Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition Review

So yes, I have just seen the brand new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition which adds an extra 30 minutes to the film. I wouldn’t have made this small review if this version didn’t feel different to me, but it did. Beware of what I would consider to be small spoilers. If you wanna know my thoughts of the original film read Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Review.

With more running time we also got more Clark Kent scenes which we needed in the film! When I was watching the theatrical copy of BvS it appeared to me Superman was saving and helping people out for necessity of what we idealize with the character. What I mean by that is it felt like they only reason the filmmakers made Superman save people was because he was Superman and not because he was a person who cares about humans and their safety. In the Ultimate Cut we got to see a side of Superman who saved people because he hated seeing them helpless. We also got a reason why Superman was against Batman, but this motivation was not used in the battle which would have been a more natural progression to the conflict than what was in the film. Many plot points and side stories that felt irrelevant in the theatrical version all added up in this Ultimate Edition. Louis Lane’s investigation had sense. The Africa scene connected to the movie. The original cut made me question the purpose of Lois Lane and if she was necessary, but in this new cut I wouldn’t want the film to be without her. There were more lines in the film for all characters and some moments were taken away from Batman himself. Anyone will see what I mean when they watch this copy. The most gripe I had with original was the editing. Was it fixed?Yes it was! Hallelujah! The weird thing about the original film was that some moments of the scenes had dialogue missing which was so weird. Super weird! Many scenes were taken away and misplaced in the original making it very awkward for the viewer to follow the movie. This version placed all scenes in the proper order making the film flow well. We got to see many new scenes which made me care about these characters! There is this nice scene in the movie with Clark and his mother that was not in the original that makes me happy for some reason. So if you remember my main problem was editing which was solved here, but was the 2nd gripe of mine fixed in the Ultimate Edition? In other words did the SCRIPT make any more sense?No! We still had the dumb, “MARTHA!” scene which made no sense in the film. We still had Batman kill and annoying ass Lex Luthor who still annoyed me! Chris Terrio wrote the script for BvS and he is returning for the Justice League. Am I the only one worried here? I do not think the darker and more realistic tone for a superhero was at fault here. It was the script and editing. Maybe Warner Bros. will learn from their mistakes and be more mindful with their editing, but will Chris Terrio learn with his screenplay? We’ll have to sadly wait and see.So Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition was a success by making me care about what was at stake. I actually cared what happened at the end even though I still think it shouldn’t have happened until later in the universe. This edition fixed many faults of the original if it is the editing, character developments and motivations, but the scripting issues stayed. The many abrupt scenes of the movie and unforgivable plot holes make this movie bleed (you hear that Batman?) which needs to be taken into account.

Theatrical Version: 6.5/10 – OKAY

Ultimate Edition:

7.5/10 – GOOD



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