DC Super Files-Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Welcome everyone to this new installment of DC Super Files where we will analyze characters and their history in a 5 minute summary! The series comes out every Saturday and the posts will get updated if there is a huge change to the character. This time we will take a look at Hal Jordan the Green Lantern.

Let’s go!


  • Real name: Harold “Hal” Jordan
  • First appeared in 1959 in “Showcase #22”
  • Created by John Broome and Gil Kane
  • Published, owned and created by DC Comics
  • Sometimes referred to as: Emerald Knight, Emerald Warrior
  • 1st Earth Green Lantern in his universe


  • When Hal Jordan was just a small kid he witnessed the death of his father right in front of his eyes when he was testing an aircraft
  • Hal followed into his father foot steps and when turned 18 he worked for Ferris Aircraft as a member of the United States Air Force
  • Years later an alien Abin Sur (member of the Green Lantern Corps) crash-landed his ship on Earth
  • After the death of a Green Lantern the ring has to choose a new host that has great will
  • The ring chose Hal Jordan of Earth, because he had the ability to overcome great fear

The Green Lantern Ring

  • The ring has the ability to:
  • Create any construct by using the wielder’s imagination
  • The constructs are green
  • Lets the user fly
  • The ring chooses any person in a universe who has great will
  • After the death of the host the ring chooses a different one
  • The ring is powered by the host’s will
  • Gives the wielder a green uniform
  • Needs to be charged by an actual Green Lantern that every wielder gets


Silver Age

  • He becomes the member of Green Lantern Corps (a galactic police force) in order to protect all life in Sector 2814
  • The Green Lantern Corps are monitored by the being known as the Guardians of the Universe who created the rings and are really smart
  • Hal received trainings from different alien Green Lanterns known as Kilowog and his mentor Sinestro on the planet known as Oa (planet that the Green Lantern Corps lives on)
  • Green Lantern joined the superhero team known as the Justice League which also consists of members such as: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash (Barry Allen), Aquaman and Martian Manhunter
  • Green Lantern has went on many adventures with his friend Green Arrow; Flash (Barry Allen) was also a good friend of Hal

Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight

  • Green Lantern’s home city-Coast City- has been destroyed by Cyborg Superman and Mongul
  • Hal tries to recreate the city
  • The Guardians of the Universe threatened Hal because he was using his power for personal reasons
  • Hal Jordan driven by grief wants to take on the Guardians in a fight
  • Green Lantern Corps’ greatest warriors in order to stop him, but they fail
  • Hal enters the Central Power Battery (a giant lantern that charges all the GL rings) and enormously empowered he attack the Guardians and the entire Green Lantern Corps
  • Before the creation of Green Lanterns the Guardians had captured the powerful being of fear known as Parallax that has been trapped in the Central Power Battery where Hal later is possessed and merged with when he absorbs the entire Central Power Battery, which makes him the most powerful being in the galaxy; the Central Power Battery is destroyed


Zero Hour and Final Night

  • As Hal became the new Parallax he fought many of his allies and friends
  • Hal Jordan desired to restart the entire universe, but he was stopped and defeated by the heroes of Earth
  • Jordan began to gain back his memories and the real him slowly as the time went by
  • He healed the 3rd Earth Green Lantern, John Stewart and resurrected Oliver Queen who died in an explosion
  • Time came when the Sun Eater came to bring doom to Earth’s solar system, but as Hal Jordan now gained his full conciseness back he sacrificed himself and re-ignited Earth’s sun



  • Powerful spirit of vengence being that needs a host in order to act
  • Spectre was without a host so, with the help of Sentinels of Magic, they made Hal the new embodiment of Spectre
  • It turns out that Hal was able to separate Parallax and Spectre from himself, while Ganthet sent a beacon of light in order to help guide Jordan’s soul back to his body
  • Hal Jordan was reborn as the Green Lantern, once again
  • Together with other Earth GLs (that joined the corps  while Hal was gone) like: Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and non-human named Kilowog re-imprison Parallax into the Central Power Battery and the GL Corps is reborn
  • Hal Jordan becomes the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 once again, become a Justice League member and even got a new piloting job at Coast City


Blackest Night and Brightest Day

  • Hal needs to stop Nekron who wants to destroy the Entity which is a being of life (like Parallax is an entity of fear), in order to do that Hal forms a White Lantern Corps to defeat him
  • After this event a lot of dead heroes came back from the dead, while the White Lantern Corps is no more
  • Green Lantern along with other colored Lanterns have to stop Krona from getting close to the Entity, when an actual Lantern (object) tells them to do
  • The team now called the New Guardians have to get to Krona before she gets to the Entity
  • When they go to find her, they find the Book of Black (book of prophecy)


War of the Green Lanterns

  • Every Green Lantern is brainwashed by Krona, which forces Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner to use different power rings
  • The Guardians of the Universe are possessed by Krona as well
  • The New Guardians have to help the Earth Lanterns fight Krona, during the final battle a Green Lantern ring chooses Sinesetro as a Green Lantern once again (after he became a yellow one named Sinestro Corps Lantern)
  • Hal and Sinestro are able to overpower Krona and win bringing everyone to normal
  • The Guardians take away Hal’s ring because of his ‘rebellion’ by working with other colored ring bearers and believing that Hal Jordan is too powerful to be a Green Lantern which makes the Guardians take away his power


The New 52

The New 52 is a relaunch of the universe. It takes place in a different universe called Earth-Prime which is a universe in which everything is rebooted, but some history is left untouched.

  • Green Lantern’s history was untouched
  • Being forced to live as a simple human, one day Sinsetro comes to Hal for help because his home planet is being enslaved and Jordan is the only one who can help him; Sinestro builds him a green ring and they succeed
  • Hal finds a way to recharge his ring and lives on Earth, but still as a GL
  • While fighting Valthroom the Guardians of the Universe die leaving Hal Jordan to become the new leader of the Corps and Sinestro returns to the Yellow light in order to help fight of the enemy by using Parallax
  • Oa (homeworld to the Green Lanterns)  is destroyed when the Corps fought Relic; Mogo (a planet that is also a Green Lantern; I know crazy!) is the new home
  • Hal becomes a traitor of the Corps a he steals the Krona’s Gauntlet (a weapon equivalent to 12 GL rings combined with its own charger); he does that to restore the name of the GLCorps and make peace with some of the enemies they made over the years all by himself; now he is haunted by the GL Corps because of the theft

     Hal using Krona’s Gauntlet Hal’s design when using the Krona’s Gauntlet


Sinestro (archenemy), Atrocitus, Prallax, Nekron, Star Sapphire, Larfleeze, Scar, Black Hand, Doctor Polaris, Arkillo, Hector Hammond, Manhunters, Solomon Grundy, Amon Sur, Volthoom, Krona, Mongul, Relic, Red Lanterns, Sinestro Lantern Corps, etc.

Sinestro (archenemy) Atrocitus Parallax

Hopefully you enjoyed this installment of DC Super Files and make sure you read every Saturday for a new Super File. Please tell me in the comments, or ask questions about the Files, because I might’ve made some mistakes or might’ve been not clear when I had to write so much information. Please like, share, comment and stick to Comic Booger for more of this crap load info. See ya!

Written by: Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_lesniak OR e-mail: olesniak6@gmail.com)



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