is the monster.

  • Identity: Solomon Grundy
  • Alter Ego: Cyrus Gold
  • Occupation(s): Supervillain
  • Team Affiliations: Injustice League, Injustice Society, Secret Society of Super Villains, Suicide Squad, Legion of Doom









Powers & Abilities: Abomination

  • Super Strength
  • Super Clap
  • Resistance – survive near nuclear detonations; easily live in -247 degrees Fahrenheit and over 3,632 degrees Fahrenheit environments
  • Durable – bulletproof, unphazed by missiles/explosions
  • Leaping – over 870 feet; travel 2 miles with one jump
  • Speed – run as fast as a speeding car
  • Stamina – body toxin exerts more and faster which allows him to tire much less
  • Reflexes – can catch RPG shells
  • Healing – body tissue regenerates the quickest
  • Espionage Skills – physical and mental
Abomination fighting Hulk

Powers & Abilities: Solomon Grundy

  • Super Strength – one of the strongest in DCU
  • Invulnerability
  • Healing – grow new limbs in a matter of seconds
  • Resistance – survive in coldest of cold and hottest of hot
  • Stamina

The battle will take place in a old abandoned graveyard at night. This isn’t the Earth 2 version of Grundy and obviously the main/common version of Abomination.


Solomon Grundy jumps into the graveyard, a minute later Abomination does as well. Cannon of Battle sounds the air. Abomination starts running straight at Grundy, but Grundy rips out the rock from the grave and throws it at Abomination. Abomination is unaffected so he keeps running, Solomon Grundy repeats the process 3 more times, but gives up once Abomination is close and punches him in the face. “Solomon Grundy, Born on a Monday!” screams Grundy and kicks Emil Blonsky on the ground in the face. “Christened on Tuesday!”, this time Abomination gets up and catches Grundy’s fist. He punches Grundy while holding on to his fist, then lets go and punches him into the tree.  Solomon Grundy gets up, screams “Married on Wednesday! Took ill on Thursday!” Abomination claps, after the contact it creates a wave hitting Grundy once again against the tree. The push was so strong Solomon broke the tree. Abomination leaps to where the barely conscious Solomon Grundy is laying, he walks up to him grabs his head and snaps it! Abomination walks away smirking. THE END! Abomination won!

But wait…Solomon Grundy gets up!?!?!? Abomination stops in wonder. He doesn’t wanna believe it, but he needs to know and slowly turns around. Grundy punches Abomination sending him half a mile away next to a forest with a river! Solomon Grundy leaps in and screams, “Grew worse on Friday!” and when he lands he tries to create a finishing blow to Abomination, but Emil Blonsky blocks and kicks Grundy away. Solomon Grundy getting up says “Died on Saturday.” Abomination quickly runs into Grundy knocking him down once again. “Buried on Sunday…” says Solomon Grundy. Blonsky then again runs into him, punches him, catches him (before he is send away by the punch) and uppercuts him into the air. Abomination jumps up to follow the unconscious Grundy, catches it in the air and knocks it back down to the ground. Grundy is temporarily in comatose, but he will regain strength. Abomination lands, realizes this and throws the grey giant into the river. Abomination says, “And that was the end, Of Solomon Grundy.”

I really liked how this fight turned out. In the end Abomination won because just like Hulk he doesn’t have a strength limit while Solomon Grundy comes close to Superman’s strength. So it’s obvious Abomination’s punches will hit harder and if you still choose to disbelief that, know that Abomination has twice the strength of the Hulk. Abomination knows many tactics to beat his opponents learning many when working in KGB. Abomination used his clap that has the power of 500 pound TNT, then snapped Grundy’s neck, but even that did nothing, because Solomon Grundy healed very quickly. Emil Blonksy was at first surprised, but he was trained to think and react fast in the battlefield so he once again made Solomon Grundy weaker and this time drowned him. By the way Abomination can survive a fall from an Earth orbit so his little stunt at the end was totally acceptable. If the river wasn’t there I’m sure Emil Blonsky would think of something else like…. maybe dig a hole or something and bury Grundy in it? Emil Blonsky is much more intelligent than Solomon Grundy. Sorry Grundy you put up a fight, but not the wits.


Did you enjoy that? Good because more Marvel vs. DC battles happen every week here at ComicBooger. Check out some of my other posts while you’re hear and if you’re a fan of them, follow my blog.

Teaser for next week’s battle: “If you like it, put a ring on it!”.








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