Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies Part 1/2

Hey guys! I will be ranking the MCU movies which is exciting, especially that this is the perfect time for it because it is the end of the 2nd Marvel Phase and we don’t get the next film until May of 2016. Before we start keep in mind that this is my opinion ONLY and that once you read this you might think I am crazy which I won’t blame you for.

Let’s go!

12. The Incredible Hulk

This movie was really good, which probably means that every MCU movie is really good. Why is it on the last place, you ask or might wonder? Because for me it didn’t feel like a MCU film. There is nothing wrong with being different, but it didn’t nail being different and some of the parts of the movie I was bored. Edward Norton was my personal favorite portrayal of Hulk and the cast was also nice. This movie is okay if we were to compare it to other films that Marvel has distributed.

11. Captain America: The First Avenger

I had tons of fun when I watch this in the theater and would’ve been higher on my list…… if it wasn’t for the fact that I watched it again. Some of the special affects don’t hold up today and the plot can be sometimes dreadful to get through, but at the end I really liked this movie. To be fair I re-watched every Marvel movie and this one that just didn’t end up being as interesting as last time. Now to the good part! The cast was really good in this and the chemistry was great between everyone, while Peggy Carter is my 2nd favorite in the film but super close right after Captain America. And the feels….. 😦 ….. the ending. So sad….. 😦 .

10. Thor

This movie was so fun. Now the thing that rubbed me the wrong way was the love story and how it was executed. Also I am a huge fan of Hawkeye and the screening he got was terrible! It was disappointing, but without trying to be biased I will put this film on the #10 spot. The tone was really fun and I was impressed on how they dealt with a movie about a god and made it work. The humor was spot on and the action was really cool. Loki was a good villain that Marvel finally did right even though he is a bit over rated by people.

9. Iron Man 2

I don’t understand people’s problem with this movie! It was a fun and an enjoyable film that was really fun to watch. It was funny, action packed, clever and it set-up the Marvel Universe really well. Whiplash was lame and I didn’t really care for him, but we had Black Widow and she was awesome in the movie. People didn’t like that it focused too much on setting up the universe, but it didn’t bug me. Sure it had a lot of nods to the Avengers, but those didn’t take away any time away from the important scenes and quality wise this was totally not the worst Marvel movie (like everyone says it is).

8. Iron Man 3

This was a really good closing to the Iron Man trilogy. So many people had problem with this because they didn’t like the Mandarin plot twist and that is bs! I am sorry, but the Mandarin plot twist is super clever and funny. I will make a post in the future as to why this was a good idea (look out for that). The action was also funny and clever especially the final battle. That was such a joy to watch all those suits in action and you have to admit that you smiled at least once during the final battle. C’mon admit it. Now to the things that could’ve been better handled. The kid in the movie was really annoying and Iron Patriot? Really? REALLY??!!

7. Thor: The Dark World

This is the part that you can now call me crazy. I loved this movie and not liked it, but LOVED it. Thor and Jane had a better, more bearable relationship to watch. Loki was awesome in this movie and they way they used him was perfect, while the plot twist at the end was really cool which makes me even more excited for the next Thor film. Now as of this film I find Loki not to be as overrated. The final battle was awesome which took place in so many different realms. It was EPIC! I know the villain wasn’t the best, but I don’t see why people dislike this movie so much.

Hopefully you liked this. Understand that I split this into 2 parts so you wouldn’t have to be so overwhelmed by reading and that this is my opinion (like most things are in this world). Like, share, comment, HAKUNA MATATA and keep your head up for Part 2! Oh! And make sure you return to Comic Booger so, see ya!

Written by: Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_lesniak OR e-mail: olesniak6@fmail.com)



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