The Sandman #6 Readthrough – 24 Hours

Well last issue ended setting up the events for this issue so we should just hop onto this. The issue started off with Hour 1 and Dr. Dee walked into a bar with his ruby he stole last time from Sandman. It is the afternoon so you would imagine a lot of people there eating. Hour 2 Doctor Dee made sure no one left the diner with his influence of the ruby. Hour 3 he made a woman call someone just to create drama. Now, we all know this will start off slowly and eventually turn into something crazy. Hour 4 the guy watches the TV and the children programming turned into a creepy death spectacle which also shows us the ruby can affect any person on the world the wielder desires. Hour 6 the people at the restaurant get ‘restless’ and on Hour 7 he gives them what they want in a dream form. Eventually on Hour 9 he makes the people fight and in Hour 10 he make them love, rejoice and celebrate him! I said this in the last post, but Gaiman manages to make you hate this guy really well. We freaking find out his powers are effecting the entire world! That’s some next level crazy shit right there! He also makes people have sex with each other! That is so disgusting. He also makes the people hurt themselves and then they kill each other! WTF! This guy is crazy! I won’t tell how he makes them do that. You should read it yourself but the stuff this villain does just affectvely annoys you. Hour 24 Dream comes in to the diner seeing death. Their battle will begin. 

Ah! I cannot wait until this guy dies! I take it back. I want Dream not to kill him and instead mind-rape him like he did to the guy in #1 who imprisoned Morpheus. Give him the suffering he deserves. Damn, that turned dark. I thought this issue was going to have the final encounter or battle between the two, but instead we got a different type of issue. I really liked this installment as it created strong opposing feeling toward the villain, Doctor Dee. Now the big conclusion to the trilogy will be next time! Can’t wait!


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