All-New Inhumans Series Announced

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This December writers Charles Soule and James Asmus, and artist Stefano Caselli will bring you a brand new Inhuman series as the Inhuman world expands! This is really good for the Inhumans fans because now they are getting 4 different series (Uncanny Inhumans, Ms, Marvel, Karnak and now this). The team talked with about what we can expect from the series and here are some of the things they said.
All-New Inhumans #1 cover art by Stefano CaselliAll-New Inhumans

This book will follow the Inhuman known as Crystal (yes Medusa’s sister) with a brand new redesign. Funny how Medusa has long hair, but Crystal has hers so short. For those who are unfamiliar with Crystal, she is an Inhuman who controls all the 4 elements (water, fire, earth and air). So Crystal will have her own team of new Inhumans that we don’t known much of, maybe other than that some of the members are called Iso and Grid. Crystal and her team will have to examine the Skyspears which are “big obelisk-type artifacts that have appeared in or near population centers all around the globe” and that they cannot be changed, moved nor harmed.

Crystal character study by All-New Inhumans artist Stefano CaselliCrystal Character Study #1

There will be an increase of Inhumans as the Terrigen Cloud will spread. This series will also introduce NuHumans, which right now I don’t know what that is (people in the comments, help me out). This series will be more personal, character driven, but it will still be important to the Marvel Universe as it was said the series will in fact be responsible for 2 big Marvel events, which will be coming in the future.

Crystal Character Study #2

What do I think of all this? Well… I was never a huge fan of the Inhumans. I tried getting into them, but they never clicked for me. Just never found them interesting enough. It must be said how the team members look really cool and that some look a bit disabled/handicap which would require the characters to use technology or their powers to help them. Great idea to introduce handicap characters which we all know there is a big lack of them. There is also a huge diversity factor here. I also like the idea that Marvel will make Inhumans more prominent and make them big players for their future events.

Grid and Iso Character Studies

Are you a fan of the Inhumans? Will you pick this series up? What event could the All-New Inhumans possibly lead up to? Tell me in the comments! Also like, share and don’t forget to stick to Comic Booger! See ya!

Written by: Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_lesniak OR e-mail:



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