Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies Part 2/2

Hey everyone! This is the Part 2 of my ranking of the Marvel Studios movies so if you haven’t read the 1st part then do it now because this post will feel better since I will be referencing the previous part. Last time I did numbers 7-12 which I will now do 1-6. Thanks for reading gals and guys out there.

Let’s go!

6. Avengers: Age of Ultron

This movie was great. I watched it 3 times and every time I re-watched it, it felt really good and entertaining. The re-watchibility is there but it had some problems. Now this movie focused too much on the future of the universe and not the actual movie itself. They wasted Ultron a tiny bit with making him another ordinary villain and the Black Widow/Bruce Banner romance was awkward to watch. Did Bruce forget about Betty? I am also sure that Edward Norton would have made that love story work more than Ruffalo, because Norton is a better actor. The action was the best than in any other Marvel movie and every time I watch this movie I always pick up on something new! As my favorite classic Avenger, Hawkeye finally got a lot of deserved screen time, but it still wasn’t the real him. I want to see the more funny side of him. Overall I loved this movie!

5. Ant-Man

A perfect conclusion to the end of Phase 2 which was a nice little movie. The movie was surprising in many parts like when that one Avenger showed up, we saw Janet or when Scott travelled to that place which opened many doors for the future for the character of Ant-Man. I liked how more down to Earth this movie was and it didn’t try to be a giant blockbuster. I think it is safe to say that you could easily like every character. Can’t really think of many negatives other than maybe a villain who didn’t really bother me that much.


4. Iron Man

This movie was brilliant! It not only began the superhero outbreak, but it put an expectation for what the movies should be like. Robert Downey Jr. was a really lovable guy and I can’t think of anyone that hates him nor the movie. This film means a lot to me and other people. It looks like it will be super hard to see any cons with these movies starting from now (or starting from Ant-Man). 2008’s Iron Man did something different and one of those things is that it gave us a great romance in the film. The romance wasn’t a stereotypical love story like we tend to have in most movies. This definitely deserves a number 4 spot.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy

A movie that surprised everyone of how good it was. It had elements of Indiana Jones, Star Wars and other beloved franchises. You cared for all the characters and my personal favorite was Drax which ended up being a pleasant surprise for everyone. And almost forgot about the most important part! The soundtrack. This movie’s soundtrack felt really prominent and it was just as important as any other major character. Good luck topping this one Gunn.

2. Captain America: Winter Soldier

I could argue that 2014 was the best year for superhero movies thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men: Days of Future Past and this. No one thought for a second that Captain America could be so enjoyable especially that the first film wasn’t as good if we were to compare the movie to the others. It felt like an action thriller, because you actually felt like someone could die at any moment. Black Widow was a great addition and Falcon made the story a lot richer. This didn’t feel like a ‘final fight and save the world’ superhero movie, which it obviously had those elements but it did it in such a unique way.

1. The Avengers

The most special film that fans like me waited for our lives and we finally got this. The movie that inspired every other studio to wake up (Warner Bros!)! We had Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye. Every character got developed (except for Hawkeye) and we finally got the best Hulk on the screen (best Bruce Banner was done by Edward Norton). The best superhero movie of all time (arguably) and worth everyone’s time! My personal favorite.

Hope you enjoyed this list a lot because this is my opinion and it is okay if your opinion is different. Now you can like, share, subscribe, (oh wait that’s for YoutTube) and stick to Comic Booger! See ya!

Written by: Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_lesniakOR e-mail: olesniak6@gmail.com)



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