Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 Predictions & Thoughts

Marvel has created the biggest and most popular cinematic universe in history of all time. The studio is currently in their 3rd phase of films so it is time for me to speculate as to how the Phase 4 will look like. Let’s begin.

July 13th, 2019 – Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man from Captain America: Civil War (2016)

This film will come two years after the first film, and 2 months after Infinity War. I think that Avengers 4 will minimize the part of Spider-Man because the film itself is gonna be so big, instead it will give the fans a true dose of him two months later in his second standalone. But why so early? You’ll notice most of the films I will plant will be 3 or 4 years apart from their predecessing installments. Let’s not forget Sony still owns the rights to Spider-Man and they need another Web-Head film to make profits. Seeing how it will take time right after Avengers 4 this might be part of Phase 3. Also, if they wanna get another Spider-Man film in high school it should be done as soon as possible.

Spider-Man’s symbiote suit

If you know Spider-Man lore well, you know after his trip to space he brought something with him and that was the symbiote, Venom. This is probably the only opportunity to introduce Venom in a logical manner which is why it fits the list so well. Notice how Marvel only has 2 movies officially announced for 2019, and we know Inhumans were supposed to be that 3rd film, but got delayed for later. Marvel already moved their other films out of the way to please Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s date so it shouldn’t be a surprise if Spidey 2 would steal this day.

May 1st, 2020 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Promo Image

Your favorite space team will get their 3rd film on this release date. Marvel chose 3 release dates to plant their unknown films and the day will belong to the Guardians. The last installment in the GOTG series will come out 3 years after the 2nd one. It makes sense business wise and all, especially when the 2nd one is also coming out in May. Since Vol. 2 is highly likely to have Adam Warlock my guess is the Korvac Saga will be implemented into Vol. 3. Originally an Avengers storyline I believe this story suits more the Guardians of the Galaxy. For those who don’t know Michael Korvac is a being who wields the Power Cosmic. He is a great cosmic level threat which could earn the final villain of the trilogy status. You know, end big!


July 10th, 2020 – Black Widow 

Yes! Finally! Black Widow has been a character the fans have been clamoring for to have a standalone film, including me. Only people who watch the films, or don’t read her comics wouldn’t want her to have one, but many don’t know Natasha has a world of her own. She can easily have a franchise as there is more the casuals still don’t know about her like the Red Room, or her relationship and past with the Winter Soldier that was teased in Civil War. Her past overall is a mystery to many that is keep being brought up, but never fully uncovered. Kevin Fiegie (the man who is responsible for these amazing films) spoken out lately that Marvel is looking more into Natasha (not literally…. that would be weird) and that they did hear the outcry. I suggest Marvel will try to adapt Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s current run on the character (that I will review once the story arc will end). I love Black Widow and the first issue of that run could be an entire opening scene for her movie. For those who are doubting Black Widow’s capability as a standalone hero, read that damn series!!!!

Cover of Black Widow #1 (2016)


November 6th, 2020 – Doctor Strange 2

The main reason why I put this film here is because it will be a four year gap since the last one. We know Dr. Strange is confident with November so we’ll leave him there.  Marvel hasn’t announced any official sequels to the film and this seems like a logical spot. Kaecillius and possibly Baron Mordo will be the villains in the first film. My guess is they will set-up Dormammu for this film! That’s right! The all powerful Dormammu is going to be a huge threat to the world. “But shouldn’t Dormammu be left for the final Dr. Strange movie to end it strong with high stakes?” Good point, but what if I told you there is a higher threat I know is perfect for Dr. Strange 3? I won’t say it now, because I want to leave some predictions for Phase 5 Predictions post, but I need you to believe me and I think Marvel knows who that villain is, too.












February, 2021 – Black Panther 2

Starting from this film I am guessing my own dates since Marvel didn’t announce any official ones. Now I think this film will come out in February of 2021 as the last film also came out in February because it’s the Black History month. Klaw will be the obvious villain for the debut film, but I believe Man-Ape will be Black Panther’s rival in the sequel. Man-Ape has talks of being casted in the first BP film, but I think it will be a very minor role to set him up for the second movie. Man-Ape is a character who wants the Wakadan throne all to himself. He will try to overule T’Challa making for an interesting plot. 

Black Panther vs. Man-Ape


May, 2021 – Fantastic Four

Phase 4, Fanatic 4? It’s happening, BABY! Before you scream at me I know Fox owns the film rights to FF, but let’s face it. Fantastic Four is poison for Fox at this moment with their last film loosing money. There is no way in hell Fox makes another one which then will retire the rights OFF TO MARVEL! Happy day! We know Marvel will do them right, not also that, but bring the true Doctor Doom! Do him right and don’t give him electrical powers! So to do Victor von Doom properly you will not make him the villain of the first movie. The villain of this film is get this…..Namor the Sub-Mariner! His rights are also very complicated but Joe Quesada (Chief Creative Officer at Marvel) said Namor is also OFF TO MARVEL! Namor is a king of Atlantis and making him a villain would differentiate him from Aquaman to the audience. Namor was always an important addition to the Fantastic Four. If he can’t get his own movie due to rights, put him as a supporting character like you are doing with Hulk for Thor: Ragnarok. Namor is an anti-hero and just imagining the Fantastic Four fighting Antlantean monsters and beasts gives me a nerdgasm. Expect this to come in May of the year as the summer event FF should be. 

Namor the Sub-Mariner


July, 2021 – Spider-Man 3

Fingers crossed this third installment doesn’t disappoint many like it did last time. This film will also come 2 years after its predecessor for the exact same reasons I said previously. It will come out in July just like the previous movies. Michael Keaton in my opinion will be Norman Osborn as you want such an actor for multiple movies and this time as his Green Goblin persona debut (Spidey 1 & 2 will have Osborn only). If you say you’re sick of Green Goblin then consider when this film will come out the last time you’ll see a Green Goblin it would be 7 years ago (2014). Venom was the antagonist in my Spider-Man 2 film, but you won’t see Carnage until Spider-Man 4 which Sony will not let never happen. This film will for sure be called Spider-Man: Graduation or Spider-Man: Senior Year (probably Graduation to follow the stupid title theme of Homecoming). Watch it happen, because it will! This will be Peter Parker’s last high school year and I cannot wait to see it.

Spider-Man: Graduation



March, 2022 – Captain Marvel 2

March of 2022 will be taken by Carol Danvers in the Women History Month. I believe the first film’s antagonist will be Moonstone while the sequel will start her battle against the Kree Empire with Captain Mar-Vell as her adversary, but with the help of (drum roll please)….. Alpha Flight! Yes! That is right the Canadian superhero group will be involved in the sequel as the current comics have Carol part of the team. The reason why I chose them is because Carol’s history and lore isn’t vast and I’m going to pull stuff from something recent. To be honest I pulled this one out of a hat, but never say never right? As for Captain Mar-Vell becoming a villain…. that’s something the fans will have to deal with. They dealt with the Yellowjacket and Ultron changes so I’m sure they can deal with this one as well.

May, 2022 – Avengers 5

Dark Avengers

That’s right the Avengers will be back in May 2022 to tell yet another story. I was actually considering not to include the Avengers on this list since Marvel wouldn’t want to risk fatigue of the Avengers and because Kevin Fiegie said after Phase 3 the movies will be very different, but I believe Marvel will not get rid of the team and instead take them in a different direction. Some members will die, some will survive, and some will quit. All depends on the contracts Marvel has done with the actors. The film will be a possible combination of the Dark Reign and Siege storylines where Osborn after the events of Spider-Man: Graduation/Senior Year will try to become the president of U.S. and build his own Avengers. I think the Marvel Universe is going into this direction making this Norman Osborn much different from the other ones. This will also introduce the character Sentry!!! Spider-Woman will also make her cinematic debut. It could all lead up to this with Moonstone (from first Captain Marvel film) posing as Captain Marvel, Eddie Brock posing as Black Spider-Man (Venom introduced in Spider-Man 2), Norman Osborn in a Iron Patriot suit ditching his Green Goblin persona, etc.


November, 2022 – Inhumans

Finally! If anything I am saying is right and if Spider-Man 2 really kicked Inhumans off the list, now is their time to shine. If anyone remembers, when Inhumans were firstly announced back in 2014, their release was in November which is why I put them here. For me Inhumans aren’t the most interesting characters in the comics, but they have so much potential. I am interested in seeing Black Bolt, Medusa, Lockjaw (my favorite), and the rest of the royal family. Inhumans first appeared in Fantastic Four so this would play into my “Phase 4=Fantastic 4” theory. The Terrigen Mist will change the Earth as we know it and it’ll create huge consequences. As for the villain, I say bring out Kang the Conqueror as he is recently been somewhat involved with the Inhumans in the past. This could be another opportunity to bring in Namor if Marvel wants to utilize Mole Man in the FF film instead. Coming to theatres in November near you!

No, I did not forget about Ant-Man 3/Ant-Man & the Wasp 2. It’s just that I think there is no more standalone stories to tell with the two heroes. “What about Hank Pym’s wife being stuck in the micro-verse!?” That story will most likely be explored in 2018’s Ant-Man & the Wasp. The couple can still appear in the Avengers, but sadly I don’t think they will get more movies. Hopefully I am wrong as I want to watch more Ant-Man and Wasp especially after how much I loved Ant-Man.

My #1 Recommendation for Marvel Studios

Please do not put out more films than 3 a year. There was a report coming in saying Marvel Studios will move to 4 movies a year since 2020 and I am not a fan of that. 3 is a strong number and changing to 4 will make it harder to keep these films diverse enough from one another. That is my only worry, because I know the rest Marvel does not need help with. You guys are doing great and keep feeding us what you are giving us right now. Other than this concern if any of my suggestions don’t make it I won’t be mad, because I know it’s probably for the best. In Kevin Fiegie and Marvel we trust! These are all my predictions and thoughts for Marvel Phase 4.




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