DC Comics Rebirth Analysis Part 1

If you are cool you should remember that when All-New All-Differently Marvel was announced I did a series of posts called Analysis that would talk about the future of the company’s great line up. Well now it’s DC Comics’ turn with DC Rebirth! Welcome to DC Rebirth Analysis Part 1! We will start with the Bat Family!


Tom King is writing this baby! I am so excited to read this! I wanna tell you a quick story! Vision is one of the most boring characters in Marvel Universe since there’s not much to him when it comes to characteristics and personality. He’s just a robot that can basically feel human emotions which does sound cool, but they never did anything cool with it. I find out Vision is getting his own series and I eye rolled. I finally read it…. Vision has gone from button of my list of favorite characters to my Top 20! This is what Tom King does! He is one of those writers like Geoff Johns and Mark Waid that if you were give him any character he will make it and the story work. King also worked on Omega Men, Grayson, etc. and if you haven’t picked up Vision you are really wasting your time. Now time to speak about what is to come.

So Batman: Rebirth #1 will written by Tom King and co-written by Scott Snyder!!! That alone should hook you in, but what we also hear is that this will mark the return of the Calendar Man. Yes, long time no see. Now Batman #1 will be the begging of the new story arc called “I am Gotham” which involves a new hero that wants to save Gotham from Batman. This sounds really intriguing as it makes you wonder what will make this new hero think Batman is evil when, the Dark Knight saves the city 24/7. This will seem like a very motive driven confrontation. Also, is it possible that the couple in the promo pictures is/are the hero(es) trying to stop Batman? One can only find out! And not to mention David Finch will draw this one! It will be epic! I am getting this one for sure and I know you will as well.


“The Rise of the Batmen” Chapter 1 will be introduced in Detective Comics #934! We will follow Batman and Batwoman as they train Spoiler, Red Robin, (back with his normal looking suit) Cassandra Cain, and…. Clayface?! Interesting. This is going to be a very awesome team book to follow that has me very intrigued with beautiful looking art, but my question is will the artist stick around for only the 1st story arc and then run away like they mostly do? Eddy Barrow’s art is magnificent and I wanna see as much of it as possible.

I also wanna talk about continuation of Detective Comics to its regular numbering! We will finally get issue #1000 which is exciting to see. I think all comics should never re-number to #1’s as it really hurts the comic industry in a long run. If there is so many #1’s how do the casual consumers know when to join in when there has been over 5 #1’s in a decade? Anyway! I can’t wait to see where this goes. Detective Comics #935 will also come out in June since Detective Comics and Batman will be bi-weekly titles.


Tim Seeley and Tom King worked together on Grayson, well now the Dynamic Duo (pun intended) will departure and take hold of their own series. I am very curious to see if Tim Seeley can handle such important title on his own. The art that will be done by Javi Fernandez and Marcus To seems to very visually appealing. We also finally see the return of the blue & black outfit and not red & black. When they changed Dick’s outfit for New 52 it didn’t annoy me until someone told me that red & black is a color all Batman sidekicks wear. Blue was a color none of the (ex-)Robins wore which also kind of symbolized that Dick evolved to be his own hero. Now I am super glad his color pallet is back to its original coloring.

We got new news for the synopsis on the new story arc of this series. We will be introduced to a new character named Raptor who will make Dick second guess himself and his experience with Batman. Raptor will desire to teach Richard his ways which is why this arc will be entitled Better Than Batman. I will await this story once it comes out to see if it is hopefully good. I want an amazing definitive Nightline story so fingers crossed. The series is coming out in July 13th and will also be bi-weekly!


A new, unknown to the masses writer has entered the Batgirl series and her name is Hope Larson. Personally, not much is known about this writer so this will be murky waters I am walking into. I think some people are disappointed DC is dropping the previous writer, but it looks like Batgirl will maintain her status quo and tone from that previous run judging by Rafael Albuquerque’s art (awesome artist) and Barbara’s costume.

This series actually sounds interesting and very character driven. The story will be about Barbara Gordon’s journey to Asia in order to find herself as a person. She also plans to become a stronger and better hero. This change in setting and slight shift in focus of the tone will let us see more matured story, but still with that awesome feel to it from the previous run. We might even finally see some fighting skill-based panels!


TV writers Julie Benson & Shawna Benson (The 100) are coming on to write Batgirl & The Birds of Prey. This might worry some or might make someone happy. For some reason when people hear a writer that worked on books or in film/TV left to work for comics they automatically think it’s a good idea, which is not always true. Comics can have good writing as any other movie can…. Anyway!!! Sometimes this transition in media doesn’t work like when Jeff King wrote the Convergence, but some other times it can work. Let’s hope that this is the case where it does work! The Huntress will be back, but with a different outfit.

Attached Crossbows to Wrist

The premise sounds interesting. There will be another new person going by the name Oracle. Batgirl won’t like that so she must seek help from other heroes to track this new unknown figure. Now this sounds pretty cool, but it makes zero sense. If you read the current run on Batgirl you would know that the Killing Joke (SPOILER: never happened meaning Oracle never existed in continuity). So saying another Oracle being around makes Barbara upset makes no sense. This series will bring a new mob to Gotham City that will hire metahumans called the Snake Squad. Yes, that is a stupid name. I won’t be interested in this title especially when Batgirl standalone sounds like a far better story.



Scott Snyder is back! I cannot already wait! Aaaaghh!!! I must admit that when this was initially announced I wasn’t a fan of this news. I wanted for Snyder to move on to a different property since his Batman was so good, and John Romita Jr. is the artist…. I wasn’t excited at all, but then I watched some interviews about this and listened to the two speak about this series my feelings changed. The plan is to not make Two-Face the Joker, but to make Two-Face as dangerous as the Joker.

Two-Face will give an unpassable offer for Batman’s head that even the craziest of crazy wouldn’t be able not to take it which is probably why we will see Snyder’s take on Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Penguin, etc. Sean Murphy and Jock will also come in as artists for the series and I truly am pumped for this even more than any ball on the planet (get it? Pumped? Ball? …….😌😅 OK I’ll stop). This will be the series that will let us see Batman at his weak. We will see him bleed, get bruised up, etc.! This is probably the best reason as to why I wanna read the series. I wanna see the Batman HURT!!! But why, you ask? I am not particularly fan of Batman that can beat anyone with no explanation other than that he’s Batman. The “I’m Batman’’ line only works for me as a joke but when it happens in a story I am turned off. Batman is a human and he makes many mistakes! Look at Batman’s past and think of the coolest and most memorable moments that you would associate with Batman. Most of those are Batman in his weakest. Batman that is flawed! Death in the Family, Killing Joke, Dark Knight Returns, Death of the Family, Court of Owls, Knightfall, Endgame, Hush, and the list keeps going. I can think of many more that just happen to escape my mind at the time of writing this.

To clear the air a bit this story is part of continuity, will most likely be $2.99 like every other DC title, comes out in August and will NOT be bi-weekly. I guess I will just have to get used to Romita’s art. Oh well! It’s not that bad. Oh! And yes, the series will have nothing to do with All-Star Batman and Robin so you can be happy about that. 😃


Not much is known about this one other than Dan Jurgens will write it! And Bernard Chang will draw it. It will come in September and Tim Drake is no longer Batman Beyond! That’s right, Terry McGinnis is going to be the Dark Knight of the future which will make everyone happy. I think the previous standalone lost many fans when they heard Tim Drake was Batman Beyond and not Terry. Well, glad to see he is back in this new #1. 

Batman Beyond #1

I hope you enjoyed this first part of DC Rebirth Analysis and that you will continue to follow my observations on each of the series. Any questions about DC Comics Rebirth, I will answer on the comments or on Twitter. Remember new Marvel vs. DC’s come out every Saturdays and remember to follow all of my posts. Thank you for reading and stick to ComicBooger.wordpress.com.


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  1. I must admit I myself wasn’t a fan of DC You and most of its writing teams. You know it wasn’t good when you couldn’t even enjoy Batman (that was Jim Gordon at the time). Here’s hopes they actually make most their stories better. (”Take care”😁).

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