Deadpool (2016) – Review

Hello everyone! I got a chance to watch the Deadpool movie yesterday and today I decided to share my thoughts with you on the matter. Before I start you should know that this review will contain spoilers from the movie, but don’t leave just yet if you didn’t see the film. If you are debating as to see this movie or not I say that you should if you are 14 years old or older. It is very funny, entertaining and anyone who wants a good time at the theatre should see this. Like shown in the trailers there is only one quick scene where they show nudity in the strip club which would be the only part your son or daughter should close their eyes if you are that type of parent. Also know that the story in the film is very straight forward and you should not expect something complicated. The story is very easy to follow which is what a Deadpool movie should be unless it wanted to spoof a plot heavy film. Now you can leave as I will get into spoilers. You have been warned so see ya and come back to this page after you see this film.

The jokes in this movie were hilarious! My favorite part was when Deadpool was fighting Colossus and after every punch or kick his body part would be broken. Anyone who didn’t laugh at that part should be considered crazy. Starting from opening sequence I knew this movie would be a treat because instead of the actual producer/director/actor names you had mean name calls. Anyone who read my first thoughts on the Deadpool trailer knew I was annoyed with T.J. Miller’s character, Weasel as I thought he would be an annoying immature prick, but he was the opposite of that! I was gladly surprised by this turn of events and hopefully he will return in the sequel.

I also hope that they bring back Colossus as he was the most badass gentleman in the history of superheroes. Negasonic Teenage Warhead actually didn’t do anything groundbreaking but was a very welcome addition to the film. Ajax was a nice threat although not my favorite and his henchman lady was cool, too. Wade Wilson was super funny and Deadpool was even funnier. Vanessa actually worked even though in the comics Deadpool never had a love interest that would be so pivotal to the story, and would be so dear to Deadpool, himself. I think the movie would’ve been much better if the love story wasn’t there because toward the end of the movie it felt like it was holding back the full potential of Deadpool. If you read a Deadpool comic it is never for love, but for humor, action and if you have never read a Deadpool comic then do it! So what I am saying is that the love story worked in the film, but the movie would’ve been better if it didn’t have it, even though it was presented so well in the flashbacks.

Now I have a lot to say about the flashbacks as there was a huge portion of them. The first opening scene of the movie which was about 20 minutes long was awesome! Then we go to a flashback which felt more serious and slower compared to the beginning of the movie which I wasn’t a fan of, but I understood the fact that this had to be the way to tell the origin story, so I ignored that. Then we go back to the present and see this awesome Colossus vs. Deadpool fight. And then we go back to the flashback that took me out of it again as I just witnessed a hilarious, action packed scene followed by a slow pace story that felt very different. This time I wasn’t so lenient to forgive the film because this part felt too long and I wanted to go back to Deadpool being Deadpool.

When we finally do go back to the present, Wilson goes to his new house where he lives with his new old, black, blind sidekick. We hear very funny jokes and later see Deadpool’s baby hand which was disgustingly funny and cute. Then we spend time with Weasel and the strip club scene which surprisingly felt like another long sequence of the film where there were less jokes and more serious Deadpool which I didn’t really enjoy as much.

So basically my overall point I am making is that this movie is really good but it was being held back by less traditional Deadpool parts. The story was very simple and nothing revolutionary but as I said it wasn’t trying to be. The action was creatively gory and made go “Ouch”. The jokes were all hilarious no matter what they were, physical or verbal and I have to say that Deadpool was less R-rated than I originally assumed. It didn’t change my perception on the movie, it just made me wonder as to why it got banned in some countries. Weird. But then again China is weird. 😉

7.9/10 – Good

Now tell me your thoughts about the movie! Did you like it or not? Do you agree with me or does your opinion differ? Sound off in the comments below, like, share, and stick to Comic



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