Superman vs. Hyperion – Marvel vs. DC #1

Welcome! My name is Olaf Lesniak and this is Marvel vs DC! The series that will come out weekly on Saturdays and will pit two famous characters against each other. I will look at both opponents’ skills, powers, abilities, stamina and etc. to help me determine the winner. Today our battle is….

Superman vs. Hyperion

First we will look at the origins and the basics of each characters. We will follow that by Superman and Hyperion’s powers and abilities which would then lead into them battling.

Origins: Superman

We all know this story. Kal-El, a baby born on planet Krypton was send to Earth by his parents in order to save him from the destruction of the planet. Two humans by the name Jonathan and Martha Kent raised the child and helped him control his abilities. Now named Clark Kent, he must protect the weak ones as the greatest hero of all time – Superman!

  • Identity: Superman
  • Alter Ego: Clark Kent (Human); Kal-El (Kryptonian)
  • Occupation: Superhero/Journalist
  • Team Affiliations: Justice League
Superman Origins

Origins: Hyperion

A baby was send to planet Earth by the Eternals in order to save it from the dying planet. There, he has gained abilities that he utilizes to protect his new home planet as Hyperion (Sounds familiar? Wait for it!). Little does he know a collision of different Earths sends Marcus Milton to the main Marvel Universe where he lives and helps others in a world with heroes such as Spider-Man, Iron Man and Thor.

  • Identity: Hyperion
  • Alter Ego: Marcus Milton
  • Occupation: Superhero
  • Team Affiliations: Avengers, Squadron Supreme
Hyperion as a child


 Powers & Abilities: Superman

  • Super Strength – Able to pick up 100 tons with ease; no limit of strength noted
  • Super Speed – Capable of going in speeds faster than light and processes things faster than a human brain ever could
  • Flight
  • Solar Battery – Absorbs yellow/blue sun radiation as source for his power and is able to store that radiation when there is a lack of a yellow/blue star
  • Heat Vision
  • Vision – Can see things from far distances and has the ability of X-Ray vision
  • Super Hearing
  • Stamina
  • Invulnerability
  • Super Breath/Freeze Breath
  • Combat Experience/Level Genius Intellect/Leadership
  • Healing
  • Super Flare – An ability which enables Superman to burst all his radiation causing an explosion; this leaves Superman powerless for 24 hours

Superman using Super Flare


Weaknesses: Kryptonite, magic, red sun radiation, lead (only disables X-Ray vision)

Powers & Abilities: Hyperion

  • Super Strength  – lifted and thru Atlantis; prevented two universes from colliding for a short period of time
  • Invulnerability
  • Flight
  • Super Speed
  • Stamina
  • Heat Vision
  • X-Ray/Microscopic Vision
  • Super Hearing
  • Healing

Hyperion flying



Both Hyperion and Superman are capable of great feats! Now let’s imagine Superman and Hyperion are fighting each other. Each individual could be as strong as the other one. Hyperion was easily able to slow down a planet single handily! Superman is able to drag solar systems! We could say that Superman has an advantage in strength. Sure Hyperion was able to slow down two colliding universes, but that was only for a short period of time.

Superman vs. Hyperion


Hyperion’s defeat in this category may lead to his victory in another one. When Hyperion failed to stop this collision that we speak of, he was the ONLY survivor from the explosion. Superman did survive an explosion equal to 50 supernovas, which is clearly not comparable to the explosion of the two universes! Another advantage Hyperion has is that he kills and Superman doesn’t, but Superman was almost always capable of stopping threats without killing.

Hyperion can manage to equal the power that of Hulk and Thor. He was able to defeat Terminus who Thor himself struggled against and killed Namor. Both heroes poses godlike power, but one hero has something that the other doesn’t. One has held a black whole and the Book of Infinite Pages! That man (or alien in this case) is Superman! His strength cannot be equal to anyone else’s because of the enormous power he embodies.

Hyperion fighting the Hulk


Superman has genius-level intellect, has taken on the mantle of a leader and knows two famous Kryptonian martial arts. Our favorite scout has much experience in many wars and battles compared to Hyperion. Superman could beat Hyperion in battle physically and intellectually not to mention Hyperion’s speed is nowhere near that of Superman’s (which is faster than speed of light that could enhance his strength) and sure you can say that Superman holds back, but it’s not like he will hold back with Hyperion like he would with Batman. Superman uses different levels of holding back for different opponents, making Superman the winner.

Superman fighting Mongul


WINNER: Superman

Superman Wins!


Thank you for reading this installment of Marvel vs DC. Do you agree with the result? What are some next battles that you would wanna see me analyze? Give me all suggestions, opinions and ideas in the comment section. Be sure to like, and make sure to SHARE! Thank you all once again and see you next Saturday.

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  1. I’ve been thinking on doing it but I already did Superman a you’ve read soooo first I wanna get done with all the 100 battles and then start using repeat characters. I will mention you when one day I’ll get to this.


  2. It would have been interesting to use the more grounded version of Superman. If we look at the history of the character as a whole, it doesn’t make sense. He can drag solar systems and punch a whole planet into oblivion, yet he struggles against earthbound criminals infinitesimally less powerful than he is. That speaks to his weakness as much as his strength.

    Superman also has a much longer history, and more authors had the opportunity create new powers for him, and write contradicting story that blurred the limits of his powers.

    That being said that’s a good article, good research on both characters, nice read 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Actually Superman holding the book of infinite pages has been debunked and is not true. Superman has never held infinity. Hyperion clearly is stronger, although Superman might be more experienced. And Hyperion is just as fast if not faster than superman. His combat speed as well as his mind can react in nanoseconds. So the fight will be a tie


  4. I don’t agree with your outcome between superman and hyperion. And the reason is because Hyperion is an eternal, his abilities come from cosmic radiation. All he would have to do in order to beat superman is to flood supermans system with Red Sun radiation and proceed to kill him.


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  6. Reading this it seems like your a bit biased for Superman. Your description of Superman’s powers is much more detailed than Hyperions. Written with careful thought and describing each power . While Hyperion just gets a list of abilities.
    Also the way you write about Hyperion is laced with slight disdain for his similar origin, powers and intelligence.
    Hyperion is also said to have a genius level intelligence which you failed to mention while extolling Superman’s intelligence. All the while listing Superman’s intelligence as one if the reasons he would win

    “Hyper-intelligence: Hyperion has been able to calculate the impact point of one of Ex Nihilo’s Origin Bombs when Avengers Tower’s computers could not, even noting specific flaws in the computers’ design while doing it. He is capable of interpreting DNA code at a glance, accurately enough to determine parentage.His mind itself is a nonlinear photonic array, storing his memories in light, with virtually instantaneous recall: his mind is structured in such a manner that memories are to him as ‘real’ as the present, his most vivid memory dominating his perceptions.”

    It’s only my opinion so take it as you will. No offense is intended it’s just the feeling I get when I read this.
    If your going to do the versus thing you have to be honest with yourself as to who you would WANT to win because you like that character more. Then you can watch how you write and catch yourself if you start to subconsciously favor one or the other. I speak from experience because I’ve done that very thing myself. Keep up the great work. This is alot of fun to read!!


  7. Thanks, but I wasn’t feeling any disdain towards Hyperion. I still think he would lose to Superman after reading your message with valid stats. I only pointed out his similarities to Hyperion because I thought it was funny and true at the same time.


  8. Hyperion sees things at a molecular level. He would be able to see how super man’s body was drawing energy and determined his red sun radiation weakness. And then win


  9. you’re fucking dumb. Hyperion has no weaknesses, he could just stick a bunch of kryptonite up superman’s sissy ass and make him his bitch. Superman also wears his underpants on the outside which makes him venerable to big boy wedgies and gay.



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