New Female Iron Man, Unworthy Thor & more! – Top Comic Stories of the Week

Dammit! I knew there would be a bunch of news falling our way forcing us to split this into multiple parts. Expect the second part to come out sometime today or tomorrow.

1. Champions

We got more details on the future of Marvel Comics called Marvel NOW! This one is exciting because we have a new team named Champions which will be written by Mark Waid and drawn by Humberto Ramos. The team is made up of fan favoirte characters like Ms. Marvel, Nova, Spider-Man, Viv (from the current Vision series by Tom King which is amazing), young Cyclops and the version of the Hulk that is being shoved up our faces all the time, Amadeus Cho Hulk. The thing which upsets me is where is Vin?! It’s another character from Vision series and currently it doesn’t make me confident in his fate. By the way, I can’t say this enough, go buy Vision by Tom King. Volume 1 (collecting #1-#6) is coming this July. The series will be written by Mark Waid which means an instant buy in my language. An explanation and reason as to why we got this Alex Ross image floating around makes sense.marvel-2

2. Great Lake AvengersGreat-Lakes-Avengers-Cover

The Great Lake Avengers are back this October with a bit more comedic tone. Unbeatable Squirrel Girl has gained Marvel an Eisner nomination so I am not surprised in this turn out.The series will be written by Zac Gorman and penciled by Bill Robson. Speaking of Squirrel Girl (worst character ever) it looks like she will be joining the party later on. The funny solicit says:

“‘All New, All Different?’ No, thank you! New things are bad and different things are scary! Instead, why not join everybody’s least favorite Super Hero team, The Great Lakes Avengers in their brand new—but not too brand new—ongoing series, Same Old, Same Old, Great Lakes Avengers! When the team gets reinstated as permanent members of the Avengers and uprooted to Detroit, the GLA has one more shot at Super Hero glory…but can they answer the call? Do they even have 4G coverage here? Find out!”Great-Lakes-Avengers-Allred-Variant

3. Sharkasauruscover small

No you’re not seeing things! This Jaw-like story looks sick!!!! To the unaware this is based on the short film of the same name, and will get a bigger and better treatment in the comic book form.Sharkasaurus page 1 colour desaturated

Bleeding Cool described the series like this, “Set on a creationist-themed golf course, Sharkasaurus is the story of a rebellious paleontologist’s son, who falls for the promiscuous daughter of a widowed creationist. When they accidentally awaken the prehistoric tunneling dino-shark Sharkasaurus, the pair must evolve their ideological differences or succumb to the inevitable jaws of the beast.”

This looks like an awesomely crazy story and it look like plain fun. Just look at this concept here.the sharkasaurues technical drawing

It looks hilariously fun. Spencer Estabrooks will write and Tyler Jenkis will pencil. This series is funding on Kickstarter so you can go help it by clicking here.

4. Skybound on Comic-Con

The Image imprint, Skybound is going to San Diego Comic-Con focusing on their titles such as Outcast, Walking Dead, Green Valley and much more! The creator of the imprint, Robert Kirkman will appear on Thursday and Saturday panels. Here is the full schedule:

Thursday, July 21st 4:30pm – 5:30pm; Room 6DE
Skybound’s The Walking Dead – Join The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead franchise, Outcast), longtime artist of The Walking Dead Charlie Adlard and Skybound Entertainment Editorial Director Sean Mackiewicz as they discuss all things The Walking Dead and what’s to come for the series as it approaches its 160th issue. Panel will be moderated by Jason Mantzoukas (The League, Brooklyn Nine-Nine).

Saturday, July 23rd 4:15pm – 5:15pm; Room 6DE
Join prolific comic creator and Skybound Entertainment co-founder Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead franchise, Outcast) and Skybound Entertainment co-founder and CEO David Alpert (The Walking Dead franchise, Outcast) as they discuss what it means to run a multiplatform entertainment company. They’ll explore projects such as The Walking Dead television franchise, their newest series Outcast, and what’s in store for the company’s bustling comics, film, gaming, and interactive divisions. Dan Murray, Skybound Interactive President, and Rachel Skidmore, Skybound’s Director of Media Development, will also join the panel.
Special guest writer Max Landis (Dirk Gently, American Ultra) will also join the panel to discuss his new Skybound comic series Green Valley. Panel will be moderated by Yvette Nicole Brown (Community, The Odd Couple).

Sunday, July 24th 12:00pm – 1:00pm; Room 7AB
Skybound Comics –Skybound editor Jon Moisan will be joined by Skybound creators and artists including Juan Gedeon (Horizon), Brandon Thomas (Horizon), Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead), and Chris Dingess (Manifest Destiny) as they discuss their work, and the comics industry as a whole.

5. WWE Comic by BOOM! StudiosAn illustration of John Cena by Jamal Campbell.

JOHN CENA!!! <pum para pum>! How surprised would you be if I told you WWE is getting a comic? I know, I was even more surprised to hear Valiant Comics and Titan Comics previously published WWE comics. This time it will be BOOM! Studios publishing one. I don’t think comic books need another series that is there only to paint numbers. A type of series only made to sell copies for its name and not quality. I think this will be that type of series. No other news was announced other than these covers: 

6. New Invincible Iron Man

This was trending pretty well on social media. So 15-year old Riri Williams who’s poped up on Marvel NOW! promo art will be the new (drum roll please)….. Iron Man? We serious? Iron Man? Not Iron Woman nor Iron Maiden? Iron MAN? So as you can see I am not a fan of this, but then I had a Twitter conversation with someone and they told me, what if she’s pretending to be Iron Man or trying to hide her secret identity? I thought ‘OK that would be a cool story take’ so I am staying optimistic until the comic book comes out in October, but a huge problem is that it will be a new #1. It will be called Invincible Iron Man #1 and when Tony Stark comes back in 2 years they’ll make another new #1. <sigh>

7. Unworthy Thor

Unworthy Thor Olivier Coipel Now this is something I am fully optimistic about. For one you have Jason Aaron writing who is one of the best comic book writers of today. He wrote the previous 4 Thor titles and the amazing Southern Bastards which is gold. I was wondering what they were going to do with this version of Thor. Jason Aaron was planning this, but I am glad we finally are going to see it come through. So, in this image Odinson is not reaching for his classic old hammer, but the Ultimate Comics version of the it that somehow ended up on this Earth (there is 1 Earth existing post-Secret Wars). In the other hand he is holding his faithful battle ax, Jarnbjorn (try saying that 1 time fast 😛 ). This might be the series I am most excited to read for Marvel NOW!

8. Shipwreck by Warren Ellis

The acclaimed writer Warren Ellis will write for AfterShock Comics to work on his brand new comic called Shipwreck. Artist Phil Hester and colorist Mike Spicer will join Ellis for the 6-issue mini-series debuting October 5th. The story focuses on Dr. Jonathan Shipwright, a sole survivor of a shipwreck which leaves him stuck on an ‘endless road’. I am really excited by this because Ellis is a treasure of a writer and hearing this sounds like it’s different from anything else I have seen before. The 6 issues will be self contained as different people Shipiwright meets will have some answers to his problems. “Some of them have clues as to his situation, and the man he’s walking after,” Ellis said. “Jonathan Shipwright has secrets of his own, some of them deep inside him, and there are people who would like to extract them — physically, with tools.” Thinking about this right now gets me jumpy. I really wanna read this and I cannot wait!  

We’re done with the first part of the news! I wanted to separate this into 3 parts, but it’ll be 2. Shipwreck and Unworthy Thor are the two stories I am most excited by. What do you guys think about some of these stories like the new Iron Man, a WWE comic and if we need it? Make a sound in the comments and remember to stick to Comic Booger.


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