Comic Book TV Show Talk Part 2: Marvel TV

The comic book TV Show world has been expanding more and more. Our favorite characters are now appearing on our small screens proving once again that TV can be as good as films. In the first part I stated my opinions on all the CW Superhero TV Shows while today I will talk about the Marvel TV side of things. In part three I will talk about other comic book programs, but today is all Marvel BABY!!!

Firstly, I will give you my thoughts on Agents of SHIELD. Now Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season 1 was boring and dwelled too much on the ‘Marvel’ movie brand instead of creating their own legacy. Then season 2 came and it felt like they did hear the negative response they got from the fans. It was a huge improvement and I didn’t skip an episode unlike in season 1 where I skipped 11 episodes (around EP. 5-15). Also the introduction of Inhumans was great and I had so much fun watching these characters become interesting. Finally season 3 arrived and it was awesome!!!! Season 3 was that indication of the show having its own legacy by having beloved characters developing into their own. My favorite character in the show is Agent May because she is the Black Widow of this platform, but (don’t kill me) cooler. I think she struggles more, which is what I love to see with my characters. I dislike when characters have the highest stats but don’t struggle nor have any limitations/morals. Tell me in the comments who your favorite Agents of SHIELD character is.

Next it is time to talk of Agent Carter. Season 1 was amazing, crazy, fun adventure which reminded me of what we loved and why we missed Peggy this entire time. I love how they brought Howard Stark into this season and Jarvis was so funny. The chemistry between Jarvis and Peggy was clearly a joy to watch and that interaction added so much to the show. Recently, season 2 came out and I watched only 2 episodes so far and I was disappointed. It felt too Sci-Fi for Peggy Carter. I could believe that there is a super serum in that time period or an almost flying car because if that car was fully flying (the one in the first Cap. America film) then in modern day they would have Iron Man suits before Tony could invent one, but adding some alien black goo? If an alien weapon poop was on Earth back then, then in the modern day we should be more prepared to alien devices or aliens in general. It just screws with the Marvel Universe history. Hopefully they will fix this or make it fit, because the season isn’t over yet so it can still be good. But even if they made it work in the timeline I still feel that this is too Sci-Fi for Agent Carter. Tell me, do you think the season 2 of Agent Carter has become too much Sci-Fi for the time period Marvel established in their universe?

Now for the arguably the best superhero show on TV a.k.a. Daredevil. I believe that the Flash is the best superhero TV show out there because I think that Daredevil is a bit overrated. Yes, I said it and I will get killed, but I don’t see the big deal with it. Yes, I do LOVE the tone, I do LOVE the villain, I do LOVE the characters (except for Foggy; I hate that terrible acting). In fact I was really anticipating it, but no one has ever given be a valuable reason as to why the show is the biggest stand out when compared to other shows. I am not saying that the show sucks,

alright? It is a very good show in fact, I just don’t see where all the screams are coming from. I also want to say season 2 looks like something special and that I can’t wait to see Punisher and Elektra with their MCU debut. Now you might be able to be that first person to give me a valuable reason as to why the show is so good, below or do you share my feelings?


Now it is time to speak of Jessica Jones! It is okay! The huge problem that show had is its slow pace and it is really annoying! Sometimes, it takes half an hour, if not the entire episode for the characters to be in a different setting and that takes them forever to move the story forward. I am a not fan of this slow format, but if you are then that’s all good. (SPOILER) I also wanna talk about Luke Cage whose main ability is to be bulletproof, but got knocked out by a gun to the head and it took a day for him to wake up, recover and get up which is even worse. (SPOILER FREE) Now the things I like such as Jessica Jones which is almost the only character I liked along with Patsy. Their sisterhood is what kept me invested and got my attention the most.

So these are my thoughts on the Marvel property TV Shows. If you want to check out my first part to know my thoughts on the CW DC TV Shows you can find it below. You can expect the final part to be talking about the other shows such as: Supergirl, Gotham, etc. Make sure to catch my weekly Marvel vs. DC Battles on Saturdays. You can already check out some of my battles on this blog/website. Thank you for reading, leave a comment and have a nice day.

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  1. Fitz! I love all of them, even Daisy has managed to become a compelling character, but the actor of Fitz always knocks it out of the park.

    I like Agent Carter Season 2 – yes, the first two episodes were a little bit crazy, but I don’t think that it is crazier than the strange bomb from the last season, or the long-communication typewriter. I especially like the way they built up the villain this season.

    Generally speaking, I like all Marvel shows. What I like the most about them is that they are so different from each other.

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  2. Oh yes! Daisy has turned really interesting. My second fav was Jemma Simmons. That episode on the alien planet alone should give anyone a reason as to why I love her. Thanks for reading!



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