DC Comics Rebirth Analysis Part 3

Welcome to the third DC Comics Rebirth Analysis! In Part 1 we looked at all the Batman titles, in Part 2 we looked at all the Superman titles, and today on Part 3 we will take a look at the rest of the Justice League. Let’s begin with our favorite girl….


Liam Sharp Art

Brian Azzerello’s first New 52 Wonder Woman run was amazing and legendary in my book. After him they gave it to the terrible writer Meredith Finch who brought one of the most uneventful writing. The great Greg Rucka is back for Wonder Woman. He wrote her a decade or so ago which I was too young to read. I heard many people obsess about this news, turning me very positive about this title and making me want to go back in time and read those Greg Rucka stories. It feels like this writer will be the real successor to Azzerello who was his predecessor as well. Please write to me in the comments which Greg Rucka’s Wonder Woman story I should definitely pick up.


Wonder Woman concept art cover DC Rebirth 2
Nicola Scott Art

A newcomer to the mainstream comics is coming in to draw odd numbered Wonder Woman issues (why only odd? I’ll tell you later) named, Liam Sharp. His art is masterful, it truly is! His art is so detailed, clear, and beautiful! The artist that will pencil the even numbered issues will be Nicola Scott who as well is a beautiful, amazing artist. I think these two artist choices are both amazing. They both can highlight the beauty, grace, kindness of Wonder Woman, but also can show that strong, brave, risky side of the character. It’s the art that lights up your eyes and it will be worth my penny. Now, why is one artist only drawing odd issues, while the second one is drawing the even numbered ones?


It’s because the odd issues will be one story arc, and the even issues will be the second story arc. The first story arc (Sharp as artist) will be about Diana finding out the lies, truths, twists, she had thrown at her through her entire life. This very first story will be entitled “The Lies”. The second story arc (Scott as artist) will be a “Year One” of Diana. This is a very clever idea to have since we do get Wonder Woman twice a month. So if you feel like it you could buy only the odd issues, or only the even issues if you think it will be too expensive for your budget. This is my most anticipated DC Rebirth title so I cannot wait. I just hope they stick with Diana being a demigod as it worked really cool with her origin. And by the way, Diana’s outfit looks awesome! Just to make it clear in June Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 comes out and the story arcs I am talking about won’t kick off here. Wonder Woman #1 will kick of the 1st story arc, Wonder Woman #2 in July will kick of Year One.

Wonder Woman concept art cover DC Rebirth

This project does not seem interesting a bit, because Robert Venditti will write. His Green Lantern run was uninteresting. Now you’ll tell me, “But he killed White Lantern, destroyed Oa, destroyed the Central Battery Power, and wrote the GL event Godhead”. Well guess what? He managed to make those all ideas come to page, but still made them to be incredibly boring. When I read his work I never feel any connection, nor a sense of likeability of a character I am supposed to like. Venditti thinks that to have a cool character you have to have him go through a lot of bad shit. Yes! That’s part of it but that bad shit is more interesting to read when you have good developed characters. He not only screwed up Hal Jordan, but the entire Corps. He made Hal a renegade of the corps which sounds cool, but the execution of it all was poor. And it doesn’t help that he will undo everything that was not done by him. He will bring back Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner as Green Lanterns so, no more Red Lantern and White Lantern…. Great job😒 At least now Hal will get his ring back.


Sam Humphries will write for the first time in for DC Comics and it is Green Lanterns, which is exciting to see because he did write Star-Lord for Marvel. I believe this could have a lot of potential as it will follow the new rookie Green Lanterns, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz against the Red Lanterns! I am happy they finally know what to do with Simon as he always appeared interesting for my taste. Geoff Johns will help out in the Rebirth Special called Green Lanterns: Rebirth #1 coming in June, then that same month the actual #1 for the series is coming. At first I believed this to be the dumbest thing there to be, but then I thought about it and now…. I’ll say this might be a surprise hit. Heard it here first! On ComicBooger.wordpress.com!


Carmine Di Giandomenico’s art is really uncomfortable to watch and I think this will be a reason this series will sadly hurt from that. Plus, guess what? Another speedster! Yay.…😒 This will be like the 60th one. But why does my opinion matter if I hear the hardcore Flash fans love the new speedster named, Godspeed and they don’t mind the art. Don’t misunderstand me, I love how Godspeed looks but I just wish we had a new original idea of a character and plot. I am hoping that this will prove me wrong in regard that you can bring a familiar idea and still make it feel new and unique. I never heard of the writer, Joshua Williamson but I know he is a huge Flash fan so I think he will be safe in this guy’s hands. This will also be a bi-weekly series to put on your radar.


Aquaman is my third favorite superhero so it is pretty obvious that I would be excited about his next adventure. I was glad to hear Dan Abnett will write Aquaman as I am a fan of most of his things. That Collin Bunn run was stupid bad so I just wanna forget about it. In this interpretation Black Manta will try to break the finally made peace between humans and Atlanteans. This is yet another series that will kick off with a Rebirth special and then come as a twice monthly story.


The question Victor Stone will ask himself is, is he more robot than human or more human than robot? It will be a huge struggle for him and the story will be very character driven. The last Cyborg series was super disappointing so I hope that John Semper can bring my interest back. Fingers crossed! The series will come out in August and come out once a month so get excited! I heard good things about the guy so I think we don’t need to worry. The art is also stunning and it helps to boost my confidence in the book.


Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, and new rookie Green Lanterns, Jessica Cruz, and Simon Baz. Not much is known about this one other than the world will be attacked by a naturistic event that will infect everyone including our favorite heroes. Tony S. Daniel’s art is amazing and he puts blood and sweat into his work. If anyone gets to draw the Justice League, it should be Tony S. Daniel. Bryan Hitch will write the bi-monthly series débuting in July with no Hal Jordan! 😒
Now we covered all Justice League titles! Make sure to check out the previous parts, read many of my Marvel vs. DC’s that come out once a week on Saturdays! All this on ComicBooger.wordpress.com so stick to my website as many times as possible! Thank you for reading my friends and take care.
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