The Sandman #5 Readthrough – Passengers

At last we are down to one last object and that object of course being the gem! Let’s just hop into it. We open with a prisoner escaping from his prison cell. His name is Dr. Dee who was locked up in Arkham because he was committing crimes with the gem as the supervillain, Doctor Destiny. He looks very ugly to put it in a nicest way possible. He is looking for the gem and his connection to it lets him know where it is. Once out of Arkham he runs into a woman’s driving car, gets in it, points a gun straight in her face (stolen weapon from a body guard?) and tells her to drive where he tells her to. Next we go into a dream sequence which takes place in the horrible world Apokalips that is also known as Darkseid’s world. He dreams of all the bad things that happened, and might happen to him. He wakes up and we find out the man is no other than Scott Free, aka Miracle Man. Next to him is our protagonist Sandman (who just watched him sleep….. not creepy at all) who tells Miracle Man he needs his Power Gem back. Miracle Man of course went to the Justice League computer to find out where it is located. They came to a conclusion to go and wake up Martian Manhunter (because Batman was at work) and ask him. When Dream and Scott Free meet him, Morpheus appeared to the Martian’s sight as some kind of God, yet Miracle Man could still see Dream in his normal form. Manhunter told Morpheus the Gem is in some kind of warehouse. Dream teleported away from there using dreams as a way to travel. We go back to Doctor Dee and the woman in her car. Dr. Dee apologized for his behavior as he only wanted to get away from Arkham. She gives him a coat since he was naked. They start to talk like regular people and share some nice moments. Dream teleports out of a man’s dream that is knapping next to the warehouse. He gets in and finds the Ruby. He touches it and the power of the Ruby hurts him, knocking him out. At the same time Dee and the woman park right in front of the warehouse. He says goodbye to the lady and shoots her in the head! What an asshole! Seriously, she helped him even though maybe it was out of fear, but she still did it. That’s when I knew I wouldn’t like this guy. I wanna see Dream demolish his mind. So Dee then gets in, sees Morpheus on the ground knocked out and grabs the ruby that is laying to the ground next to him. The issue ended with Dr. Dee walking into a restaurant with the ruby in his hand.

This was a fun issue to read. Dream gets the ruby, but in the end doesn’t. He looses it helplessly. So close, but yet so far away. I like how Gaiman managed to make me hate this guy which shows he created a strong villain (or made a better version of one). Now I didn’t like how Dream went from Miracle Man to Martian Manhunter just to know where the ruby is. We could’ve cut the Scott Free scene out because it added nothing to the plot. It was just there to take up time. I thought the team-up with John Constantine was a bit of a bummer, but this was even a bigger one. You bring in the Justice League and you only have them point out where the ruby is. Lame! I liked the issue it just didn’t do what it could have. The issue wasn’t as good as the last one, but maybe because this one felt more like a set-up for something greater to come. It was weird to see Martian Manhunter see Sandman not as every other character does, but as a god. I wonder if we’ll see this come into play in the future. I am curious to see what happens next, very curious.

Anyway on July 5th is this website’s birthday, but I will celebrate it earlier by dedicating a post for it tomorrow! I think it’s the coolest blog I have done yet which is the only reason I want it out so early! I can’t wait.



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