Brainiac vs. Ultron – Marvel vs. DC #7

Welcome! My name is Olaf Lesniak and this is Marvel vs DC! The series that will come out weekly on Saturdays and will pit two famous characters against each other. I will look at both opponents’ skills, powers, abilities, stamina and etc. to help me determine the winner. Today our battle is….

Brainiac vs. Ultron

First we will look at the origins and the basics of each character. We will follow that by Brainiac’s and Ultron’s powers and abilities which would then lead them into a battle against each other.

Just a quick clarification, this Ultron will be pre-Rage of Ultron as the post-Rage of Ultron is VERY different than the regular one (won’t spoil if you haven’t kept up with All-New All-Different Marvel). This Brainiac has none of the feats of the Convergence one (SPOILER FOR CONVERGENCE) as that one doesn’t exist anymore after the events of the crossover.

Origins: Brainiac

Brainiac is an alien robot that travels the universe seeking cities and civilizations. Brainiac shrinks those civilizations and then abducts them, which he adds to his collection of other captured worlds for him to study, making him one of the smartest beings in the entire universe.

  • Identity: Brainiac
  • Alter Ego: the Collector
  • Occupation(s): Villain, Collector of Worlds
  • Team Affiliations: None
Brainiac’s pure robot form


Brainiac’s Collection of the Worlds

Origins: Ultron

Created to assist one of the greatest scientists of all time, Hank Pym created Ultron. The robot adapted and became smarter becoming the smartest being on the planet. He quickly became a foe of the Avengers and later the world.

  • Identity: Ultron
  • Alter Ego: None
  • Occupation(s): Villain
  • Team Affiliations: Masters of Evil
Ultron’s 1st appearance


Powers & Abilities: Brainiac

  • 12th Level Intellect
  • Technopathy
  • Hive-Mind Technology – allows him to travel, store himself, control technology (such as computers, other robots)
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Super Strength
  • Force Field Belt
  • Flight
  • Mind control over technology and humans

Powers & Abilities: Ultron

  • Encephalo Ray – plunges victims into a death-like coma; allows victims to be mind-controlled
  • Concussive Blasters
  • Radiation Emitters
  • Tractor Beams
  • Limited Energy Absorption
  • Hive-Mind Technology
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Flight
  • Electromagnetic Force Fields
  • Durability
  • Robotist
  • Strategist
  • Leader
  • Peak-Human Level Intellect


This is the creasiest matchup as of now! We have two super intelligent robots capable of being the world’s greatest threats. Let’s look at all their feats and remember! This battle is 1v1 so Brainiac cannot use his ship and Ultron cannot use his robots to help him. Let’s kick out the unnecessary first! They both are able to delete any hacking attacks from each other at very rapid pace so this skill is very useless here and both Brainiac and Ultron have about the same level of strength, but their intellect levels are very different.


Brainiac vs. Ultron



Brainiac has a 12 level intellect, while the human level is only 6. It seems that the Marvel universe is filled with more scientific characters (Reed Richards, Hank Pym, Tony Stark, Amadeus Cho, Bruce Banner, etc.) so we can estimate that their human race level is at 7. Ultron is the smartest being on the planet leading us to believe Ultron could hold 8 or 9 level intellect, meaning that Brainiac is the smarter one here by much. Let’s keep in mind that Brainiac studies a universe of distinct civilizations while Ultron hasn’t tried going to no other planet than Earth. Another advantage Brainiac has is his telekinesis which he could use against his robotic foe, but let’s look at the advantages Ultron has.

Brainiac in Covergence

Ultron has concussive blasters powerful enough to hurt gods like Thor meaning he could really damage the Collector of Worlds. Ultron also has the Encephalo ray that can put his enemies into a death-like coma so that he can later mind control them along, with even more variety of different shooting attacks, (radiation emitter, tractor beam, energy absorption) but Brainiac does have his force fields to protect himself. With all this information we can call the winner which in this case would be Brainiac. No, just kidding, it’s Ultron who really is the winner (fooled ya!). Don’t get mad! Read me out here!


Ultron in Rage of Ultron


I can already hear most of you complain about the fact that Brainiac’s intellect would alone manage him against Ultron, but the truth is that it wouldn’t. Brainiac was defeated by much less intellectual characters than Ultron and he is also a creature that evolves! Every time the Avengers defeat him he is harder and harder to destroy the next time, even going as far as the only way of killing the AI was going back in time and that didn’t even stop Ultron from returning.


Remember Ultron’s blasts I recently mentioned, above? Because those blasts could really be helpful as their powerful variety would eventually be too much for the force field of Brainiac and keep in mind that Brainiac is weaker without his ship which we already established that he is not allowed to use in a 1v1 battle. Any of Brainiac’s attacks would not do enough harm to Ultron because one, he has a force field of his own and two, his outer shell is made up of adamantium. Brainiac relies too much on his equipment rather than himself unlike Ultron who is able to inflict high critical harm without any outside need or enhancements. And yes, Brainiac could transfer his data into another computer (which is after a defeat), but then that would be a battle for another day which both contestants would prepare for. So brains over brawl isn’t always the prominent answer like people say it is.

WINNER: Ultron

Ultron Wins!



Thank you for reading this installment of Marvel vs DC. Do you agree with the result? What are some next battles that you would wanna see me analyze? Give me all suggestions, opinions and ideas in the comment section. Be sure to like, and make sure to SHARE! Thank you all once again and see you next Saturday.

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