The Sandman #7 Readthrough – Sound and Fury

Finally, the time has come we finish off the battle with this ass hole! Dr. Dee deserves his payment and we start off very nicely. Dr. Dee desires to fight Sandman, but Morpheus wants to do it under his own rules. Dream puts on his helmet and travels to the Dreamworld for a proper fight. Dr. Dee, furious has to do more effort than he originally had to and follows Morpheus. He travels to Ancient Rome in robes of Julius Caesar looking a little bit more appealing to the eye, but this time he is in robes and looks like Donald Trump in his 70. What? Donald Trump is 70? You know what I mean- anyway! Sandman interrupts his desirable dream. The battle begins! Doctor Dee begins to look like his older counterpart as Doctor Destiny with a skull as his head. Doctor Dee’s ruby strikes Dream. Remember in the first readthrough when I said there are more entities than Dream such as Death, Destiny, Desire, etc.? Kind of? Good. Well, Destiny is scared to read the next page of his book because he is just scared to see how this fight will end. Morpheus says that Dee is hurting dreamers all around the world, but Dee just don’t care and shoots Dream down to his knees. Sandman quickly reaches for the ruby, touches it and—————nothing…….nothing but Dee walking on nothing. Dee killed Dream, but let’s face it he didn’t because he is the hero of the story. Then out of nowhere Dee is standing on Morpheus’ hand! Yes, Morpheus is a giant now? Dreams…who is going to understand them? They’re gonna be the ‘because it’s magic’ of this universe. Just watch! We find out the ruby was destroyed. Sandman talks about how he forgot the amount of dangerous power he stored inside in that thing. He was happy to see it destroyed, while Dr. Dee felt terrified because of his punishment. Hahaha! Can’t wait to- Wait what!?!?! He doesn’t get a punishment?!?! He’s just brought back to Arkham Asylum?!?!?! What?!?!?! They were setting him up to be such a jerk and now they won’t properly punish nor even kill the guy?!?!?! What?!?!?! WHAAAAAAAT??!!??! Now I am upset. Sandman said he blames the ruby of being the thing which altered Doctor Dee’s mind, but still…. Ugh!!! At least there is peace in the world….dream-speaking-wise of course. I don’t think I overreacted if I had to say so myself. Arkham Asylum wasn’t really a punishment since he was already rotting there. What do you think, readers? Should mentally ill people who still have a somewhat conscience of what they’re doing be accountable for their actions? It’s an interesting question. If the crazy person does have conscience of their doing I believe they should be accounted for. The Joker for example is a crazy criminal who deserves a higher punishment than rehabilitation in Arkham that will never work on people like him. Plus aren’t all murderers and pedophiles crazy? Who would murder or inflict pain on people for fun, you know? Now you answer the question. I realized the series has some interesting themes we could create discussions about in the comments. Why not? I just wanna add that I found it weird the ruby was impossible to control for Dream in earlier issues. It was originally his power and him being knocked out when coming to contact seems a bit weird. I really liked this issue even though I am not a lover of the unsatisfactory ending, but maybe there is a bigger plan for Dr. Dee that I don’t know about. Feel free to answer the question I asked and can’t wait for next week. Stick to the booger, Comic Booger. Cut! (Why did I say ‘cut’?😑)

Comic panels are owned by DC Comics/Vertigo.



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