Why Marvel Isn’t Bias Against X-Men in Comics

Hey guys! So there is this rumor going on that Marvel hates Fox because Fox won’t let Marvel get the rights back to X-Men and Fantastic Four. Apparently this is what  makes Marvel downplay X-Men’s roles in the universe.

I am here to say why Marvel isn’t bias against the X-Men for Inhumans in the comic books.



X-Men sell money! It’s a fact that one of Marvel’s biggest hits are the X-Men whether you like them or don’t. Minimizing their status in comics would make 0% sense financially and profit wise as a business, which by the end of the day Marvel is. They are a business with main heads of the company who only understand one language. Money. They want profit.

2.”Why are X-Men dying out then!?”


Very good point. If X-Men are being attacked and becoming extinct it’s a sign of Marvel trying to downplay them right? Not really. Companies always do this. You know how much more money Marvel will get when they put ‘the last stories of X-Men’ on a comic or when ‘Death of X’ happens? Comic book companies always do these stunts to get money. DC didn’t kill Superman because they didn’t like him, Captain America didn’t die because Marvel didn’t like him, Spider-Man didn’t die because Marvel back then didn’t share the rights to him.


All the thousands of comic book characters didn’t die because Marvel  didn’t like them or had some kind of rights issues. They make money on deaths of popular characters. They make even more money when they bring the character back from the dead! Peter Parker’s return from the dead sold half a million (which for comics these days is a lot) in 2014. You know how many people are waiting for the real Wolverine to return? It makes money!



People say there are not a lot of X-Men comics being published, but right now at the moment they have 9 film Fox owned characters still ongoing. In the entire span of All-New All-Different Marvel the company has put out 11 X-Men/’Fox’ titles. This is a lot especially for characters that are ‘being minimized’.

4. “What about the Fact that Fantastic Four comics got Cancelled?!


Guess what, Fantastic Four had a new movie coming out in 2015 and with all the bad reviews the sales would dip even in comics. But that isn’t the main point I am going to make. Remember when I said the death and return make money? This applies here. Imagine all the fans being excited when a new FF #1 will be announced and FF will form once again. It prints money by itself. Now we just need a right time to do this.

5. “Then Why Are Inhumans Being Put Up, Front and Center?”


Sure….Maybe!? Inhumans have 5 titles currently on which is a lot, but guess why. Because they have a movie in the works. Marvel wants to make Inhumans first relevant in the comics to later make them relevant in the movies. If they have no stories to inspire and put in the movie it would suck. Marvel is known for taking popular stories and putting them in movies. As much boring they are Marvel needs to push them. A reason why Captain Marvel and Black Panther are heavily featured in comics right now is because they will have a movie. Just because Inhumans seem like a weaker version of the X-Men doesn’t mean Marvel wants to replace them in the comics.

6. “Then Why Does Marvel Have Issues with Fox!?”


So what?! Sure there are UNOFFICIAL hearings that the 2 companies have issues with each other but even if they did, diminishing X-Men would hurt Marvel and not Fox. Comic sales aren’t selling million copies and it’s a holiday when they hit over 300k. Aprroximetly 95% (probably higher number) of the audience who watches the comic book movies don’t read the comics. Minimizing the presence of X-Men in the comics does nothing to the movies because the average movie goer doesn’t care if they are not featured in the comic books and even the hardcore comic book readers go to see the Fox films so that does nothing to Fox. Minimizing the X-Men would hurt only the comics.



Marvel is a company. Fox is a company. They want money. They maybe don’t like each other but at the end of the day they are just two companies that need to make deals whether they like each other or don’t. Could you imagine Marvel thinking, “Fox won’t give us the rights back? Let’s close down any deals with them to show our hate!”  That would be childish. Heck Marvel sold the rights to Fox in the 90s so, the only reason why we have MCU today is becaude Marvel sold the rights to all these companies.




Marvel Studios and Fox recently made a deal. Marvel allowed Fox to get the TV (not movie, but TV and Marvel owns all TV rights) rights to Legion and the Hellfire Club. It seems that Fox and Marvel maybe have a beef between each other, but they are still companies at the end of the day! They need to make deals to stay relevant. Heck! Fox producers and executive heads recently stated they would be really interested in a crossover with Marvel. Many actors over at Marvel would want one, too. The only thing probably keeping them away from doing it, is its difficulty in quality of the crazy and huge crossover.


Just because companies have fuel against one another, it doesn’t change their business decisions. And even if Marvel had a fuel against Fox doing stunts like minimizing the X-Men would only hurt Marvel Comics. It all comes down to cha-ching.

(Top Selling Comics of May chart was credited to Comichron.com)



  1. The only problem is how do you introduce the X-Men in the universe? Marvel can’t pretend always existed in the universe yet no one ever mentioned the word mutant. Fantastic Four on the other hand is much easier to introduce.

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