Most Anticipated X-Men Films

Hello and thank you so much for reading. Before going into this I want you to know that originally this was supposed to be a “Most Anticipated Superhero Fox Films”, but then I don’t know if Fantastic Four 2 will happen. Speaking of Fantastic Four go see my review because it should be up by now. Fantastic Four Movie Review –

Let’s go!

4. Gambit

This project will be very interesting, but it is my least excited X-Men property well…. because I am not yet stoked for the movie since all I heard from it were mediocre things like: that Gambit’s wife actress was announced which leads me to believe that we will probably get the origin story and I was not a fan of his origin story. Also why is the film’s budget $150 million? I would understand for X-Men, but for Gambit? At least we have sign that Fox MIGHT be betting on this more than Fantastic Four (which had a budget of $129 million).

3. Deadpool

For those who saw my initial thoughts on the Deadpool trailer ( know that it was okay, but sometimes I felt like the characters were over doing the R-Rated. It’s like they are trying to live up and prove the fans that this is a Deadpool film, when we know this will be it. But I feel like at the end of the day I will enjoy the movie when it comes out, it’s just that I am not a huge fan of the first trailer.

2. Wolverine

I am surprised that I am a bit excited for this movie as the first Wolverine movie wasn’t really that good and the 2nd wasn’t amazing, but okay. It is official that Professor X will be in this so this will be really interesting how the relationship will evolve between them when their relationship was one of the best in the X-Men movies. This is also Hugh Jackman’s last appearance as Wolverine so that alone is worth watching!

1. X-Men: Apocalypse

This movie is an X-Men film, but with Apocalypse as the villain. Finally! We always had Magneto as the antagonist in so far EVERY film! I know that Apocalypse might look like Batman and Robin’s Mister Freeze’s and Ivo Ooze’s baby, but he might be the best film villain of all time! Younger versions of the X-Men is a great idea because I didn’t like the previous Storm nor Cyclops’ actor and these looks like improvements. Bryan Signer never delivered a bad X-Men movie so I have high hopes for this one even if the trailers didn’t sell me yet.

Well this is it and I hope that you enjoyed this awesome anticipation list. What movies are you most excited for from the X-Men films? Please tell me in the comments below, like, share and be cool! Read Comic Booger for comic book news and some other comic book movies! Peace out!

Written by: Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_lesniak OR e-mail:



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