Baron Zemo vs. Prometheus – Marvel vs. DC #26

Welcome to the brand new installment of Marvel vs. DC, the series that comes out every week. Yes it is Friday and it seems this will be the new schedule of the series. If you are reading this post, congratulations, you are reading one of the best blogs out there. It’s time to leap into the best! (P.S. Tell me if you like the image above. I made it myself.)

Origin: Baron Zemo

Baron Helmut Zemo was the 13th of the Zemo dynasty. His father was the enemy of Captain America during the World War II and when Helmut Zemo found out about Captain America’s return he desired vengeance for his father. One day fighting Captain America a harmful chemical called Adhesive X spilled all over Zemo disfiguring his face.

  • Identity: Baron Helmut Zemo
  • Alter Ego: None
  • Occupation(s): HYDRA Agent
  • Team Affiliations: Masters of Evil, Legion of the Unliving
Zemo’s distorted face

Origin: Prometheus

When a boy’s criminal parents were gunned down by the police he swore an oath to destroy the law (his hair also turned white from shock #Stupid). He traveled to the ancient city of Shamballa and studied with the monks becoming their greatest student yet. (*Searches this in Google* = What!??!?!)

  • Identity: Prometheus
  • Alter Ego: Unknown
  • Occupation(s): None
  • Team Affiliations: The Society, Injustice Gang 

Abilities & Weaponry: Baron Zemo

  • High Intellect
  • Martial Artistry
  • Master Marksman
  • Master Manipulator
  • Strategist and Leadership
  • Headband – disrupts sonic projection
  • Adhesive X Spray Gun
  • Various Rifles
  • Sword

    Baron Zemo loves wine!!!

Abilities & Weaponry: Prometheus

  • Master Strategist
  • High Intellect
  • Master Marksman – can use CDs or pencils with deadly use
  • Martial Artist Expert
  • Lightweight Armor – covered in microscopic nanobites allowing to halt powers of metahumans for 5 minutes
  • Gauntlet – shoots bullets, poison darts
  • Helmet – allows user to get information on his opponent
  • Rod – different abilities (ex. charge electricity)
Prometheus hates wine!!!


The battle takes place in a park. Prometheus waits for his opponent to come out, but he is not there. The cannon goes off! Suddenly Baron Zemo jumps out of a tree and attempts a hit, Prometheus tries to block, but he’s to late. Zemo’s punch knocks Prometheus down, but on the ground he recovers by jumping back on his feet. He goes for a punch, Zemo blocks, he then goes for a kick but Zemo blocks once again. Zemo attacks next with his fist, but Prometheus dodges it and kicks Baron Zemo knocking him down. Prometheus was able to do that with his insightful helmet. Prometheus said, “I’ve fought stronger than you!”and Baron Zemo replies “If so than you are currently disappointing me.” Baron Zemo takes out a rifle (was attached to his back) and shoots Prometheus, but the armor of the Purple Knight protects him. Prometheus shoots his hand gun. Baron Zemo quickly dodges behind a nearby tree.

Prometheus using his power rod

Prometheus gets closer, Helmut aims for the gun knocking it out of Prometheus’ hands. He then aims for the head and begins running straight at his opponent. Prometheus smirks and blocks the shots with his hand to avoid his helm being damaged. Prometheus takes out his rod and charges it with electricity. Zemo gets close, throws away the rifle, takes out the Adhesive X gun and shoots it at Prometheus! The acid begins to eat away his hand. Zemo is close enough and takes out his sword and goes for his opponent’s open face space, Prometheus dodges that attack from hitting his face, but penetrates his ribs. The sword is stuck in Prometheus, Zemo takes out his Adhesive X gun again, but Prometheus hits Helmut with the rod right into the tree. Baron Zemo is barely conscious, Prometheus takes out the sword impaled in him and stabs Zemo ending this battle.This was pretty cool battle right? It was pretty obvious Prometheus would win, though. He said it best: “I’ve fought stronger than you.” It’s very true as Prometheus has 1,000 different plans to defeat his opponents. He was able to defeat the Justice League (Zatanna, Red Tornado, Star-Man, Black Canary, Flash, Congorilla, Firestorm, Green Lantern, Starfire, Animal Man, Donna Troy, Green Arrow, Doctor Light, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Guardian), Batman and Lady Shiva so it’s no surprise he was beating Baron Zemo in close-up fight with no guns. Baron Zemo was able to get in a good amount of hits, but in the end Prometheus was smarter, stronger and more protected.


Prometheus wins

Enjoyed this great battle? There are more in the “Marvel vs. DC Archive” at the menu bar. Also tell me if you agree or disagree with my judgment and how your version would play out in the comments. Next week expect the dead fight the green.1467507733750



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