Marvel NOW! Analysis Part 6

New and exciting installment in my Marvel NOW! analysis that you guys seem to like. Time for Deadpool comics!

31. Deadpool #21The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

Ew! And I thought Gwen Stacy kissing Miles Morales was gross. The person in the image above looks like a new villain for Deadpool that suits the anti-hero’s universe a lot. Good luck with killing Wade. There isn’t much I can say about this because I am not a super die hard fan of Deadpool like most of you people watching are. A MODERATE SKIP and please don’t kill me if you disagree. Not everyone can have healing factor.

32. Deadpool and the Mercs For Money #4The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

I said Deadpool isn’t my favorite hero ever, but give credit where credit is due! This looks like a lot of fun. Cullen Bunn is also the writer,  which boosts up my confidence about this comic. Let’s look at the team, of course Deadpool, some Goriila-person, Domino, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Machine Man, some ape with guns, and some knock-off Deadpool. It’s interesting how this series I believe started in February, but will be only on issue 4 by October. Either way this looks like a lot of fun especially when you add Machine Man into the mix so A MUST READ.

33. Slapstick #1The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

Wait up! Don’t skip this one because it’s something you’re not familiar with! This is a fairly new character for  most people’s experiences, but he is really cool. I heard he will be a good version of the Joker, so basically a hero who loves seeing criminals hurt. This take will be more cartoony and I say why not? Some people complain that we already have comedic books, but we also have so many serious ones. The comedic ones also have been giving Marvel a ton of awards so why shouldn’t this be exciting to us? I hope this character will take off for many like Kamala Khan did. I am all for supporting new characters so it’s A MUST READ with confidence. C’mon, just look at that cover straight in Slapstick’s eyes and tell it you won’t pick it up. Good luck with that. By the way he appeared in earlier issues of Deadpool and the Mercs for Money.

34. Solo #1The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

Is that tag in the poster a reference to Gilbert O’Sullivan’s Alone Again song? A MUST READ. No, but with seriousness other than that reference this looks and sounds amazing. Gerry Duggan who is writing Deadpool will write this. The character will be a spoof of people like Punisher and his alter ego is none other than James Bourne. I am not kidding. A combination of James Bond and Jason Bourne. You won’t probably pick it up due tp his unpopularity, but hopefully this will change your mind. I believe he also appeared in Deadpool and Mercs for Money which is why he is in the Deadpool category. The tag alone gives you a perfect feel of how the comic will be. I actually do think the comic will be serious, but with references or these type of head nods for the audience to make it funny at times.

35. Footkiller #1The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

Another character who span out of Deadpool and Mercs for Money, Footkiller seems to be a crazy doctor/psychiatrist who is – put nicely – EFFEN CRAZY!!!! The character loves getting into heads of people that he likes to shoot and in the cover he’s urging to beat up Crossbones. He’s like a ticking time bomb! This looks like a lot of fun to read. New character has my dollar. A MUST READ.

Slapstick, Solo & Footkiller in Mercs for Money

Marvel NOW! is going to be another exciting time for comic book readers across the globe that I can’t wait for. Deadpool comics was the theme of this part and if you wanna read other parts, just search ‘Marvel now analysis’ in the search bar. Follow ComicBoooger if any of the news excites you or if you enjoyed my coverage. More parts will come!



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