No Civil War Trailer Because of Batman v Superman

Many seem to ask the question as to where the Captain America: Civil War trailer is! Well, the answer is simple. 6 words. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We have already seen 2 awesome trailers from Batman v Superman that were put out by Warner Bros. Pictures. So what does Warner Bros. have to do with Marvel Studios – 2 separate studios?

I believe that Marvel Studios is waiting until Batman v Superman drops there 3rd trailer, but not because they want to be mean to each other, but to elevate each other. Marvel will wait a day of more to drop their trailer because they know when BvS Trailer #3 will drop it will be great. Look at what happened to Suicide Squad. First we got a BvS Trailer #2 and days later the Suicide Squad trailer dropped which got more views than BvS:DoJ Trailer. Also dropping BvS and CA:CW after one another would be a bigger deal than having them come out even a week apart from each other.


Those are my thoughts so, what do you think? Do you agree with? Be sure to like, share, blah, blah, and blah. Stick with Comic Booger for more comic book sweetness.

Written by: Olaf Lesniak



  1. Do you really think Star Wars is the reason? We live in a day and age as to where movies don’t need to screen trailers in front of other ones to watch a trailer. We have the internet and YouTube where most the hits would show there. Will Civil War show up on Star Wars? Hell yeah! But trailers don’t need to depend on other movies to show them off. Most trailers first come out online.


  2. Naturally they do. But in order to get the most attention, Disney has gotten into the habit of marketing one movie at the time. And in this particular case you can bet that it would pay off to show the trailer off in an environment, in which the audience is already excited. Naturally it will also be shown online. But conspiring the ticket sales for Star war, a lot of people will see it there the first time.



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