Archie Andrews vs. Jimmy Olsen – Marvel vs. DC #25 Special

Hello people of the world! This is the 25th battle here at ComicBooger and I always wanted to do this match up. You can check out my other Marvel vs. DC battles in the “Marvel vs. DC Archive” to catch up. Now for the amazing battle……

Archie Andrews vs. Jimmy Olsen

“What?! But Archie Andrews is from Archie Comics! He shouldn’t be here!” First of all stop screaming, second of all you are clearly mistaken. Archie met Punisher once so this clearly means they are both in the Marvel Universe. (OK, I am clearly reaching here and trying to fool you so just go with it) Plus, this is the 25th battle so let me do what I wanna do. Let’s just hop into it.

Origin: Archie Andrews

Archie Andrews is the most popular teenager at his high school, Riverdale. That’s it!

  • Identity: Archie Andrews
  • Alter Ego: None
  • Occupation(s): Student
  • Team Affiliations: None

Origin: Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy Olsen was born in Metropolis. When he grew up he found the job at the Daily Planet and became friends with his co-workers and Superman. That’s it.

  • Identity: Jimmy Olsen
  • Alter Ego: None
  • Occupation(s): Reporter
  • Team Affiliations: None







The two characters have no powers nor abilities. Yes, Jimmy Olsen has a watch that calls Superman, but he won’t be able to call him in this since the rules here are NO outside forces can help anyone in the battle. It is time we start the battle which takes place outside of Riverdale High School.


Archie runs out of his school as fast as he can. Security guard screams, “Who was that?! Get back over here!” Archie runs into Jimmy Olsen and they both fall. Jimmy Olsen says, “Watch where you’re walking kid. You almost broke my camera. Wouldn’t want to take ya in haha”. A security guard ran out of school and screamed, “Catch him!” Archie began running. Jimmy Olsen says, “I got him! It’s my time to be a hero.” Cannon goes off to signify the start of the match.Archie accidentally trips. Jimmy Olsen grabs Archie, and the teenager says, “You don’t understand.” and struggling he accidentally kicks Olsen in the face. Andrews says, “Oh. Sorry. I didn’t m-“, “So that’s how you wanna play huh? Aright!” Jimmy interrupted Archie. Jimmy throws a punch onto Archie, he dodges it and Jimmy’s hand hits the concrete. Archie gets up and kicks Jimmy. Olsen tries to shakes it off and tries to punch Archie. Archie dodges, Jimmy pulls out his camera, it creates a bright flash that stuns Archie. Jimmy goes for his strongest punch. Archie falls onto the ground again. Jimmy says, “I’m sorry! I didn’t want it to come to this, but -“.“Why did you do that?” asked Archie. “Well, you stole something from that man earlier.” said Jimmy. Archie then said, “No! He mistook me for the wrong guy. He thought I threw a football at him”. “Why didn’t you just tell him it wasn’t you?” asked Jimmy and Archie responded by saying, “It’s never that simple in our school….. anyway I hope I don’t get a bruise.” Jimmy reached his hand out to helped Archie up. Jimmy said, “Sorry for the misunderstanding. Let me make it up. Ice cream on me?”. Archie says, “Sure! Name’s Archie. Archie Andrews.” and Jimmy Olsen says, “Jimmy Olsen. Nice to meet you.” And they shake hands.




Did you really think they would fight each other to the death or K.O.? No way! Anyway I hope you enjoyed this 25th installment of my Marvel vs. DC battle even if it wasn’t really a Marvel vs. DC battle. Now I will take a week break from all these and instead sometime next week I’ll post a never seen before post which has something to do with Wonder Woman! It will be a post honored this site’s 1 year Birthday (which is on July 5th so I will celebrate it earlier) and Wonder Woman’s 75th birthday. See you then!



  1. If you get the itch to go even farther out, you could cover Paul Bunyan vs. the Jolly Green Giant. Man to man, and Paul doesn’t get any help from Babe the Ox if the giant agrees not to fling cans of green beans. I will probably wake up tomorrow morning regretting having written this.

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