Daredevil Season 2 – Review

Daredevil Season 2 has released and it is time for me to voice my opinion! Now, this review will contain spoilers, but do not leave just yet as I will firstly review the show with 0% of spoilage. I thought this season was really awesome! For those who read my Comic Book TV Show Talk Part 2: Marvel TV would know that I thought the 1st Daredevil season was good, but just good. I thought it was over rated as the pacing was too long for my taste which left me bored at times. We had those moments in this season, but way less! This made the season not only good, but also better than the previous one. It contained very exciting moments and cliffhangers in each episode. I want to mention Foggy was my least favorite character of last season as I though he didn’t fit in. Everyone was telling me “He is so funny!” when in reality he wasn’t, because I found him to be a try hard and the actor isn’t particularly my favorite one. Well, I am happy to admit that changed with season 2 as his character truly improved and was less boring and annoying. Now I will get into some spoilers so you can leave if you haven’t watched the show.

There was so much exciting stuff happening all at once! I wanna start off with the positives and a clear positive was Punisher. I loved how human, emotional he was! When I watched the trailers and read the comics he always seemed to only be an angry guy who repeatedly went after bad guys. During the show I found myself cheering for Frank Castle as I really felt the loss he was going through. I realize Punisher is all about ‘revenge story’ but to me it felt more like a justice story than a vengeance, one. He didn’t just kill people who hurt his family, he hurt people who ruin families like that scene in the shop where an old prick was selling child pornography.

I wanna talk about Karen as she is a very intriguing character even though first glance at her you would think she would be very two dimensional. She is definitely my favorite on the show! Karen Page constantly is involved with everyone and everything because of her reasonable objectives which are not selfish to any extent like when she went to Frank Castle’s home. She was very involved with Frank Castle as the relationship between the two was likely the most interesting one in the season. Don’t tell me you didn’t think they had the best chemistry on the team. Also that rain scene with her and Matt was sexy!

Now, the star of the show! Daredevil! I wanna start off by saying…. Thank god they changed that mask. This one has red eyes, red front pallet, and it just feels right. That hallway scene where Daredevil had one hand covered in tape and another with a chain was….. off the chain (sorry! Just hit me and I couldn’t not say it)! His flips and choreography was intense and it made me smile. I also had a huge fanboy moment when he got his new gear! His famous weapon! I was so satisfied with the way they treated the character in this season! Matt managed to maintain his Catholic ways, until the last episode where he gave in to the temptation and tried to murder that assassin! I really wanna know if this will be brought up in season 3 as it is a huge moment for Matt.

You also really believed in the battle of ideologies and like I said I couldn’t decide who to agree with. Punisher tying up Daredevil was awesome! It was taken straight from the comic and it was so interesting with mostly no action. Not only their verbal confrontations were strong, but also their physical ones. In the very first episode they had an awesome fight, in episode 2 they even had a better one in the rain!

Elektra was a very cool character. At first I was worried if they would only make her only the sexy badass lover of the main character, but later as the season went on you would see more and more morality of the character. The suit she had in the last episode was really cool and I can’t wait to see her return. I was sad to see her die like in the comics, but also like in the comics she came back and we will definitely see a new version of her. Another character I was pleasantly surprised to see was Kingpin! That moment in the 9th episode (I think) where we see him for the first time in a while made me scream at loud! He also got a lot of development keeping in mind his screen time. For a person who didn’t like Stick in the first season, I gotta admit he was really cool in this one. I am excited to see where the show will go next <cough> Born Again <cough> especially due to see the reaction of Karen Page about Matt Murdock as the Daredevil. Now, off to the negatives!!!
I want to talk more about Elektra! In the last episode we see Matt admit his true love to Elektra, so what’s wrong with it, you ask? I totally believed Charlie Cox’s acting chops when he was talking about how much he loves her, but I didn’t believe Elektra being in love with Matt in that scene. Her acting didn’t feel right for some unknown reason. Maybe it was her acting, maybe it was a bad set-up for the character, etc. I don’t know, but it didn’t feel right!

The nurse! She is so unimportant that I don’t even remember her name (I think it’s Alex). So far she doesn’t do anything important other than quit her job. Ironically, her job was the only thing that made her character a character so now that that’s out the window I really don’t see why she’s there. I love the actress and the chemistry between her and Matt, but she has no purpose. I still think her only purpose will be to serve as the person who will bring the Defenders together when she dies as she already knows Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and saved Luke Cage’s life. Now they need to make a connection with her and Iron Fist and we’re set. It makes a lot of sense because if she will hold value to each of the character then I don’t see why this theory shouldn’t work.

I also wanna talk about the final fight sequence. Their final fight was awesome and the death of Elektra did make me sad, but why the heck did the Punisher show up so late? 5 seconds ago Elektra died and then he shows up!!! Really? You couldn’t have made it more convenient for the plot? I also wish the pace would be faster but not too fast! I think that instead of a 13 episode length they could make a length of 12.75 episode length. You might think that isn’t a ton but you are cutting out 15 minutes meaning the other scenes would have to be a bit quicker.

Other than that my complaints were to a minimum and I found myself to have a lot of fun this season. I enjoyed myself more than last year and it was a pleasure to sit through these episodes. I planned to watch the show in 4 days, but ended up watching it in 3. Poor me.

8.0/10 – Good

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