The Sandman #4 Readthrough – A Hope in Hell

We immediately open with Sandman throwing his dust into the water after he got it back from the last issue. He jumped into that part of water as it created a portal to hell. I though this issue was gonna be about him grabbing the Gem since it was last seen with the Justice League. You would think he would go to hell last, but I guess it makes sense he picked up from weaker to stronger objects to build up his energy enough for crazier encounters.

So he’s in hell which I am not complaining. He approaches the gate and Etrigan the Demon is on the other side. Etrigan the awesome dude he is, opens the gate and leads him to the Head of Hell, Lord Lucifer. Once he’s meets Tilda Swinton-uh! I mean Lucifer! Morpheus says he seeks his Head Gear that was taken away from him. One of the demons in hell has it. If you’ve been to hell (or haven’t) you’ll assume there is a lot of demons in it. Lucifer calls in the army of demons, Morpheus throws his dust in the air like he just don’t care, the sand locates the thief and finds the demon. But it’s not that easy! The demon challenges Dream into a duel. Finally a fight is about to go down!
NOT! It is something better than a regular fight! The demon and Morpheus have to top themselves with coming up with different things. It’s…. hard to explain….. Here! Take a look for yourself.
It’ a pretty cool battle. It was totally unexpected and new which is what this series is. Neil Gaiman manages to surprise his readers with each issue. The battle was awesome and Sandman ended up winning by saying Hope. He gained his gear back, but suddenly Lucifer Morningstar takes the opportunity of having the Lord of dreams as his slave and tells Dream he is stuck here forever because there is no dreams in hell. Morpheus finds a way out, but to those who haven’t read it, I won’t spoil any more for you. It is a pretty cool part that deserves to be experienced on your own. I guess again this tiny segment speaks about this series as a whole. It speaks that this series is an experience and that you might know how it’ll end, but won’t know the execution to that ending. The way Sandman gets out of hell shows how smart and badass he is. This was by far my favorite issue of the seraies so far. It gave me things I didn’t know I wanted. Great issue and can’t wait for the next one.

The Sandman Head Gear (looks like a fly)


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