Forever Evil-Review

Hello everyone to my Comic Booger blog! Now we will review the highly acclaimed “Forever Evil” storyline! Spoilers will be ahead, and we’ll see if I personally liked it. Again, !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! so don’t cry when you find out something you didn’t want to know.

Let’s go!


This comic was amazing! The plot, story, pasing, art were all awesome. Giving the villains the spotlight was the best ideas that comic writers don’t tend to do a lot and who knew that this could be arguably the best DC New 52 event of all time. This story proved how smart Lex Luthor was like the time he beat Alexander Luthor from Earth 3. The readers also got to see how brutal he is, like when he stepped on Atomica by killing her. Seeing him possibly becoming a good guy and a hero to the public is great! I would love to see how the Justice League reacts to this.


Then we had Captain Cold who in Geoff Johns’ writing New 52 got more character development than Flash himself. Captain Cold was an awesome surprise especially the way he took out Johnny Quick. Lex also created a Superman half-clone named B-0, which later they referred to as Bizarro! He  was my personal highlight of the event. The reader saw how cute and non-intelligent he or it was. It was especially sad to see him die and it was fun seeing Lex Luthor being a bit depressed after seeing Bizarro dead.


Black Manta also was on the team and got a huge character development. At the end Manta admitted himself that he ‘is glad’ that Aquaman is alive. Deathstorke was just there while Catwoman and Batman later joined. The chemistry and conversations that Lex and Batman had were awesome. Sinestro was there too, which I was really surprised of his presence and Black Adam got his jaw broken.

The Crime Syndicate consisted of Ultraman, Supewrwoman, Owlman, Power Ring, Deathstorm, Johnny Quick, Atomica, Grid and the Sea King (who died imiedietly). All died except for Ultraman, Superwoman, Owlman and I am curious as to what will happen with them next. The biggest surprise was that Anti-Monitor was behind the destruction of Earth 3 and now he is coming to Earth Prime. Everyone got character development which was key.


The story sometimes tried to be too tricky and plot twisty with Superwoman pretending to have a child with Ultraman, but then Owlman turned out to be the father and finally the true father was Alexander Luthor from Earth 3. Now I kind of believe that someone else will be the father like Anti-Monitor (hehehe). Sinestro’s reasoning of being there was lame and I didn’t buy into it. I was sure that the story could’ve worked without him, but he didn’t take away anything from it.



“Forever Evil” delivers on every level, if it’s story, pasting, character development, art or even execution. This story never felt like it hold back, because the book is filled with shocking moments that will make for a fantastic read. This event isn’t only a good story, but it also hypes me up for other things to come in the future.


Proof of great storytelling in comic books.

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Written by: Olaf Lesniak (twitter: @olaf_lesniak OR e-mail:



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