DC Rebirth Speculation – Who Are the Mysterious Characters?

Well DC Rebirth is the new big thing to talk about! DC Comics announced an ambitious slate of comics some coming twice a month (awesome) and some coming once. On top of this $2.99 will be the price for 20 pages per comic which should’ve been this whole time. But having only these news announced doesn’t give much to talk about so we will speculate about the people in the shadows that DC released. Also make sure that you watch DC Entertainment’s YouTube channel on March 26 where you can catch the live announcement for all the writing teams of DC Rebirth. But now, let’s get to speculating!

Let’s get the easy ones out of the gate here! It is no doubt that the ‘S’ symbol characters are Superboy and Supergirl. Supergirl actually looks pretty similar to the one New 52 which is really nice to see. I like the angrier version of Kara and I love to see her struggle much more emotionally when it comes to Krypton. The thing that separates her from Superman is that she does have fond memories of her home planet and the New 52 character choice feels real to me. Now the silhouette of Superboy definitely shows off a jacket and a nice swavy hair meaning that the Pre-New 52 Kon-El is back! Keep in mind that in the video announcement with Geoff Johns it had a picture of League of Superheroes that Superboy was a part of so, this is pretty official if you ask me. At least I am hoping that it’s him and not Superman’s son like some people might be suggesting.

New 52 Supergirl


90’s Superboy


The next characters we see that are easily recognizable are the speedsters (at least I hope so). The design and the articulation of the hair for the guy at the front clearly suggests that Wally West from Pre-New 52 is back! The New 52 one didn’t do it for anyone and Wally is such an amazing, beloved character. I also didn’t like the race change for Wally. Wally West is just too iconic and to see him being changed so much destroyed all those iconic traits about him like the red hair. It’s like changing a race of Batman and Superman! Clearly he is not that iconic to the casuals but to the fans he very much is. Hoping for his sense of humor to come back into the picture! But there is another character in here that I think is a speedster!

Pre-New  52 Wally West


I think that this character is Jay Garrick. Another picture that was shown in the announcement trailer was the Justice Society of America and who else were they going to choose and represent the JSA if not Jay? His Pre-New 52 design is very iconic, but the weird thing missing is his symbol which I find odd. What if this isn’t Jay? I mean the character does look like a soldier so maybe this marks the return of Sgt. Rock! Now that is a huge what if so, I am still pulling my bet on Pre-New 52 Jay Garrick, but don’t be surprised if it won’t be him.

Pre-New 52 Jay Garrick


Next is the new Green Lantern! But this one is a female. So who is this new Green Lantern? My bet is on Jessica Cruz who is a current member of the Justice League. I don’t see this to be anyone else unless the writers wanted to create a brand new character especially with that hairstyle that would suit Jessica very well. Now in order for me to explain my reasoning as to why I think it’s her I will get into spoiler territory for “Justice League: Darkseid War” so, if you don’t wanna know what happens, don’t read what’s in the brackets. [Jessica Cruz currently is apparently forever possessed by Val-Thoom aka Power Ring. What I believe is that by the end of this she will overcome and overpower the ring making it fall off of her. This will grant her the Green Lantern ring as it takes great will to get rid of that evil thing, not to mention that the GL Corps are already there to help, setting it up for the entire corps to witnesses this act. Sounds like a solid theory!] Now this next character is the last and foremost the least recognizable out of all the others.

Jessica Cruz


This hooded figure is so mysterious that even I am not sure as to who this could be! There was speculation that this was the Specter but where is his cape? At first I thought this was Green Arrow, but his arrows and quiver are not present. Then I thought it was the renegade Hal Jordan Green Lantern, but Geoff Johns said that they are bringing back the legacy of the characters meaning they won’t do ridiculous changes that don’t fit the characters. I looked all through DC’s old, iconic history and ran out of ideas until I decided to look into a new quite forgotten idea.

This equals….




Recently a comic came out called Damian: Son of Batman which let us see Damian Wayne’s Robin in the future as a much older lad and he looks quite similar to the picture above. Sure his cape is missing, but this seems to be the best choice. He’s got the white, angry eyes. Some kind of clothing that covers his lower hand that makes it appear thicker (like Batman’s gauntlet). The right shoe seems to have huge shoe laces that Damian is known for to have and most importantly, what do you notice about this picture as a whole? The characters on it appear to be aligned like the first New 52 picture we got to see of our heroes. On that picture we had Superman who is represented here by Supergirl and Superboy. We also had Green Lantern who here is Jessica Cruz and Flash obviously with Wally West and Jay Garrick. Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg are important but they don’t have enough supporting characters that would really translate onto here all except for Batman who will be represented by older Damian Wayne.

Coincidence?!?! DON’T THINK SO!!!


So to recap my choices are: Superboy (Kong-El Pre-New 52), Jay Garrick (Pre-New 52), Supergirl (New 52), Jessica Cruz (New 52), Wally West (Pre-New 52), and Damian Wayne (New 52 older aged). Still not sure about that Damian one but it is a good guess. Only time will tell if I’m right so I can’t wait to see. Make sure to remember ComicBooger.wordpress.com when the characters will be officially announced and check out my Marvel vs. DC battles that come out here every week here on Saturdays. And you’re out!


Calling it now that the title “Super-Man” will be about the return of  the ever first version of Superman who was evil as Rebirth will be the celebration of DC’s history. Heard it here first!

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