Nova vs. Blue Beetle – Marvel vs. DC #15

Welcome! My name is Olaf Lesniak and this is Marvel vs DC! The series that will come out weekly on Saturdays and will pit two famous characters against each other. I will look at both opponents’ skills, powers, abilities, stamina and etc. to help me determine the winner. Today our battle is….

Nova vs. Blue Beetle

First we will look at the origins and the basics of each character. We will follow that by Nova and Blue Beetle’s powers and abilities which would then lead them into a battle against each other.

Origin: Nova

Sam Alexander is a 15 year-old who lives a regular life with his mother and sister. One day he discovers his father went missing so as Sam goes to look for him, he has an accident. After he wakes up Gamora and Rocket Raccoon inform Sam of his father’s identity as Nova from the intergalactic group, Nova Corps. Sam puts on his father’s helmet that he left for him and becomes Nova in order to find his dad and at the same time, save his planet.
• Identity: Nova
• Alter Ego: Sam Alexander
• Occupation(s): Superhero, Nova Corps member
• Team Affiliations: Nova Corps, Avengers

Origin: Blue Beetle

Jamie Reyes was a regular high school student. One night he sneaked out to a quinceañera, but on his way there he encounter a group of villains fighting over a scarab. During their fight the scarab landed right next to Jaimie which he grabbed and placed into his backpack. When running away, the scarab burned through the backpack and lashed itself onto Jamie’s back transforming him into the Blue Beetle.

  • Identity: Blue Beetle
  • Alter Ego: Jaime Reyes
  • Occupation(s): Superhero
  • Team Affiliations: Teen Titans, Young Justice


Power & Abilities: Nova

• Super Strength

• Super Speed

• Flight

• Space Travel

• Durability

• Energy Projection and Absorption

• Force Fields

• Nova Force – powerful strokes of energy/force

• Helmet – translates any language; radio, telescopic sights, night vision sensors, and heat imaging sensors, as well as a visual heads-up display for tracking energy signatures

• Space Jump – teleportation

Nova flying for the 1st time


Powers, Abilities & Weaponry: Blue Beetle

• Superhuman Strength

• Superhuman Agility

• Wings – can fly to many velocities, enter space

• Battle Adaptation Analysis

• Energy Cannons

• Blades

• Sonic Cannons

• Tracking System – can track any form of energy, biology, magic, or technology

• Scarab Sight – track anyone Jaimie has previously encountered; x-ray vision and analysis

• Symbiotic Telepathic Communication

• Wireless Network Connection

• Translator

• Waste Disposal (most useful power)

• Healing Factor – after being shot in the head; can replicate his heart and fused it to another person and saved their life


Both youngsters with great alien tech. It is time to look at all the stats of each character in order to determine the winner of this Marvel vs. DC! Strength. The power most heroes possess, which is why we always start off with this measurement of power. Let us start with Sam Alexander. The Nova Corps have multiple rankings for each and every one of their positions as a member of the entire space organization. Judging by all the characteristics Sam possesses as a Nova we could determine that he fits in a classification of either a Denarian or a Centurion. A Demarian can pick up, up to 15 tons while a Centurion can lift 20 tons and yes, I know Alexander is a black Nova (Supernova), but these statistics are extremely similar. So his number varies somewhere between the two. Blue Beetle is a though character but his strength is nowhere near Nova’s as Jaime can lift 3 tons.

Nova vs. Blue Beetle

Next, we will talk about the second most popular superhero power that most characters seem to have and that is super speed. Now, Blue Beetle can fly faster than his fair wealth of share, as he can fly to many velocities and enter space but, Nova can fly from galaxy to galaxy with little effort. He even out flew the Phoenix Force for goodness sake in the Avengers vs. X-Men Prologue. And if Sam decided not to use his flight he could use his Space Jump ability which basically works as a teleportation capability.

Nova escapes Phoenix Force

Then we have the huge amount of weaponry and power. Nova can shoot energy blasts, while Blue Beetle has a more diverse variety in weapons thanks to his energy blasts, sonic cannons, blades, etc. Blue Beetle has a scanner that allows him to analyze his opponents and their battle tactics which would turn out to be a huge advantage in this fight.

Jaime Reyes has a strong suit, but it was confirmed that if the suit attempts sub-space travel it will annihilate him. All Nova has to do is be able to take Blue Beetle into speeds close to that range which would damage him by a lot that even suit’s repairing (healing) system would take long to kick in. As for Blue Beetle’s weapons? Some would be effective if used at a right time, but BB’s energy blasts wouldn’t come to use since Nova’s suit is durable and most importantly can absorb any energy attacks in order to enhance himself or project it back. Sam can outfly the speed of sound so Jaime’s sonic cannons wouldn’t be that critical. Nova can also project force fields and his most powerful attack known as the Nova Force (force where all Novas get their powers from [think the Force for Jedi and Sif in the Star Wars Universe]). These Nova Force attacks can be final blows that were also able to hurt Kluh (pure evil Hulk) which he later defeated. Blue Beetle’s agility, and stronger bond with his scarab wouldn’t help him much in battle as Nova would take the victory cake. Nova just happens to have more ways of beating Blue Beetle, which makes him the ultimate winner of this match.


Winner: NOVA

Nova Wins!!!


Thank you for reading this installment of Marvel vs DC. Do you agree with the result? What are some next battles that you would wanna see me analyze? Give me all suggestions, opinions and ideas in the comment section. Be sure to like, and make sure to SHARE! Thank you all once again and see you next Saturday.


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