Wonder Woman vs. Angela – Marvel vs. DC #14

Welcome! My name is Olaf Lesniak and this is Marvel vs DC! The series that will come out weekly on Saturdays and will pit two famous characters against each other. I will look at both opponents’ skills, powers, abilities, stamina and etc. to help me determine the winner. Today our battle is….

Wonder Woman vs. Angela

First we will look at the origins and the basics of each character. We will follow that by Wonder Woman and Angela’s powers and abilities which would then lead them into a battle against each other.

Origins: Wonder Woman

One day the queen of Amazons, Hippolyta and the king of gods, Zeus had a baby named Diana of Themyscira. She grew up to become one of the greatest warriors on the Amazon Paradise Island. Another day a man, Steve Trevor crash landed on the Paradise Island. After these events Diana followed him to the world of men to protect it, and to them she is known as Wonder Woman.
• Identity: Wonder Woman
• Alter Ego: Diana of Themyscira (aka Diana Prince)
• Occupation(s): Superhero, Amazon, God of war
• Team Affiliations: Justice League


Origins: Angela

First daughter of Odin (Thor’s father) and Freyja (Thor’s mother), Angela was kidnapped as a baby by the Queen of Angels during the war of Asgard and Heven. Odin believed his daughter to die so he tore off Heven from the rest of the remaining 9 realms. Decades later Angela returned into the 9 realms as Asgard’s Assassin.
• Identity: Angela
• Alter Ego: Aldrif Odinsdottir
• Occupation: Anti-Hero, angel, assassin, queen of Hel
• Team Affiliations: Guardians of the Galaxy

Angela on the Guardians of the Galaxy


Powers, Abilities, & Weaponry: Wonder Woman

• Super Strength

• Super Speed

• Durability/Invulnerability – capable of holding her breath for hours

• Flight

• Martial Artist/Combat

• Wisdom/Tactician/Leadership – one of the wisest members of the JL, led during wars

• Stamina – can fight until death

• Agility

• Heightened Senses- all main 5 senses are enhanced

• Super Reflexes

• Lasso of Truth – forces to tell the truth, get rid of illusions, bring back lost memories

• Bracelets of Victory

• Royal Tiara – razor sharp; works like a boomerang

• Sword & Shield

Powers, Abilities, & Weaponry: Angela

• Superhuman Strength

• Superhuman Durability

• Superhuman Stamina

• Healing Factor/Longevity

• Flight

• Self-Sustenance

• Weapons Master – axes, swords, deadly expertise

• Combatant

• Super Speed

• Agility

Queen of Hel



The two greatest warriors go off against each other! Let’s get into it already with no halt. We will look at their strength first! Wonder Woman clearly excels here thanks to her ability to withstand against heroes like Superman. Princess Diana has been able to overpower many gods, Supergirl, and stood off well against Superdoom (Superman and Doomsday merge). Angela bested Thor which is a huge task, but that wouldn’t help against Diana’s stats especially when Wonder Woman could take off her braclets and go full rage mode enhancing her strength. Next let’s look into their battle skills!

Wonder Woman vs. Angela


Angela’s fighting skills? She is one of the greatest fighters in the Marvel Universe by being capable of fighting the greatest threats in both the Marvel and Spawn worlds! She has beaten the Daughter of Thanos aka the Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy, Gamora! She is the greatest assassin in the universe, has bested many Asgardians, and took on the entire Guardians of the Galaxy! Her weapons range from axes, swords, knives and other. Wonder Woman on the other hand is considered to be the greatest martial artists of all time! She was taught by Ares (aka God of War) and her arsenal is enormous! Diana has a sword, shield, lasso of truth, razor-sharp tiara and most importantly the bracelets. The bracelets are a huge defense system which only add to the advantage of her quick reflexes. Wonder Woman’s weaponry is much more diverse and powerful making her win this category!

Now you might be mad since you see Wonder Woman kicking Angela’s ass but what you probably don’t know is that Angela hosts a healing factor much quicker than Wonder Woman’s. Angela can also live longer which adds on to her experience in field, training, battles, etc. Both women are prominent in leading and giving command. Angela and Diana can fly and survive in the harshest of harsh conditions such as space, fire, water. The warriors are clashing machines that won’t stop fighting until they die which won’t happen anytime soon. Now the winner of this battle is….

Wonder Woman! Diana Prince was an obvious choice not only of the reasons I mentioned, but also the reasons I will mention such as her indestructible bracelets that can: generate small energy shields against energy based attacks; block Darkseid’s Omega Beams, emit lightning from themselves (can hurt gods) and real weapons – such as swords, spears, etc. – may come out of the gauntlets by her will. Like I even mentioned before, the fact that once the Amazon Princess takes off the bracelets she goes into the “berzerker rage” mode (ripped that name from Wolverine by the way) and becomes much stronger. Being capable of defeating gods is alone an indicator that anyone would agree on this verdict. And I didn’t even mention her speed which is half the speed of light.

I know this might seem like a one-sided battle, but Wonder Woman is just so powerful, but Angela is the closest there is to a Wonder Woman of Marvel that could stand a fair fight. I guess Wonder Woman is a very unique character that is hard to duplicate which just so happens to make her amazing and unbeatable.

Diana takes off her bracelets



Wonder Woman Wins!!!

Thank you for reading this installment of Marvel vs DC. Do you agree with the result? What are some next battles that you would wanna see me analyze? Give me all suggestions, opinions and ideas in the comment section. Be sure to like, and make sure to SHARE! Thank you all once again and see you next Saturday.


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