New S.H.I.E.L.D. Titiles Announced to Celebrate 50th Anniversary

Hey everyone! Can you believe that we had 50 years of SHIELD in our comic books? Wow! I knew that they were old, but not that old. That is pretty cool and with this celebration Marvel announced new SHIELD titles that will be coming out in September.

Let’s go!


I am, but at the same I am not surprised that she is getting her one-off series because she just got a big push on TV, but I still don’t think Quake is popular enough to handle her own series. We’ll see if this will be a boring tale or a cool one. I also want Quake to go max with her powers!


It’s about the damn time we got a Mockingbird series. I don’t even remember what happened to her last time we saw this awesome super heroine. She is badass, cool and if Black Canary or Black Widow can get their solo series, why not her? Especially that she has been getting a big push on TV as well. I want this to be as good as hoped.


This could be really good, because on the cover we see the main Nick Fury (white) and his son Nick Fury Jr. on a mission! The fans and I haven’t seen much of them interacting much in the comics so, it’s about time. The interaction between the two could be really fun or brutal to watch. Whichever we get, I am fine with.

The Cavalry

Now this could be really good or really bad. So on the cover I believe we see Agent May from Agents of SHIELD TV Show if I am correct. She is really badass, but I don’t know if she can handle her own comic just like Quake. But I feel like she has better potential for a far more interesting story than Quake so, fingers crossed!

Agent Carter

This will be awesome! Agent Carter has the best chances to be done right. Her TV series is the best Marvel has up right now (not including Daredevil). She will be awesome as always and everyone wants more of her so give us more of her.

Another one-off issue for the 50th celebration will be on an issue of SHIELD. “SHIELD #10” will be that issue and let’s face it we don’t really need to talk about that, except for the fact that Howard the Duck will show up. Bringing him into this makes me really curious and weird at the same time, because I want to know how he plays a role into all this.

Hopefully you enjoyed this and thank you for reading. Tell me in the comments below which one-shot you are most looking forward to, like, share, and if you want more news stay on this awesome blog, Comic Booger!

Written by: Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_lesniak, e-mail:



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