Marvel NOW! 1st Full Promo, New World’s Finest & more! – Top Comic Stories of the Week

This is the second part for the of Top Comic Stories of the Week so if you missed the first one I suggest you read Marvel NOW! Week 2 Teasers, Star Trek & more! – Top Comic Stories of the Week! If you had fun with reading that it’s time to read this part of the post.

1. New Silver Streak Comic?

19944For all of you who are not familiar with Silver Streak, let me explain. Silver Streak was one of the first speedsters in comic book history. Dark Horse Comics has released Silver Streak archives for his old comics, but what stands out the most is the words ‘Silver Streak’ have been trademarked by the company. Trademarking a word for only the archives would be weird when they already came out so it seems Dark Horse might actually start publishing a brand new revamp of the 1940s character. Anyone actually know of the character? Tell me in the coomments. I think we can all at least agree the character would new a different look for today’s age.

2. Apollo and Midnighter Are the New World’s Finest

apollo-midnighter-4afabMove over Batman and Superman! Midnighter and Apollo are taking over your title! It is quite ironic since Midnighter has been called “gay Batman” while Apollo has been called “gay Superman”. The new World’s Finest comic will be a 6-issue mini series written by Steve Orlando! Steve Orlando wrote the highly praised Midnighter run during the DC You initiative DC ran a while back and many have been upset to see his standalone not being present during the DC Rebrith announcement. Well, it seems DC didn’t forget about him, in fact they will make the couple the new World’s Finest.

Steve Orlando’s Midnighter (2014)

Those who aren’t familiar, Apollo and Midnighter are a homosexual couple in the DC universe who like said earlier have somewhat similar abilities of heroes Batman and Superman. The two characters break the stereotype of weak and delicate gay men so putting these two as the DC Rebirth’s World’s Finest doesn’t personally bother me. The series debuts in October.

3. Max Lanids’ Green Valley

unnamed (19)
Cover of the Green Valley #1

October seems to be a new date to publish a new title I guess…. Well the writer of Superman: American Alien will write his original fantasy book taking time in the Medieval ages called, Green Valley, with Giuseppe Camuncoli as the penciller, Cliff Rathburn as the inker, colorist Jean-Francois Beaulieu, and letterer Pat Brosseau. Now, American Alien was a very good comic book written by Landis, but that was his only credited comic so far. He is also known for his film screenplays from films like: Chronicle, Victor Frankenstein so he could be a mixed bag. I am anticipating this book even though I have differing opinions abut Max Landis as a person. I will post an official preview onto this website later in the day.

Here is the Max Landis’ Green Valley #1 PREVIEW No. 1

4. U.S. Avengers


Maybe Al Enwig’s Contests of Champions was cancelled, but it seems like he will go on for this new title called, U.S. Avengers. The artist Paco Medina will join Enwig with his good looking art. This will be a replacement for the current New Avengers title. Let’s analyze this damn picture. You see that female Captain America-wanna be? Apparently she will be the 1’000th Captain America we have right now (exaggeration) and she is Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s daughter from the future, Danielle Cage. Let’s analyze the team while we’re at it!rh

Let’s start with the dumbest looking one. Why is Red Hulk wearing this disgusting outfit? Is this how low Thunderbolt Ross has fell? His tights are just so bad! I might be overacting, but imagine yourself being a superhero wearing that outfit. Not just any hero… a HULK!sq

The most annoying character in the world is in this, but I must admit her design is actually pretty good and not too on the nose. ipFF Vol 2 4 Variant Textless

This girl looks really cool actually. The new Iron Patriot suit really stands out in the images. Can I just say she looks a lot like Miss Thing? Anyway I like this new Iron Patriot’s last name. 😛cb

Cannonball probably thinks he is in a wrong time. But he does look cool. sp

Now for our new villain who looks like the current rip off of Doctor Doom, but who just hit puberty. He’s also from the future who will attempt a ““global kleptocracy” in his past to secure evil doings in the future” said by Enwig.pod

Then there is this thing with the most creative name on Earth😑. iPod was taken so they had to think of something else. This will be probably a minion of our villain. Anyway this will be the new U.S. Avengers team roster and although some looks are questionable this might be an interesting series to read. Definitely will give it that 3 issue test. This title will be part of the new…..

5. Marvel NOW! First Promo Image

SPOILER for Civil War II is below!!! If you don’t wish to see it look away, but if you don’t mind or don’t care then read ahead. This image might ruin your fun. It’s not a big spoiler, though so don’t get your cookies in a twist (<what?). This is the big promo image. The image you first saw on top was just a part of the full image.3061358-slide-3061358-inline-i-1-divided-we-stand-marvel-shell

So we’ve seen the individual images, but now we see them all put together. I am really mixed about this new Marvel NOW! I see many new characters here that will most likely get a new series, but we had a revamp last year and we’re already getting a new one? The moment we get more news on how this new initiative will work I will have my full opinion. If only the new characters who didn’t get a #1 will get a new series I will be on board, but if characters who already have a series ongoing will get another new #1 I will be against. “What if we get both?” Then, I will have mixed feelings. It seems like I am not the only one not wanting ANOTHER relaunch.Screenshot (1).png ran a poll asking for people’s anticipations and a huge amount of people answered a confident no. Marvel specifically needs to learn we don’t need another boring revamp just because characters get a new status quo, or if a series gets a new creative team. These relaunches happen when something special happens and releasing a new one every year defeats that purpose. Let’s take a closer look at the image above though.3061358-inline-i-1-half-marvel

In this part of the image we have Footkiller, Solo, Jessica Jones, Captain Marvel, Odinson, Maria Hill, Slapstick, Elektra, Captain America, Black Panther, Cable, Gamora and Doctor Doom. At first I thought Gamora was She-Hulk and I got all mad at Marvel for spoiling something, but anyone notice an absence of Sam Wilson? Could Sam Wilson die? And why is Doctor Doom holding an Iron Man helmet? Will Tony Stark die? What is that big green thing in the background? Many say it is the American Kaiju.

And I thought the Red Hulk was too on the nose.


On this side we have Gwenpool, Mosaic, Squirrel Girl, Ms. America, Prowler, Wasp, Riri (possibly Iron Maiden), Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, Hulk, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and a character I don’t recognize. Clint Barton better not die in Civil War II, because we only see Kate Bishop. If we had to compare two sides with each other this one would definitely win with Mosaic, Squirrel Girl, Doctor Strange and Hulk. It seems like the Civil War will continue beyond just Civil War II.

In 2 weeks Marvel will release an entire catalogue for Marvel NOW! so expect a leak of some sorts before that, which will be next week. Then I can fully opinionate myself on the subject matter, but until then stick to ComicBooger for more comic book news, Marvel vs. DC battles and other comic book content.




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