DC Universe Rebirth #1 – Review

A busy week for DC it has been! Before you read this I suggest you read my Justice League #50 – Review. If you read the title you’ll know that I am about review something huge! This is my review of DC Universe Rebirth #1. HUGE SPOILERS INCOMING.

My overall impression were overwhelmingly very positive. If you read my review of the Darkseid War (then you’re smart, awesome, and), you’ll know that I said Geoff Johns is my favorite writer and that the man can pull off anything. This one-shot is just another example that backs my statement. I was told so many good things about this comic and even then my expectations didn’t leave me disappointed. It actually was better than what I expected. Let’s brake this fat issue all down.
Chapter 1: Lost marked the return of the legacy hero, Wally West. This part was kind of spoiled for me before, but I couldn’t really believe the spoilers. He went to Batman for help because he was stuck in the speed force and was forgotten. It turns out 10 years of history was taken away from the DCU, and that it wasn’t Barry Allen’s fault when he time traveled, but someone else’s. Batman didn’t recognize Wally so he got pulled back into the speed force. Every time he wanted to get in contact with someone and failed, the closer he was to death.
Chapter 2: Legacy we see Wally try to contact Johnny Thunder who is at a retirement home. Johnny Thunder is another person that can remember the timelines that were taken away from reality. Wally wants him to find the Justice Society, but he fails to connect through the guy. We also find out the Legion of Superheroes is still out there in the world. We now know: Atom (Ray Palmer) is stuck in the microverse who needs Ryan Choi’s help to get him out, Ted Kord is now mentoring Jaime Reyes, 2nd Aqualad is gay, and Doctor Fate (he’s back!) tells Kord that Jaime’s scarab is magic. Did the scarab originate from Egypt?
Chapter 3: Love was very solid as well. We go to Aquaman and Mera. He finally proposes to her! Wally West this time tries to contact his lover, Linda Park, but she ends up not remembering him. If she didn’t remember him, no one else could.
Chapter 4: Life was the last chapter! Here, we find out that the black Wally and the white Wally are two different people, who happen to have the same name after their grandfather. Yes, they are related. We also see Wally’s last attempt to contact someone, but this time he will expect his death. He goes to find Barry Allen and thanks for everything even if he doesn’t remember him. This moment made me tear up a little as I actually thought Wally was going to die, but right in the end Barry remembers Wally and grabs him. This made me tear up more.
The biggest reveal is that the Watchmen somehow are part of this universe. The comic seems to suggest that Doctor Manhattan made everyone forget 10 years of history and not Barry Allen, Flash. I don’t know if I am a fan of this huge reveal, as I preferred when the Watchmen were part of their own universe. I haven’t finished Watchmen, so I might one day do a Readthrough of that.

This was much better than this year’s Captain America: Civil War. I seriously loved this comic so much and the beauty in all this is that Geoff Johns made this all work. It was impossible to find any negatives. I really don’t know how he does it and I am so glad Wally is home. The return of Justice Society is something I really can’t wait for! If there was a way to give this comic a 11/10 I would’ve done it. Screw it…..

11/10 – Perfect!




  1. The return of Wally is so exciting. I love the return of DC’s long history. I will probably voice my opinion on the new Captain America news that just broke out sometime this weekend.



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