Marvel NOW! Analysis Part 4

I promised you Spider-Man so you will get Spider-Man! This is my fourth part to the new Marvel NOW! series of blogs so if you wanna read the previous ones search ‘Marvel NOW! Analysis’ in the search bar.

18. The Clone Conspiracy #1The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

My blog actually reported on the announcement on this. Basically the villain Jackal is back who is known for his cloning of Peter Parker. The story-line was very controversial as it turned out the Peter Parker the readers were following for couple of years was a clone. This time Jackal will clone Peter’s loved ones or even hated ones. I thought this would be part of The Amazing Spider-Man series Dan Slott is writing right now – kind of like Spider-Verse was – but it’s not. I like how it has its own book, but that means Amazing Spider-Man and possibly other titles will tie-in. I hate tie-ins as they charge extra to know the full story. Dan Slott is a type of writer I like, but to an extent where his stories have more potential. Jim Cheung’s art in a phenomenon and works perfect for a Spider-Man title because it’s very clean, clear and brings out the colors in a right way. The Clone Conspiracy #1 is A MUST READ.

19. Silk #13The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

Silk finally finds her family! When she first appeared in 2014’s Amazing Spider-Man series I thought she was really cool. She was being set-up on being Peter Parker’s new love interest, but that went no where with that for some reason. One thing that stuck out to me is who is her family? From these images we can conclude her mother is a supervillain and her father possibly….. a mafia boss? In anyway I believe her parents are criminals and even though I never read a Silk standalone the thing that always stuck out to me about her is going to be in the book which is why this goes into the A MODERATE READ category.

20. Prowler #1The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

Prowler is a lesser known new character for Marvel first appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #1.1 (don’t quote me on that). He was a Spider-Man villain turned ally who gave up the villainous ways to  become one of the running men at Parker Industries. In Civil War II we learned he will return to his life style as a villain. In this series he appears to wanna get rid of his evil side and become a hero. Some suggest he might have a clone which would go perfect in theme with The Clone Conspiracy. This is A MUST READ due to my interest in new characters.

21. Spider-Gwen #15

The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

In my first part of the analysis we looked at the Spider-Man #7 title and we saw the two kiss. My opinion has not changed on the relationship of the two. It is gonna be so weird. I never read Spider-Gwen, but I do think she is a cool character. Has anyone read Spider-Gwen? Am I missing out? The series is really successful so someone must be reading it, right? For now it’s A MODERETE SKIP.

22.Spider-Woman #13The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

Hobgoblin back in a Spider-Woman standalone? Hell yeah! Seeing Hobgoblin will make the series A MODERATE READ because I really like Hobgoblin. I heard Jessica gave birth to her baby. Can someone give me an update on her? I also wanna know who the father is. Maybe I should just read the series because it always interested me and Spider-Woman was always a cool character. This story arc will take time during Halloween which sounds even cooler and the art will work for the holiday perfectly.

23. Spider-Man 2099 #21The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

I got zero interest in this series. A MUST SKIP. Next! Just kidding. Maybe I don’t care about this story but I wanna clarify something to people. In October issue #14 or #15 is coming out (not issue #21) and that means not every one of these series is coming out in October. Some are coming in 2017. The only reason issue 21 is featured on here is because that is the issue when Spider-Man 2099 joins the ‘Marvel NOW!’ initiative. The cover looks really nice and it is interesting how the family was playing Family Feud but got hurt playing it 😛 .

24. Venom #1 The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

The classic Venom is back! There isn’t much to go off of, but speculation. This Venom will probably be Flash Thompson because he is the new fan favorite. It seems he finally lost control over the symbiote resulting for his return as a villain. I do not think Eddie Brock will take back the name because you can turn from good guy to bad guy so many times before everyone gets sick of the same shtick. Another valid possibility might be Mac Gargan (Scorpion) who was Black Spider-Man when he was part of the Dark Avengers. Venom had always horrible comics throughout the history, but the thing that will save this and make this A MODERATE READ is Mike Costa as the writer.

25. Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1The Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Lineup (So Far)

Yes! Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker are married again! This exact same title was done when Secret Wars was happening, but I thought it was not important. Now I will have to go back and read it. They also have a daughter! And she has powers! And Dan Slott isn’t writing! Sorry Dan, I like you, but i finally want someone else for Spidey. This is going to be super exciting! Peter and his true love are finally back after THE most controversial Spider-Man story if not the most controversial story, period. I was surprised this replaced the proper Amazing Spider-Man title which also means no Clone Conspiracy tie-in! Everyone is a winner here. This is A MUST READ!

We looked at all the Spider-Man series like promised, but we have much more to analyze for Marvel NOW! This is why you should follow my blog if you enjoyed any of it and remember to like this blog post and share it with as many people you want.



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