Red Hood vs. Winter Soldier – Marvel vs. DC #11

Welcome! My name is Olaf Lesniak and this is Marvel vs DC! The series that will come out weekly on Saturdays and will pit two famous characters against each other. I will look at both opponents’ skills, powers, abilities, stamina and etc. to help me determine the winner. Today our battle is….

Red Hood vs. Winter Soldier

First we will look at the origins and the basics of each character. We will follow that by Red Hood and Winter Solider’s powers and abilities which would then lead them into a battle against each other.

Origins: Red Hood

Jason Todd was the second Robin, until one day he got killed by the Joker. Resurrected, Jason became a threat to Batman and his allies by taking up the Joker’s old name – the Red Hood. As the Red Hood, he would use his skills to fight crime and later joined the Batman family to protect Gotham City.
• Identity: Red Hood
• Alter Ego: Jason Todd
• Occupation(s): Anti-Hero
• Team Affiliations: Outlaws, Batman Inc., Teen Titans

Jason Todd dies


Jason Todd becomes the Red Hood


Origins: Winter Soldier

As a friend of Steve Rogers he was thought of to be dead by the end of World War 2. Bucky Barnes was taken in by the Soviet Union to be brainwashed and trained for 50 years. Becoming a foe to Captain America he later remembered as to who he previously was and now continues to defend his home country.

• Identity: Winter Soldier
• Alter Ego: James “Bucky” Barnes
• Occupation(s): Anti-Hero, spy, assassin
• Team Affiliations: Invaders, Avengers, Thunderbolts


Bucky in WWII




Bucky became the Winter Soldier



Abilities & Weaponry: Red Hood

• Martial Artistry
• Enhanced Speed
• Heightened Strength
• Acrobatics
• Detective
• Endurance
• Radio Transmitter and Receiver
• Night Vision
• Hand Guns – 2 Jericho 941’s
• Grenades
• Batarangs
• Shurikens
• Daggers – flame daggers
• Metallic Mask
• Glider
• Grappling Hook

Abilities & Weaponry: Winter Soldier

• Cybernetic Arm – strength; produces jammers for x-rays & metal detectors
• Infinity Formula – long levity
• Martial Artistry
• Suit – impact resistant, bullet resistant
• Firearms – mostly a Colt 1911-A1 .45 and a P08 Luger
• Grenades
• Throwing knives
• Fluency in Languages


Former sidekicks turned villains turned heroes turned their mentors turned anti-heroes. Not only do they share similarities through physical conditions, but also personal lives and experience. I mean Jason became Batman for a short period of time, while Bucky became Captain America for years. Jason Todd trained by Batman at a very young age, traveled around the world to learn brutal versions of martial arts such as Karate, Krav Maga, Aikido, Ninjutsu, Capoeira, Savate, Kickboxing and Taekwondo. He is considered to be one of deadliest people in the world and one of DC’s top martial artists. Bucky Barnes was trained by Captain America and before that he was able to fight grown men in his teenage years. Barnes trained under the Soviet Union and learned assassination and martial arts skills. At the time of being Captain America he was just as successful against the Captain America’s rogue’s gallery like Steve Rogers but, without the super soldier serum. The Winter Soldier’s levels of hand-to-hand combat are high, but they aren’t on the Red Hood’s level. I mean the Red Hood knows a huge variety of fighting styles, is considered one of DC’s top, and not mention his acrobatics, leading to a conclusion that in this category Todd prevails.

Red Hood vs. Winter Soldier 


Next, their weaponry is equally matched since both use a huge variety of guns, explosive grenades, and blades. Now the Red Hood doesn’t poses any strength, but the Winter Soldier seems to have a huge advantage thanks to his cybernetic left arm. James “Bucky” Barnes is so strong he punched through metal and threw shields capable of slicing through human limbs giving the Winter Soldier a huge edge.

Speaking of Bucky’s cybernetic arm it can emit electrical charges, and create EMPs (electromagnetic pulses) that could disturb Jason’s night vision and hi-tech. The Winter Soldier also has impact and bullet resistant suit meaning that most of Red Hood’s lite heavy firearms would not be that useful against our favorite soldier. Now call me crazy or don’t but it is pretty clear that the Winter Soldier is the winner here.

Winter Soldier and Black Widow


His strength, protection, and electrical projection would be too powerful for Jason Todd’s hand-to-hand combats skills. Bucky is also a spy, and an assassin meaning that he acts more professionally when it comes to a battle while Jason’s anger is usually his weakness. The Winter Soldier could for example hide in the shadows while jamming the Red Hood’s night vision. This would follow by a surprising attack or even a death blow. Remember, the Red Hood’s mask is not bulletproof nor resistant and the rest of the body is an open target.

WINNER: Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier Wins!!!



Thank you for reading this installment of Marvel vs DC. Do you agree with the result? What are some next battles that you would wanna see me analyze? Give me all suggestions, opinions and ideas in the comment section. Be sure to like, and make sure to SHARE! Thank you all once again and see you next Saturday.

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  1. Honestly I think Bucky takes it, because one his metal arm and two he worked as an assassin for one of the most deadly organisations in the world.

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