Post-Secret Wars: Spider-Man 2099, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hercules Details

Hi everyone. This is your blogger, Olaf and Marvel announced some exciting news about their characters and titles that will be coming Post-Secret Wars, but instead of making a bunch of posts I decided to put all the info into one!

Let’s go!

Spider-Man 2099

The team on this book didn’t announce nor reveal a  ton of new details, but they still did. This title will take place 8 months after the event known as Secret Wars. We obviously see that Miguel received a new suit and now we know for sure that the suit will have new Spider-like abilities. And the last tid bit we now know is that Miguel will no more work for Alchemax, but instead he will work for the company known as Parker Industries, which will lend him to have a closer relationship with Peter Parker.

I always loved the idea of Spider-Man 2099, but he was never used in any way to impress me. These new details still don’t change my mind since Spider-Man 2099 seems to have boring stories when you can do so much more with him.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Man oh man, did this book got a lot of news! So as we know Brian Michael Bendis confirmed that Rocket Raccoon will be the leader as we all suspected. He also went on to say that some of the stories will still stay and be important, but this will be a brand new chapter for the team. We found out that Venom will get new abilities and that the team is really excited to work with the Thing because now he will feel less of a monster and more normal since he is also surrounded by freaks. There will be villains from Guardians of Knowhere reappearing in this series so let’s hope they bring back Yotat.

This book really excites me! I really like the new element of character they will give to the Thing. Seriously, he existed for so long, but at the same time no one decided to give him a new character development until now. Crazy. I have to say, I am glad that Bendis decided to get away from the X-Men books, but still stayed for Guardians of the Galaxy. He worked better with the Guardians. He also reveals that there will be another team of characters in space that the Guardians will have to go up against. I am hoping that the new Star-Lord of the team will be Kitty Pryde, by the way. It would make sense since Peter and her have a history.


Wow! This title just seems to be getting better and better every time I hear news about it. We hear that this will be a huge change up for the character. The writer tells us that Hercules is almost history. He has been there since Ancient days and he always looked different each millennia. He always adapted to the history (he basically evolved with it) which also helps him to use any weapon and be proficient, professional with it. Herc’s character will be more lighthearted since he is so hubris of the things he accomplished. There will be new characters such as his landlady and roommate named Sophia. There will also be a guy named Gilgamesh who ”needs a place to crash”, which I have no idea what that entirely means. Herc will find himself fighting enemies from both Ancient and Modern years, which apparently is what describes the series as a whole – a mix of Ancient and Modern.

Hercules’ Modern Design Hercules’ Ancient Design

Like I said this sound really cool and I think the writers have changed my mind from ‘maybe’ to ‘hell yeah’! A new take on Hercules that will also feel right and natural for the character is what we need for him. I read the previous run on Hercules and I enjoyed that, but by hearing how more unique this story will be makes me totally on board!

Well which title are you most excited for? Do you agree with my comments on each book or do you disagree? Tell me in the comments below, share, like and stick to Comic Booger for more cool and fresh news out of the All-New All-Different Marvel Comics’ line. See ya!

Written by: Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_lesniak OR e-mail:



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