Marvel NOW! Week 2 Teasers, Star Trek & more! – Top Comic Stories of the Week

This week bombarded us with thousands and thousands of comic book news so this post will be split into 2 parts to read.

1. Return of Tellos

It seems like the last ended in 2007 title, Tellos, will return. For any Image fan this must be exciting. It seems that the title will come out next year which will be a decade after the death of one of its creators, Wieringo. What part should really excite the people is that it will come out as a hardcover graphic novel with length of 300 pages. Dezango will return as a writer with various artists to pay tribute to Wieringo. Speaking of paying, the money will go to many animal charities.

2. New Marvel NOW! Teasers

Last week Marvel has released many teasers for their new Marvel NOW! initiative and the theme seems to be repeating this week. 9c2b7695-f57b-4911-9469-0782e1e9053d

Here we have Odinson with his Ultimate Comics inspired look, still unworthy, but this time with a battle ax which was his signature weapon before the hammer. His look seems more high tech driven which is a shift for Odinson. Miles Morales seems to be chilling at the bottom of the image.Marvel_NOW_7And we’re back with seeing more unfamiliar characters. The guy on top is a man named Footkiller and under him we have the new Wasp. Marvel_NOW_8A brand new character Solo seems to be joining the list of characters who most likely will get a new solo series. We also see Jessica Jones who we haven’t heard from a while. Last time I saw her she was pregnant and now she is not…. so does that mean we’ll see more of her baby as well? It is key to point out all these say “Divided We….” which is an obvious nod to the new Civil War II and its affects on the Marvel Universe.

Anyone who has kept up with the Top Comic Stories of the Week will know that I have not been a fan of another relaunch in Marvel Comics when we just had one last year, the only thing keeping me interested are the new characters who I wanna support because I do wanna see more new characters in superhero comics as a whole. Jessica Jones was confirmed by Bendis to have her solo series and seeing these it feels like all the characters will get a new series. More news on Marvel NOW! will come soon.

3. Star Trek: Waypoint


Is it really a surprise IDW is publishing a new Star Trek series on its 50th Anniversary? The series is obviously set to come this year with talent involved such as Donnny Cates, Mack Chater who will helm the main story of the comic in the Star Trek: The Next Generation time period seeing Geordi La Forge and Data recovering a space ship code that may alter the world of science while, Sandra Lanz will illustrate and write a back up side story starring Uhura traveling a strange planet taking time in the Star Trek: Original Series timeline.Waypoint1

Expect the series this September with the brand new #1.

4. Contests of Champions and Hyperion Cancellation

Contests of Champions #10 will be double-sized

The word ‘cancellation’ seems to be thrown around recklessly in the comic book industry. People were lead to believe Howard the Duck was being cancelled according to many news sites when later the writer of the book stated on Twitter it was not being cancelled, but rather ‘concluding’. Weather it’s concluding due to poor sales or actually concluding the story creatively is anyone’s guess.

Hyperion #6 Cover

Web Warriors in September, Contests of Champions in July and Hyperion in August are all apparently being ‘cancelled’. This move might make sense as Marvel NOW! is going to take a lot of those spots, but I have not seen a new Black Widow issue in the September solicitations which worries me a lot.

5. DC Week 5 Hiatus 

I was surprised to see that week 5 of the brand new DC Rebirth line had no comics out this past week. I was very surprised by this turn of events when no one told me about this until I checked the site myself. This was kind of upsetting, but understandable when DC doesn’t wanna publish 3 comics of the same title a month. Many say this decision might hurt DC sales, but I disagree although I fault it on them for not making it public enough. If this happens again in a future I hope DC will make it more public. So now you have a little heads up for the future.

Alright, this was the first part of this week’s Comic Stories of the Week so expect the 2nd part to come out sometime today or tomorrow. Which news story popped in your eyes the most? Stick to ComicBooger for more comic book stories, Marvel vs. DC battles, Readthroughts, and more!



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