Spider-Man: Clone Conspiracy, FCBD 2016 Success & more! – Top Comic Stories of the Week

This week has been very busy lately with a lot of new exciting stuff being revealed in the comic book world. It is time we hop straight into the news.

1. Free Comic Book Day 2016

It was made official that there was 1.45 million people in attendance during this year’s Free Comic Book Day. Last year the number was 1.4 million which means a 3.5% increase occurred from last year to this year. Maybe it’s a small increase, but still a success in my eyes. I rather for it to have a small increase than a small decrease. Hopefully it brought the retailers a bit more new consumers.

2. Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy

A bit earlier this year Dan Slott announced a new big Spider-Man event called, Dead No More. He showed us a preview during the FCBD and we saw a return of Gwen Stacy, Rhino, and more characters that should be dead. I was getting worried, because Dan Slott was messing around with beloved stories and messing around with them didn’t work out for Marvel before. I was glad to find out Dan Slott changed the title to the Clone Conspiracy, meaning it’s not the return of the characters, but it will be a creation of clones. The villain Jackal is back who in the 90s cloned Spider-Man, and had the readers tricked when they found out for a long period of time they were reading the adventures of a Spider-Man clone and not Peter Parker himself. The story was named, the Clone Saga and it was one of the most controversial stories in Spider-Man history as it made the fans furious. We’ll see if Dan Slott will try to follow in the footsteps and try to make the reader mad, as if Hail Hydra wasn’t enough for people to recover from. Expect this event to run from issues #19-#24 of the Amazing Spider-Man series.

3. Raven & Gotham Academy 2

So far DC Rebirth is a huge success for DC Comics and Raven will get her own standalone limited series in September 21st written by no other than the legendary Marv Wolfman.This series will have Raven take a break from superheroing and starting with….High School? Really? That’s weird.  Another series coming this September is the sequel to the sleeper hit of the DC You initiative DC did a year ago (you won’t read anyone say that a lot). On the 14th of September expect to read Gotham Academy: Second Semester.


4. Top Selling Comics of May 2016

Last week we looked at the market shares of the comic book industry, now, we can look at the actual sales.

Comic-book Title Issue Price Publisher  Est. sales
1.DC Universe Rebirth ¹ $2.99 DC 235,791
2. Civil War II 0 $4.99 MAR 177,283
3. Punisher ¹ $3.99 MAR 110,726
4. Batman #52 52 $3.99 DC 102,197
5. Captain America: Steve Rogers 1 $4.99 MAR 99,768
6. Star Wars 19 $3.99 MAR 95,156
7. Justice League 50 $5.99 DC 92,423
8. Darth Vader 20 $4.99 MAR 86,641
9. Black Panther 2 $3.99 MAR 77,654
10. Amazing Spider-Man 12 $3.99 MAR 74,963

It was a very interesting month for comic sales this month. I was a bit disappointed by the sales of DC Universe Rebirth #1 as last month’s Black Panther #1 hit 250k. Keep in mind though that Black Panther came out in the beginning of its month while Rebirth came out on the last week so expect the number to be much higher when in June as it will gain more money.This month we see a common drop for Black Panther #2, but still hanging in the top 10. We have Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, Star Wars, Darth Vader as the list regulars along with them being the comics to remind us sales of comics can still be strong even if they’re not a new #1. Justice League hit its last proper issue and it was great to see it not get overshadowed by DC Universe Rebirth since both came out in the same week. In fact I think it helped Justice League more. Expect Justice League #50 and especially Cap: Steve Rogers #1 to gain up sales in June to its final numbers. Punisher to my eyes surprised me in great amount of sales. Civil War II #0 hit great numbers as well so I can’t wait see the numbers of #1&#2. Not in top 10, but in #11 spot we have Scooby Apocalypse which sold 69k.That’s crazy! For the rest of the sales check out Comichron.com.

So this is it for this week! Hopefully you were informed by this post. For all things comics stick on to ComicBooger. We have exciting posts coming next week with a blog dedicated to this website’s 1 year anniversary. Can’t wait!



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