The Sandman #1 Readthrough – Sleep of the Just

Welcome to the very first Readthrough of The Sandman Part 1: Sleep of the Just! This my adventure with you guys as I go through the list of the best comics of all time. I wanted to start with the Sandman so this is how it’ll work. Read The Sandman #1 then come here and we’ll talk about it. Like a mini-review, but it has my reactions of when I read this. This idea might be a huge success or an utter failure so why not try something new. Let’s start!

Are you reading this after you read issue 1 of the Sandman? No!? Go read it now so that we can talk about it! Go! I’ll wait! Come on! OK! Great! Now that you’ve read it… wasn’t it amazing!? I am a pretty clueless guy when it comes to reading more artistic way of storytelling in media entertainment. It’s just how it is, but for some reason I just had a good time reading this. So let’s recap!
1916 and some old guy with his young son, Alex are part of some kind of cult (don’t know what to call it exactly). They wanna summon Death! After long preparation they do it! When I was reading the issue I thought that Death looked a bit…. Un-deathlike, if that’s even a word. He looked like an alien. Then we find out that it wasn’t Death, but some other entity that’s wearing a costume! What did the asshats do? They not only imprison the poor guy, but also steal his stuff.

The Funky Suit I was Talking About

We find out that this entity is Dream! So it makes sense that when they strip, steal, and imprison the dude the world changes. Many people’s sleep and dreaming experiences took a tool on them. Some people around the globe never woke up, some had constant nightmares, some couldn’t sleep. It was like a sickness!!! Years and years pass and we get these snip-bits of those people and how their lives changed for the worse. Without Dream people can’t live normal lives.
Alex is a grown man and his father soon dies. Alex met a friend named Paul McGuire who becomes Alex’s personal assistant. Alex and his men always visit Dream for information, but they get none. It’s 1982 and Alex is an old man. One day he visits Dream once again. When he leaves his men and the entity alone, Dream plays the dead game. His men (who guard Dream regularly) think they will get in trouble since he died on their watch. They open the prison and boom! Dream is free. (que Queen’s “I Want to Break Free” music).


Break Out

This is the part where I know shit will go down. Well it didn’t just yet as he just puts the men to sleep. Then Dream eats, finds clothing. But his equipment that was taken away from him before imprisonment is gone! Dream goes to Alex and he is furious. Alex is terrified! When Alex says he has no knowledge of where his equipment is, Dream gives him a horrific punishment called, “Eternal Waking”. Alex now will eternally wake from nightmares and will never return to his real world.


“Eternal Waking” Punishment

Of course as Dream returns the lives of the people around the globe turn to better as their issues with dreams and nightmares are gone. This was issue 1 and it was such an amazing treat. I love this idea of their being entities such as Death, Dream, Destiny, Desire, etc. Dream will probably be on the hunt for his equipment that got taken away from him when he was summoned to the real world. This was an awesome comic book and it is a perfect starter off for a new series like this.
I can’t say much since this is just issue #1, other than that I have no idea what’s coming, but I am very excited to find out what it will be. I wanna applaud Neil Gaiman for not only his great writing, but also his inclusion of more than 20 pages in one issue. It annoys me that fans have to pay $3.99 for 20. Walking Dead has 32 pages per issue and they only ask of their fans to buy their issues for $2.99. This stuff is very important to me.
Like I said, I can’t wait to read more of this story! I don’t know if to expect horror, or action, or mystery, or suspense, which is what will make me more invested. Now you better have read this series, and if you haven’t you better do it with me, now! This is considered best of the best and I just know it will be great. Don’t be a dick and spoil the story for me or other people.
My name is Olaf and make sure to follow for more awesome content!



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