My Free Comic Book Day 2016 Advenutre!

Hello world! Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and all companies had something to share for free. Some had major teasers while others not so much. Today I will share with you the companies and Free Comics that left an impression on me, first-! I will talk about the companies that were really disappointing.

So DC Comics has Rebirth coming this June, which explains a lot why they didn’t put out much…. But you could’ve done something at least! All they had to offer was Suicide Squad #1 and some Superhero Girl Friends or whatever! I didn’t even bother to look at the title. Embarrassing! I also picked up Rom #0 published by IDW Publishing and I expected more from such a cool concept of a character that is supposed to get his own film.

Now the one that made my honorable mention list was the Phantom comic. It gave me a very old school vibe and it was very different from everything else I read. I also liked Dark Horse Comics’ comic that featured a preview to Hellboy called Serenity. I never read Hellboy and I loved the little bit that I got to read. It might make me want to read it. Now off to the main list!


Marvel Comics showed DC how it’s done by putting out Civil War 2! We got introduced to a new Inhuman and we see a confrontation between heroes and Thanos! We got two possible deaths to kick off the event! Spoiler paragraph is right below.
So if you read the comic I really liked most of it and Jim Cheung’s art was gorgeous. The action was cool, but the unfitting and sad attempt at comedy was very pointless. For example, when War Machine and Captain Marvel kissed Black Panther made a childish response. This behavior also translates to the battle against the Mad Titan! Thanos got defeated pretty easily, but that’s because of the length of the comic which I do take into consideration.


Inside of that issue we get a sneak peek at All-New All-Different Avengers #9. Here we have an introduction to the new Wasp and her identity, origin, etc. It was pretty cool and I am sold on this new Wasp. This and Civil War II were all in one comic. The 2nd one Marvel put out was…

Steve Rogers: Captain America was a great taste and prologue to the new Captain America series coming out this month. I do enjoy most of Nick Spencer’s work for stories like Ant-Man, but this might be even better. The tone is very fitting as it is serious, but not completely dark. I like Steve’s new suit, but I didn’t know how to feel about his new shield, until this comic came out. The shield gave Steve a new and interesting interaction during battle. Another thing that’s amazing is the choreographed action! I am glad to see people who care about the action as it is sometimes difficult to have good choreographed action in a comic that has no rapid movements like films do.
This image is just one example! We also got some Sam Wilson as Captain America action with his new sidekick named Flacon! It was pretty cool, I have to say so myself.
Inside of this comic we also got a look into our favorite Web-Slinger’s adventure entitled Spider-Man: Dead No More. I usually enjoy Dan Slott’s work, but that’s as far as it goes. This sneak peek might change my tune about my feelings toward his writing. I am glad to read an old-school Spider-Man story where it’s just Peter hanging out, trouble happens and then he has to save the day. Familiar faces appear that should be dead. There was one particular character that I tweeted Dan Slott not to bring back from the dead when he announced this a while back. In the last page of the comic he brings that character back, but in a way I would’ve never expected so now I have an open mind about this. (Ask me about it in the comments if interested) So far Marvel had a solid performance with their Wasp, Captain America, and Spider-Man teases.


Background time! Valiant Comics was a very successful third superhero company in 90s. When they were bought by the video game company Acclaim Entertainment it was proof that the company was worth business. In 00s Acclaim went bankrupt and died off and along did Valiant. Two fans of these comics bought the rights to all the characters and properly rebooted the universe in 2012 with characters like X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Ninjak, Shadowman, Livewire, and more!

Up next is a very underappreciated company called Valiant Comics. Most of the titles they publish are enjoyable, and have a lot of potential, but that potential isn’t always reached. They teased their new event (#1 is already out so pick it up) called 4001 A.D. Issue 1 came out and this is the story to read for sure! It’s a very unique take on a superhero and the art is stunning. Maybe read Rai Volume 1 before this, but they really catch you up on all that’s happening. Very newcomer friendly. Read it! It takes place in the future of the universe so you won’t be confused by characters you don’t know.

They also teased some Divinity II #1 which really intrigued me. I read the first Divinity and it was amazing in my opinion. It gave us a new type of hero, a kind we have never seen. One so powerful yet so peaceful. It is also very emotional!

Valiant Universe

Faith, Bloodshot Island, and A&A: The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong were all showcased as well along with announcements for the return of the character Savage, return of Harbinger, return of Shadowman, debut of Britannia in 2016, and the debut of Psi-Lords in 2017. They mentioned that the Bloodshot War is coming later this year.


MOONCOP by Tom Gauld (Drawn & Quarterly)

This was the biggest surprise of the day for me! Mooncop is a story about the last cop on the populated moon doing what a cop should be doing. This short story was the most charming thing I have read since forever. The thick book sized graphic novel is coming out September 2016 for $20. Ask your store about this free comic as it is something everyone should experience. At the end of it you also get comedic random comic strips that will make you smile a lot, filled with many relatable and pop cultural references. Did I mention the art so fitting and unique? Well, it is!


Archie Comics put out the new Archie #1 that cane out last year during summer. I always wanted to get to it, but never got a chance since. It is written by one of my favorite modern writers to date, Mark Waid. This was a very funny story that anyone could read and be entertained. I wanna read more of this as long as Mark Wait is on it

GRUMPY CAT??? (Dynamite Comics)

Yes, you heard me right! Grumpy Cat (And Pokey!) made the list in this FCBD Special. This was such a surprise to me as the hilarious references to particularly the superhero culture, and other jokes made me laugh a lot while reading this. Sarcasm in real life annoy me to death, but somehow this thing managed to make me laugh at its sarcastic nature. Now, I am actually considering to buy the actual Grumpy Cat series…. Crazy right?!

Well, this was my Free Comic Book Day 2016 adventure and it didn’t disappoint me at all! I wanna know yours and comment on something you found interesting. Say at least something in the comments. ‘Hi’ will do it, too.

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