DC Super Files-Alfred Pennyworth

Welcome everyone and anyone to my new installment for DC Super Files, which a weekly series that is a summary of a comic book characters’ history that will take you around 5 minutes to read. This week we are analyzing Alfred Pennyworth.

Let’s go!


  • Alfred is a butler who raised Bruce since the death of the young Wayne’s parents
  • He helps Bruce Wayne with the Batman persona
  •  April 1943 was his first appearance in “Batman #16”
  • Was created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger and artist Jerry Robinson
  • Sometimes referred to as “Batman’s batman”


  • Alfred was a British intelligence operative back in the day and an actor
  • He became a butler of the Wayne family in order to carry on the tradition (of Alfred’s family) to serve for the Waynes, which was also the bed death wish of Alfred’s father, Jarvis Pennyworth
  • Once Martha and Thomas Wayne died, Alfred was the one who became the legal guardian, but years went by he became Bruce’s best friend or some would consider him to be a parent

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Pre-Crisis (1938-1986)

  • Alfred at first did not know of Bruce’s identity of Batman, it was not until “Batman #16” Alfred accidentally hit a switch and opened a sliding panel leading to the Batcave
  • He became a helper of Batman and Robin (Dick Grayson at the time), but not as a crime fighter, but as a staff duty and sometimes even helps out on the Batcomputer
  • One day he pushed Batman and Robin out of a falling bulldozer’s way, which apparently killed him, while Batman and Robin were in action
  • Scientist Brandon Crawford revived him giving Alfred pasty white skin, telekenisis, and a desire to destroy Batman and Robin (I know comics, am I right?) and he gave himself the name known as the Outsider
  • One day he was bathed in the rays of the regeneration machine, which took away his memory as the villain, but somehow not as the hero (comics are weird)



Continuity (history of the universe) has been change in the Crisis on the Infinite Earths event giving characters new status quos and history.

  • Alfred was the butler of the Wayne family through Bruce’s entire lives, which meant that he always knew about Bruce’s Batman secret
  • Alfred helps Bruce raise Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and even Damian Wayne
  • One day he even saves Batman when he is taken, by using his skills as a spy, actor and a medic
  • After Bruce Wayne’s “death” he continued to help Dick to become new Batman and Damian becoming the new Robin
  • After Bruce came back from travelling through time Alfred continued helping him when he took back the title of Batman


The New 52

The New 52 is a relaunch of the universe. It takes place in a different universe called Earth-Prime which is a universe in which everything is rebooted, but some history is left untouched.

  • Jarvis Pennyworth (Alfred’s father) was a butler for the Wayne family before Alfred
  • Jarvis was blackmailed by the Court of Owls (Illuminati-like, immortal assassins) to set a trap for pregnant Martha Wayne
  • Jarvis declined this action, which didn’t stop the owls from killing the child of  Martha Wayne (Thomas Wayne Jr.) in an ‘unfortunate’ car crash
  • Jarvis was supposed to send Alfred a letter telling him that the Wayne manor is cursed, but he didn’t since he was killed by the Court of Owls
  • In the “Batman: Endgame” story arc Alfred gets his arm chopped off by the Joker and he is in a stable condition and we are also introduced to his daughter, Julia Remarque who was helping out Alfred and Batman

Thanks for reading and next Saturday we will take a look on a character that is cosmic level  so, have fun figuring out who it is and maybe you’ll know. Make sure to like, share with friends, comment and do other bs and stick with Comic Booger for more awesome comic book related stuff. See ya!

Written by: Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_lesniak OR e-mail: olesniak6@gmail.com)




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