Coming This Week 08/12/2015

Hey! Today I give you the list of comics coming this week that you shouldn’t miss. Thanks for reading and let’s get into it!

Let’s go!

1. Secret Wars #5

Let’s go with the obvious and the obvious is Secret Wars #5. Last time we ended with a shocking note. It was when God Doom finally got off his chair and destroyed one of the most powerful forces in the universe. If you want to know what I am talking about check out my summary of issues #1-4 here:


So for those who know what I am talking about know that this will be epic and looking at the cover it seems as if maybe Beyonder might be somehow in this mess!

2. Planet Hulk #4

This series has been very well reviewed and anyone who would read this will tell you to buy this thing already. Marvel hasn’t told us much about the plot in this, but we know we can expect. Awesomeness. And Devil Dinosaur is here!


3. Lando #2

The great Lando has his comic and in this issue Lobot and him will have to steal one of the most valuable ships so it will be a super hard task. Can he do it? Find out!


4. Starfire #3

In a series where DC finally decided not make our beloved character a slut, Starfire will have to find her home planet, but when she gets there a giant creature emerges. Pick this up!

5. Green Arrow #43

Guess what Oliver tries to raise Emi, but surprise he sucks at it because now she has to risk her live to save Green Arrow who is imprisoned by Mr. Zimm. I feel bad for not being surprised by the fact that he sucks at raising kids.

Hopefully you enjoyed this list. Speak up in the comments, share with you BFF, like to make me happy and stick to Comic Booger for more cool comic book news, reviews,  trailers of movies and other crap like that. See ya!

Written by: Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_Lesniak, e-mail:



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