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This post contains SPOILERS to Justice League

DC Comics!!! Home to the most popular superheroes like Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash and plenty of others! One of these characters is Wonder Woman who in the pages of Justice League #50, got her big reveal told to the readers. Wonder Woman has a TWIN brother! This twin brother’s name is Jason who was forced to leave the Paradise Island right after his birth. Sheesh! Amazons were so sexist! Her brother could be anywhere or anyone. We don’t know who he was…..until TODAY!!! That’s right ladies and gentlemen today we will uncover Jason’s identity! Here me out fiends, as Wonder Woman’s twin brother, Jason is no other than….

Image result for 3 jokers
The Joker

That’s right! Wonder Woman’s twin brother is the Joker and here is why! In Justice League #50 we not only find out Princess Diana has a twin bro, but also Batman discovered there are 3  Jokers! That’s right, 3 Jokers. This makes it more interesting for me to speculate because now I have to prove to you which one it is. Let’s start!

As we can see the 3 Jokers Batman found are: the classic Joker, Batman: The Killing Joke Joker, and the New 52 Joker (modern). Let’s look at the similarities first. All of them are insane, crazy, messed up in the head and evil. That’s pretty much that, but which one of them has some kind uniqueness to them. Which has a characteristic that makes him stick out of the other two? Well a logical connection to Wonder Woman would be also a connection to the Greek gods as Diana is a daughter of an Amazon and the Greek god of gods, Zeus. Which out of the 3 Jokers seems connected to the mythical gods of Greece? The answer to this question is the New 52 Joker. In Scott Snyder’s story Batman: Endgame (2014) we find out New 52 Joker has been around for decades. For some reason he is keep reappearing throughout history. The story suggests it’s the Lazarus pit, but is it really that or is the Joker only making it seem like it was the Lazarus Pit? If it was really the water how did the Joker have access to it this whole time? It feels like there is a hole in that explanation which makes me think he was only making it seem like it was the work of the pit. A plausible explanation that supports my theory is that Amazons do not age at their adulthood so it makes sense Jason inherited this ability. By the end of Endgame the Joker died, but we know he will reappear.

Now, you might be saying “But Endgame ended right before the beginning of the Darkseid War! How would have the writer of Darkseid War known about any plot point the writer of Endgame wanted to do with the Joker?” You see the writer of Justice League: Darkseid War is Geoff Johns! He is not only a huge writer for DC, but also the guy who runs the company. He has connection with every writer working for them. Image result for geoff johnsPlus, remember Endgame started in 2014 while the Darkseid War ended in 2016. Geoff Johns not only maybe had time to talk with Scott Snyder (writer of Endgame), but also had plenty of time to make the “Jason=Joker” plan possible. We’re talking about a guy who wrote DC Universe Rebirth #1 which fixes all the plot holes, provides fan service, inserts history that wasn’t supposed to be there, revamps the entire universe, and have it all make sense by the end of the day! The guy is a genius. Geoff Johns is also famous for planning for things. He was setting up the Darkseid War from the very first issue of the Justice League when he was working on it in 2011. He prepared 4 years in advance for goodness’ sake! He was teasing Grail 4 years before she appeared, in Justice League: Origin. He also prepared 2 years before another event called the Trinity War (2013) and Forever Evil (2013). Then at the end of Forever Evil (which ended in 2014) he left a tease for 2015’s beginning of the Darkseid War storyline. These are only examples from recent 5 years! But I think you get my point. The guy always teases us a bit before the actual event occurs. You could call Geoff Johns the Batman of the comic book industry.

There are also many teases of the Joker being Wonder Woman’s twin brother. When the Darkseid War was ongoing in issue #44 we got a very interesting piece of evidence. The issue opened with Wonder Woman having an inner monologue which spoke out, very interesting words. Take a look:

Property of DC Comics

Of course this is talking about a god named, Gelos, but the Joker appears in the background for some unknown reason. It can’t be there just because. It’s there because it tries to tease us with something. Am I suggesting that the New 52 Joker is Gelos as well? No, but there is a reason Gelos and Joker are being referred to at the same time. In the lines, “He followed my mother like a shadow across the battlefields. Laughing at those in pain. Jeering at men and women dying.”This line surely makes us believe that Gelos was there during battles, haunting Hippolyta (Diana’s mother). We also know the Joker is famous for laughing at everyone’s expense. The next line says, “He was invisible to us, but no matter where you stood you could hear his cackling.” which tells us, he wasn’t literally nor physically in the battles. We know it was haunting Hippolyta, maybe not physically, but mentally. It always haunted Hippolyta to know she allowed her son go. If you were a parent, wouldn’t that decision haunt you for the rest of your entire life? Maybe the lines literally refer to Gelos, but they are used as a metaphor for the Joker. It makes perfect sense.

Also, was I the only one to think the reveal for Wonder Woman and Joker shouldn’t be in the Justice League title? Like, why do these changes for the characters affect the team? Shouldn’t the reveals be announced in Wonder Woman and Batman solo comics, independently? Well, if my theory is correct, if the relation between the Amazon Princess and the Prince of Crime is true it would make sense on why both character changes would be revealed in a Justice League story. This would affect Wonder Woman and Batman’s worlds combined. The connection between Joker and Diana adds up in a sense of the story and real life. Geoff Johns is a guy who doesn’t just put reveals into stories for them to just be there especially when they have little to do with the title.

Anyone remembers the DC Rebirth Live Stream during WonderCon? It was pretty awesome. In fact that was the day he announced this development of the Joker would happen. We look now, and his identity was not revealed. We just found out there are 3 Jokers. Well, what if Geoff Johns originally planned on revealing the actual identity for the New 52 Joker? What if he was gonna announce Joker as Wonder Woman’s brother, but decided to hold back the reveal itself to create more mystery in both characters? It would again, make more sense why “Wonder Woman having a brother” and “Joker’s identity revealed” would take place in a Justice League story-line and not in a solo comic for WW or Batman. In Justice League #42 (continuation of the Darkseid War) Batman asks the Mobius Chair (chair that holds knowledge to everything), “What’s the Joker’s true NAME?”  Emphasis on ‘name’ proving we were supposed to know the actual identity. You see? Even back then Geoff did have a mind set of trying to reveal this character’s identity, but in the end decided not to. He thought we would forget about his mistake…..

Property of DC Comics

You see ladies and gentlemen? There is just too many arrows pointing to one sign and that sign points to the truth of the New 52 Joker being Jason. What do you think readers? Are there any holes in my theory that you would love to poke at? If so go ahead, try and I’ll respond with a valuable answer for the theory hole. Share this with as many people as possible if you enjoyed it. This was my first comic theory I ever posted. These take some time to make (you would be surprised) so, if you enjoyed it let me know by hitting that like button like a superhero would hit a bad guy! (Ok that was lame, but whatever). Stick to Comic Booger for more content! Case closed!

P.S. One of my other theories that came out 3 months prior to the release came true! Check it out: Why Thor Became Unworthy REVEALED – Comic Theory. Also here is another worth your time pertaining one of the biggest mysteries in comics of today: Mr. Oz Identity Revealed – Comic Theory




  1. Considering he was given a Lazarus Pit, I believe that’s how. Or! There’s a scene with Harley describing how “different” he is. So maybe he didn’t get his face back and it was one of the other Jokers.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jason as in jason and the argonauts? Still hard to believe there is another “Jason” in batman’s world. But then again maybe that is why he killed Jason Todd because they share the same name.

    For the first panels in issue#44 well the page involves batman so it’s not that odd to find Joker there and to me those panels meant batman can’t get over what he found out from mobius chair in issue#42 and I also didn’t give any other meaning to the fact that Wonder Woman technically is also on that page because she had been the narrator from the beginning.

    Also maybe the chair is manipulated or that myrina was lying as well.

    But let’s say there really is a twin brother. Maybe dc writers have prospected multiple options that could take that role and one of which is indeed the Joker. As much as i think this is plausible at the moment i dont think geoff johns would risk it, many hated joker’s daughter let alone the the idea that he is wonder womans twin just imagine the backlash.



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