DC Films Thoughts: Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, more!

DC Films had a very busy night yesterday and I got to get my thoughts out! This week is the DC Week and they kicked it off with the Flash TV mid-season premiere. I could make a post if you guys are interested in my thoughts about superheroes in TV, but today is the day to talk about the movies. The biggest DC news from yesterday was the brand new Suicide Squad trailer. I have a lot to say.

Chaos. That’s what the Suicide Squad is and that’s what the trailer was. It was the perfect definition of the team and all these characters look amazing. Harley Quinn is very charming and funny, Joker looks creepy, scary and he is basically a brand new amalgamation of different Joker versions all rolled into one. Enchantress looks like a very opposing threat with very interesting powers and Captain Boomerang looks hilarious while Deashot seems to be decent, mouthing special. Captain Boomerang made me laugh the most and boy oh boy does Killer Croc look awesome. I am glad that they went with the “sick-man” version instead of the giant crocodile monster. But the most anticipated character I am waiting for is Katana. I was so happy when they did decide on her sword to suck souls out of people when stabbed and all we got was just two shots of her, but they were awesome ones. Watch everyone! You will love Katana when you will walk out of that theatre.

Next we saw some Wonder Woman footage and it was fabulous! I had my doubts with Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, but seeing this showed us that she can fight, and has all the characteristics of Wonder Woman such as kindness, honor, beauty, and majesty. That shot of WW on the horseback was so bad ass for some crazy reason with her sword up ready to fight. YES!

We also got some news on the other Justice League characters along with concept art for Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. All I heard was on point. When I heard DC was going to do Justice League so early in the game made me worried since I was scared that they would rush, but this destroyed all those doubts. They talked about Cyborg, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern and described the things that made each and every one of them. It was all I wanted to hear and it felt that these versions of our JL members will be very unique but very faithful to the source material which makes me wanna cry out from happiness. Oh! And their logos! They look beautiful. The Justice League shapes itself to be something great, big and exciting just like the Avengers was.

DC Justice League Universe aquaman logoDC Justice League Universe Cyborg logoDC Justice League Universe Flash logoDC Justice League Universe Green Lantern logoDC Justice League Universe Wonder Woman logo

Thank you for reading. I will only post opinion based posts when HUGE news comes out since, I am focusing most of my attention on weekly Marvel vs. DC battles that come out on Saturdays and you can check them out already. They do take a lot of time to research in order for me to make a very valuable opinion. Stick to ComicBooger for more awesome stuff.

Written by Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_lesniak)





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