Fantastic Four (2015)-Review

Fantastic Fail

The movie that managed to seem like another “rights keeping” film does something, but at the same time does nothing right by setting up a promising story point, but then ignoring it. The problem isn’t that it’s different from the true source material, but that it’s a terribly executed film. The characters, story and the dialogue contain no logic behind them whatsoever. The horror aspect of it felt actually pretty badass and cool. The only saving point of the movie were the visual effects which even those were at some times terrible.

Amnesia Affect

The film’s begging sets up nice, strong interactions and conflicts that are later ignored liked they never actually occurred. The relationships never fit in and felt really undeveloped making this film question you what you missed. The filmmakers seemed to cut out parts that would create the film very chaotic. It felt as if the men who made this film cared more of letting the audience trying to figure out what they missed than to show what actually happens.

 Terrible Threat

The film’s villain was very ordinary by making him over-powered but then making him toned down without any reason. Doom had no motivations as to why he was doing what he was doing and he came out making no sense along with trying to kill people that he seemed to care for in the first place with again, no explanation.


Lazy Logic

The logic in this film was illogical and there was no care put into it. If it is between relationships, plot points, abilities of the characters and how they react, it makes no sense. Thinking it would be a good idea to have unprofessional drunk teenagers to travel to another dimension/planet was a terrible excuse to make the plot advance. Especially that one of them was sober, which made even less sense.

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In a film where the only good part about it are the visual effects and the beginning makes me feel sorry not to like this movie especially with characters that could have been lovable such as Susan Storm and Ben Grimm. The advancement of the plot fell apart and made no sense leaving the audience to be unimpressed.


Seeing unused potential which makes you even more mad.

Written by: Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_lesniak OR e-mail:


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