X-Men: Apocalypse – Review

The X-Men films have been lately on the roll with their movies and although this installment of the franchise wasn’t the biggest hit that I hoped it would be, it would lying if I said this was a bad film. I actually liked this movie a lot. To fully justify my score I will get into spoilers, but if you haven’t see the film I suggest you do, as it is very entertaining, but don’t expect it to be better than First Class or Days of Future Past. SPOILER TIME!

This movie was filled with plenty of amazing sequences and the character that took the cake was definitely Quicksilver. He had another amazing slow-motion scene which wasn’t as good as the one in DOFP, maybe because the one in DOFP was the first to do it, but this one was very close on beating it. Quicksilver also showed his amazing skills when fighting Apocalypse. It was awesome! He also had many lines and quips which landed every time.

“I’m Blue!” Nightcrawler was amazing and funny. He had that innocence and politeness. The actor’s deliveries made the character feel true. Nightcrawler was my 2nd favorite character in the movie. Cyclops was finally done justice with good & key amount of screen time.

Magneto you bastard! You made me tear-up. I couldn’t bare seeing his family die! Ugh! Michael Fassbender’s delivery was powerful as always. I want the guy to be in every single film. Psylocke was a complete badass and I wanna see more of her. I really don’t get why people had problems with Olivia Munn. Wolverine’s scene although short it was very gory and bloody. Just what I wanted to see from him. I liked be idea of Jean restoring some of his memories.

Now Apocalypse was a good enough villain. He was definetly better than most of Marvel’s villains and his portrait was very menacing. Especially his voice! His voice was awesome. I must mention you could clearly see Oscar Issac was limited with movement. If you look at his hands for example, they were very stiff. Overall I thought each character was used with right amount. Each character had purpose to be in the final act if it’s vengeance, assistance, or trying to find a person that is in that battle all except for Moira. She was really pointless at the end. All she was doing is bringing the team down by saying, “We’ll never beat him.” Off to the negatives.

I thought the plot of the movie was weakining after the Weapon X break out. Mystique wasn’t even in the Mystique costume. Many people say she ‘mailed-it-in’ but I didn’t mind her performance, rather her make-up. It looked incomplete. I was and still am a fan of this Mystique, but I am afraid that if J. Law. stays for 1 or more film I will begin to dislike her.

The pace was becoming slow when we were in the second act. Apocalypse was literally hanging out with his horsemen at a rock pile talking, talking as if he was waiting for the X-Men to escape from Stryker (also why didn’t they explain the Mystique becoming Stryker at the end of DOFP?). The third act picked up when we had the final battle.

This wasn’t even in the movie!!!


Now I did say characters were used well, but that only goes for the main cast. I really wanted to see more Jubilee, but I heard her parts were taken out in the mall scene. In fact I know many parts of the young X-Men hanging out at the mall were cut out. Why!? Seeing those scenes would’ve provided the film with diversity in scenes and tone.

The final battle was in my opinion too long as we didn’t have that many breathtaking fighting sequences. There were many awesome moments in the battle it’s just that running time should’ve went to more character development or the mall scene. I hear many people loved the astral battle between Charles Xavier and Apocalypse, but I found it to be pointless. The Phoenix reveal was cool and I loved the part where they all ganged up on him. The ending with all the X-Men in the Danger Room was awesome, but I wish we would’ve seen more of that.X-Men: Apocalypse is a movie with little amount of errors and although it wasn’t anything mind blowing, when I remember the good parts they make me cheer up. Maybe the film wasn’t as good as Days of Future Past but that movie is in my top 3 superhero movies. This X-Men film is good, but does not use-up its full potential.

7.4/10 – Good



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