What are the Best Comic Book YouTube Channels?

There is a massive number of comic book channels on YouTube, but which are the best? Truly the best! Today we will look at best channels that have the best reviews, recaps, summaries, origin tales and etc!

Let’s go!



Comicstorian is this YouTube channel that any casual person can go to and understand the majority and variety of comics, but that said Comicstorian can also be a place for people who are hardcore comic books fans that love and live the comic book lore. This channel can be for anyone and everyone. They make many Bios that focus on a specific character’s story, origins and motivations. They are most famous for their “Complete Story” videos that are summaries of a specific storyline winch are really enjoyable to watch. The complete stories are read “dramatically to you” which makes listening even better.

My only advice for Comicstorian would be for them to add some more indie titles as they would be amazing to listen to and if it was anyone to elevate and make the indie comics more successful, it would be them. (For ex. do Preacher complete stories when Preacher TV Series comes around)

Comicstorian YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/comicstorian


Comic Island uses its viewers to create Top 10 Lists Together
ComicIsland Logo

This comic book channel is the most underrated one ever. This channel is responsible for Origins/Bios, Top 10’s, and Comic book Reviews. Their format is less dramatic of that of Comicstorian, but still very impactful. Their interactions with fans helps them be more cohesive and close with their viewers. It is important to know your viewers and ComicIsland knows that exactly. Each comic book review is composed of this format: 1. Summary/recap of the issue, 2. Review of the issue. This format works really well for them and a lot of work is put into each video

ComicIsland sometimes manages to throw in some SFX (sound effectls) into their recaps/reviews. I would suggest that you continue with that and make it your driving point. If Comic Island were to do it more often in their reviews it would make them stand out. No other channel does that so if this channel were to highlight this feature they would become more popular. Also maintain your connection with your audience.

ComicIsland YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/cComicIsland

Variant Comics

This shows seems to be the most professional out of all the channels on YouTube. Along with a funny host the channel has weekly topics to discuss and shorter videos once in a while called ‘one-shots’. The channel does discussions, versus, origin stories and etc. This is the most popular comic book channel for a reason and those are the reasons as to why.

My only suggestion would be to make a bit more videos weekly. One-shots was a great way to start, but you could spin-off a new show out of “Did You Know”, “WTF”, “Buy List” or something along those lines to expand your video weekly numbers.

Variant Comics YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/VariantComics

This is the end of the list. Do you agree with these? Share this with the channels mentioned, if you really agree. If you never heard of them then check their channels out. This is Comic Booger and thank you for reading.

Written by: Olaf Lesniak



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