1 Year Anniversary [Thank You!]

It has been a year since I began with my blog! Yay! This means my blog is only a year old and maybe I should start talking about how it all came to be, but to do that we need to grab Scrooge as we’re going to the past, present and future.

Let’s go!

The Past

So when I started this blog it was clear I did not know what I was doing. What I mean by that is I was a kid who didn’t have a certain direction of what this blog’s main target is. At first I did a lot of comic book news, then comic book films, reviews, and plenty of other crap. As you could see I was just a person who wanted to talk about comic book content because he loved it. I actually really liked reporting comic book news and my blog started right before San Diego Comic-Con which was perfect opportunity to to write about news. So when SDCC came I was writing and reporting news as soon as I heard it. It was really fun to do that. It is important to note I had Google+ at this moment (this is the embarrassing part of the story well….because Google+…) and I shared a lot of my posts there. I would get a lot of views thanks to my huge following on that platform, but something didn’t feel right. Every next post I shared on there was making less and less views for some unknown reason. Maybe people didn’t find a need to read my posts once they already saw my writing style. Maybe because I am not an official media news outlet . I don’t really know why, but I decided from that day on (cliche moment coming in) is I wouldn’t share my posts on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, whatever. I wanted people to discover me by themselves and then let them decide if they liked my blogs or not. It sounds dumb given people could’ve been doing the same thing if I was sharing my posts, but something didn’t feel right about it and I’m glad I stopped sharing it. I’m a weird guy so, deal with it.

So anyway at the time I loved reporting on news, but I also liked opinionating myself which was why I started to sometimes add opinions to my posts. I also made more personal blogs and my thoughts about the comic book world. Reviews started emerging as well. In July when I started I wanted to post at least 3 uploads a day, but that was super hard to do. I still pushed myself, but when I went on vacation it was so hard to keep up with it all. I created this thing called DC Super Files were I talk, analyze and go over people’s favorite DC characters and they were usually long posts needing a lot of time and research. What a fail…. August came and I started posting 2 uploads a day, sometimes I would miss days. I didn’t probably even have a huge dedicated audience (still probably don’t) and I was just done.

September came and I posted nothing throughout the entire month. Then it was October I remembered I had a blog, so I decided to do something very stupid and post a false claiming article with false news about Batman v Superman saying I broke the scoop and knew what the title of the Justice League film was (I said it was Justice League: Brainiac’s Saga) and the ‘confirmed’ role of Wonder Woman in the movie. That role being Bruce Wayne’s secretary….Yup. I did it mostly for jokes. Eventually November came and posted a legit blog about why I thought Cap 3 trailer wasn’t gonna come out until BvS Trailer 3 did. It was a good post at the time. I actually ended up being opposite right, so BvS Tariler 3 waited for Cap 3. December came and I got a message from the wordpress team every blogger gets at the end of the calendar year. It showed my over all stats and views I have made throughout the year. For a person who stopped caring about the blog I had not bad statistics. I thought why I left sharing my passion. So by end of the year I made a promise to myself that I will dedicated, but this time take a different approach. Last time I was inconsistently making blogs. Some days I would make them and some I wouldn’t, but that had to change. I needed a consistent schedule so that was when I decided to create the series known as Marvel vs. DC. Before the creation of my blog I created a giant list of Marvel and DC match-ups which were never used for anything so I thought, “Hey, why not use this list for a series?” And on December 31st (New Years’ Eve) was when I posted my first battle called Superman vs. Hyperion – Marvel vs. DC #1 to symbolize to myself I will do better for this year (told you I am a weird person). This was what started my better success with the website. I became consistent even though I had school going on. I finally had an idea of where I wanted to take my blog. Also I deleted the Wonder Woman/JL post I made as it was still gaining views and I felt really bad for misleading people. I really felt bad and decided never to do that ever again.

I was posting Marvel vs. DC consistently every week with some reviews of major releases. Once these battles really took off I started to finally confidently share my posts on Twitter which I was fairly new to with little following. May came and I wanted to do something more special called The Sandman Readthroughs where I read and talked about Neil Gaiman’s greatest work which came out on Wednesdays. I knew this wasn’t going to be as big as Marvel vs. DC, but I still did it regardless of success because it was fun. It just was, but what I missed doing was reporting on news. I loved it and wanted to continue with it, but the problem was I didn’t have high following nor resources like news sites such as Bleeding Cool, CBR, Comicbook.com, Newsarama, etc. so I decided to do something different and recap news all in one post and it would be entitled Top Comic Stories of the Week. Those came out on Saturdays or Sundays. And now I am here. I never said this, but a huge challenge is I was using a Surface RT Tablet to post anything this entire time. It was hell to edit posts or create them. Sometimes I would have to start over my entire post because the last one didn’t save properly on this dumb tablet. The tablet was probably one of the factors that played a role in my lack of motivation to continue my work in Sept.-Nov. of 2015, but I made it. My love for comics outgrew my limitations. So you gotta give credit where the credit is due.

The Present

I just got a proper laptop that helps me write, edit, insert with so much more ease it is awesome. Truly amazing! It makes it easier to write. Last year (July 2015 to December 2015) I made 2’361 views overall. Compare to the same span of time, but for this year (January 2016 – June 2016) I made over twice of that. I think my posts got much better as I made more and if you see a mistake in any of my posts please correct me on it. If you have a preference of how I did things, please tell me. I might use all or some of the feedback given to me. What I could use help in is maybe organize this a bit more. Like, when I go to my home page it displays all of my posts. Is there a way I could somehow organize all posts in a way that a person doesn’t have to scroll down for weeks to see older posts? Basically a different page that displays my selected blogs. I think that would help people navigate through my blog a bit more.Follow-me-gif

I also just started to put the follow bars in my menu bar which was a mistake for me not to put it there in the first place. More people now follow my blog because I put the damn thing there and I wonder how much more followers I would’ve got if it stayed there. I think there is much for me to learn and if anyone has suggestions PLEASE sound off in the comments.

The Future

So anyone who knows I took a small break from Marvel vs. DC blogs, but you can expect a new one to come out this weekend. I was thinking to move the date of MvDC to Friday instead of Saturday. Top Comic Stories of the Week will continue also by the end of the weekend and might take up the Saturday spot. As for The Sandman Readthroughs I am bound to do more of them, but I wanna know if anyone would want a continuation of The Sandman Readthroughts. The pace I am going in is slow so I was thinking why not review it as a whole volume/story arc? I will be making another series. There are many top best comics list out there on the internet and I will take a look at them and read the recommendations. After I read them I will talk about 5 titles of my choice in one posts to tell you if they are really that good. I’ll probably call it Is It Really That Good? Simple title, but simple is good.

Thank You!

The year has been awesome! I learned new ways to share my thoughts with people all around the world. I wanna thank my regular readers for the support and feedback. I hope this next year will be even better and more successful for me. Remember to like this post, share it if you won’t be the type to be embarrassed when you actually do share it and stick to ComicBooger.

Thank you! Enough of cringy gifs and peace out!

FUN FACT: Did you know the blog was originally supposed to be called ComicBooker, but the name was already taken? I was swaping the letter ‘k’ in the name to have a replacement and that’s where ‘ComicBooger’ was born. I am glad I ended up with this name as it was more catchy.




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