Gren Arrow: Rebirth Sales, Josie & the Pussycats & more! – Top Comic Stories of the Week

It is that time of the week to mention many comic book stories that stood out to me this week. Let’s start with no further of due!

1. Green Arrow: Rebirth #1 Success

According to Benjamin Percy (the writer) DC Comics has sold 90,000 copies of Green Arrow: Rebirth #1 and not to mention DC is reprinting even more copies. Comics these days don’t sell millions anymore (Star Wars #1 sold 1 million) and only barely hit the 200,000+ mark. It’s the sad truth. For a Green Arrow comic to perform this well is a huge landmark. To put it into perspective the couple last New 52 issues sold over 20,000 and when the New 52 initially came out Green Arrow #1 sold at around 55,000. It even managed to surpass the sales of Kevin Smith’s run in 2001 with its #1 performing 85,000. I guess this is what happens when you put out quality content and versions of the characters everybody wants to see. DC has itself a new hit!

2. Josie & Pussycats Reboot

Archie Comics had been on a role lately! They got the Mark Waid to write the reboot for Archie. It will also soon release a new Betty & Veronica series. Now, in September you can add Josie and the Pussycats to your list. What louder comes to ear is the inclusion of Marguerite Bennett as a co-writer with Cameron DeOrdio. I love how Archie comics is getting acclaimed talents such as Waid and Bennett (DC Bombshells) to show they are also competing on the market. It also gets people like me, who had never any exposure to Josie and the Pussycats, more interested in the titles.

3. Marvel NOW! Previews and Civil War 2 #3 Release

I read Civil War II #1 and in my opinion it was amazing! I spoke about it in my previous installments of Top Comic Stories of the Week so I won’t repeat myself. Marvel will hold a special midnight release on July 13th for Civil War II #3 to just show of how big the event has been. You can also buy other comics that will come out that day. To top themselves Marvel will release an official preview for their new Marvel NOW! initiative so expect that to leak out couple days before the 13th of July. I might not be a fan of another revamp, but props to Marvel for trying to generate more hype for these things.

4. Market Share of May 2016

It is that time of the month when Diamond Distributor gives us info on fails and accomplishment of the month.

Publisher Dollar share Unit share
Marvel 39.64% 44.80%
DC 26.45% 26.34%
Image 8.38% 7.95%
IDW 5.70% 4.99%
Dark Horse 3.25% 2.31%
Boom 2.51% 2.34%
Dynamite 1.66% 1.51%
Titan 1.39% 1.48%
Valiant 1.09% 1.25%
Oni 0.98% 0.89%
Other 8.95% 6.13%

Now Marvel is always performing well on these while DC is slacking right behind them. I guess nothing has changed. Hopefully the official launch of DC Rebirth will boost up DC’s unit and dollar market shares. Honestly, I thought that DC’s market shares would go up once their movie division started but that didn’t happen (maybe because they didn’t put out good films out of their ‘universe’ yet[not including Man of Steel]). Image is also doing very nicely with their figures as always. The rest is similar to how it was in previous months. I don’t wanna talk bestsellers just yet until ComicChron releases the sales of the Top 10.

Comics -14.34% -17.60%
Graphic Novels 4.52% -3.39%
Total Comics & GNs -9.05% -16.58%

Sadly, the dollar share and unit share are all decreasing when compared to last year except for the Dollar Shares of Graphic Novels/Trade Paperbacks which rose up by 4.52%. I hope these numbers will mostly change when the release of Rebirth and Civil War II will make up for the beginning of this year.

These were the major news pieces of this week. Join me next week when we finally get the sales numbers and more news. Check out my Marvel vs. DC series while you’re here. Bye!



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