Marvel NOW! Analysis Part 5

Welcome to my 5th part of my Marvel NOW! Analysis. If you are interested in reading the previous or future parts search ‘Marvel now analysis’ in the search bar. These parts go in themes. The first, second and third parts where Avengers centered, the 4th one was Spider-Man based and today’s part will be more ground-based. You know? Heroes/villains with limited powers.

26. Daredevil #15The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

It is great to see Charles Soule and Ron Garney still being on Daredevil. Garney’s art is amazing and fits The Man Without Fear perfectly. Look at my profile pick I chose and you’ll see his art for Daredevil. I love when a talent is dedicated to the same title for a long period of time. I need to catch up Matt Murdock, but I wonder who will make our favorite vigilante loose faith in himself? My best guess would be Punisher or Bullseye, but it would be awesome to see a new character in Matt’s rogues gallery. A MUST READ.

27. Punisher #7The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

I am not reading the new Punisher run because it has okay reviews at the moment, although the critics hate the new Civil War II and I like it. I might hop on at issue 7 because things will get bloody. This cover reminds me of a 2013’s film starring Jon Trovolta and Robert De Niro called, Killing Season which wasn’t good at all, but when you’ll throw in Punisher it will be more fun. A MODERETE READ.

28. Kingpin #1The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

Not really interested in this series at all. Many would disagree due to the Daredevil Netflix series and although they might have a point there I have this feeling this won’t work. There is a huge difference between running your own episode/issue and having your own series. I think Kingpin is incapable of leading his own comic, but prove me wrong Rosenberg. Prove me wrong. For now it’s A MUST SKIP.

29. Bullseye #1The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

Another series that is A MUST SKIP due to no interest in the character, but if it gets amazing reviews and proves me wrong, I will read it. Tom King’s Vision was one series that proved me wrong. I know the writer of Rat Queens is writing this, but I hate Rat Queens or should I call them Pander Queens? By the looks of it we’ll see Bullseye’s origin story. I have a spark of hope for this one, but for now this has almost nothing interesting from what we can go off of.(shout out to that awesome cover by Bill Sienkiewicz)

30. Jessica Jones #1The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

Jessica Jones and Brian Michael Bendis are both returning! Now that Jessie gave birth to her baby it is time we get her back. Apparently we’ll see Jessica’s “place you’ll least expect her” at in life. This is after she was trying to raise her baby in the Avengers Mansion so her relationships will change with everyone. I buy into this new Jessica Jones take. It has been a while since we have seen an Alias comic so there must be a good idea Bendis has for this character….or just a money grab because the TV show came out. I am a fan of Bendis’, I haven’t read Alias so, that has to change before reading this. I will call this A MUST READ. P.S. It’s awesome to see the cover artist from the Alias series back.

This was my part 5 analysis of Marevl NOW! focusing on the street-level heroes. There is more parts to come and again, if you wanna see more search ‘Marvel now analysis’ in the search box. Make sure to like and follow my blog for more content like this.



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